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BURCH - William S. BURCH, has been a resident of Harrison County, since January, 1878. He located on section 30, of Lincoln Township, in 1881, having rented three years in Allen township, and in 1880, purchased eighty acres of the farm he now occupies, which was then wild land. Here he built a frame house, 12x16 feet, with a wing 10x12 feet and did the general amount of farm improvement necessary to make a good place, including a barn 28x32 feet, a tool-house 12x14 feet, and a granary the same size. He also provided three good wells of water, set out an orchard, and planted out an artificial grove. He has since added to his landed estate, until he now has two hundred and seven acres, all fenced into four lots, and one hundred and ten acres under the plow, while the balance is in meadow and pasture land. Our subject was born in Loudoun County, Va., June 8, 1845, and is the son of James S. and Anna L. (BUTTER) BURCH, natives of Virginia, who reared a family, of five children, our subject being the fourth. The children were---Emaline, John T., James E., William S., and Grafton.

Our subject lived with his parents in Virginia, when the family moved to Macon County, Mo. He was reared to farm life, attended school winters, but assisted on the farm during the summer months. Later in life he attended the High School in Virginia, as well as in Omaha, Neb. From Missouri he moved to Omaha, worked on a farm two years, then moved to Sarpy County, Neb., rented land there, which he worked in the summer, teaching school during the winter until the spring of 1871, when he went back to his native State, and attended the High School at Hamilton, above referred to. After six months in that school we find him in Washington, D. C. where on his own account he was conducting a green grocery. He operated this a year, and followed clerking for the next eighteen months, and then went back to Virginia, and worked as an overseer, on a plantation, remaining there one year, after which he came to Harrison County, Iowa. In the fall of 1891 he sold and is contemplating moving to Stanton County, Neb., where he owns a farm.

He was united in marriage, January 15,1878, to Nancy J. HARPER, the daughter of John and Eliza HARPER, natives of Kentucky who had a family of fourteen children, named as follows; William H., Lot., Susan C. and Sarah E., (twins), Nancy J., Mary A., Abbie F., Allen F., Elisha and Elias (twins), John, Ella E., Elbert, and Levi B. Ten of these children still survive, all living in Harrison County, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. BURCH, are the parents of eight children, born as follows; Violet M. May1, 1879; Florence V., June7, 1880; Pearlie E., January 20, 882; Elma, born November 27, 1884; Ralph R. April 12, 1886; Creola J. December 26, 1887, and Vivian V. July 14, 1889.

Politically, Mr. BURCH is not in full sympathy with either one of the great parties of this country but on the contrary believes in the principles as set forth by the Farmers Alliance and Industrial Union.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 753
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LOCKLING - -David D. LOCKLING, now a resident of Cedar County, Mo., was born in Vermont, February 28, 1822; came to Harrison County, Iowa, in the autumn of 1857. He first located in Magnolia Township, where he rented a farm for one year and in the spring of 1859 he came to Taylor Township and rented a farm for one year. He bought a quarter-section of school land on section 16, which he improved and lived upon until the fall of 1890, and then removed to Cedar County, Mo. His wife, Marisa (LEWIS) LOCKLING is a native of New Hampshire, born November 24, 1823. They were united in marriage March 29, 1849, and are the parents of ten children, eight of whom are living: Ostinnelli, born December 29, 1849; Eugene, February 8, 1851; Julia, October 24, 1853; Duane and Belle, (twins) August 10, 1858; Geneva, November 19, 1860; Calvin, March 17, 1864; Sherman, August 26, 1866; Maria, September 29, 1856, died at the age of four months and twenty-four days; Lewis, born January 22, 1879, died at the age of sixteen years.

After Mrs. Marisa (LEWIS)LOCKLING was eight years of age she took care of herself. She went to Lowell, Mass., and worked in the great mills until the date of her marriage, after which she lived four years in Vermont, then removed to Wisconsin, in 1853, remained four years and then taking Greeley's advice, to "Go West," the family emigrated to Iowa. They came by means of an ox-cart, the wheels of which were six feet high and the gauge of the track as wide. They left Wisconsin on this cart, leading two cows behind. The family consisted of himself, his wife and a pair of twins, two weeks old. The journey lasted four weeks, and the last day's drive it was twenty-two miles between houses. It was night before they arrived at Shelbyville and so close did wolves follow on their trail that their eyes could be seen gleaming through the darkness. They finally arrived at A. W. Lockling's, who was a half brother to David. In the fall of 1859 David removed to the Missouri Bottoms, located and remained thirty-three years and then removed to Missouri.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.785
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LOCKLING - Sherman LOCKLING, son of David D. and Marisa LOCKLING, was born in Harrison County, Iowa, August 22, 1866, and remained at home with his parents until they removed to Missouri, in the autumn of 1890, at which time he took charge of the farm, which consists of one hundred and sixty acres of well-improved land. His education was received at the common schools, and politically he affiliates with the Republican arty. He has one brother living in Harrison County, Calvin a resident of Clay Township, and one sister, Geneva, now Mrs. MERCHANT, of Magnolia Township, another sister, Belle (KERNS) in Wisner, Neb.; Duane, in Howell County, Mo.; Julia, Mrs. MIDDLETON, living in St. Louis, Mo.; Eugene, living in Osage County, Kan., and Ostinelli, residing in Cedar County, Mo.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.786
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HESTER - Solomon HESTER, a representative farmer of Taylor Township, whose home is located on section 9, came to Harrison County in the autumn of 1869, and settled where he now lives. Some time prior to his settlement he had purchased a quarter section of wild land, which has been converted into a fine farm. His farm now consists of two hundred acres. His farm house consists of an up-right 16x28 feet, and a kitchen 16x18 feet. At the time of his coming to this place, the bottom lands on the Missouri were but little settled. To acquaint the reader with our subject's earlier life, it should here be stated, that he was born in Fleming County, Ky., January 20, 1812. He remained at home with his parents until he was about twenty-four years of age. In 1839 he came to Montgomery County, Ind., with his father's family, and worked upon his father's farm. About 1840 he was married in Montgomery County, Ind., to Miss Margaret HILLIS. By this marriage union seven children were born: Paulina A., now Mrs. HAUGER; William, Ellen, Mrs. ARCHER; Martha, now Mrs. ARCHER; Alexander, Sarah, Mrs. PENROD; and James A. HESTER.

Mr. and Mrs. HESTER belong to the Congregational Church, and in his political belief he is a Republican.

Of our subject's wife, it may be said that she was born in March, 1815, in Fleming County, Ky., and accompanied her parents to Putnam County, Ind., where she remained until the date of her marriage.

Our subject left Indiana in 1851, and located in Jones County, Iowa, where he bought a farm, improved it and remained there until the time of his coming to Harrison County, in 1869.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.785-786
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SORICK - James T. SORICK, a farmer living on section 25, Cincinnati Township, came to Harrison County, with his father in the spring of 1864, and rented a farm in St. John's Township, and lived there that season, but his father bought eighty acres of wild land the same season he came and in the fall built a frame house upon it out of cottonwood lumber. The family removed into this the fall of 1864, and our subject remained at home with his parents for some time, and then went to work by the month on the farm, continuing two years. The next two years we find him engaged at breaking prairie with ox-teams for two seasons, since which time he has farmed. In 1877 he went to northwestern Kansas, where he took a homestead and remained two years, and then came back to Harrison County.

Our subject was born in Pittsburg, Pa., February 22,1851. When he was a mere babe his parents removed to Mercer County, Ill., where his father took Government land and remained until his removal to this county.

Our subject was married in Harrison County, Iowa, March 2, 1879, to Miss Eliza E. LOSH, and they are the parents of four children: Harvey L., born February 15, 1880; Della M., May 14, 1881; Charles H., November 22, 1884; and Ida M., February 24, 1889. Charles H., died April 21, 1886. His death was caused by accidentally falling into a cistern.

Eliza E. (LOSH) SORICK was born in Henry County, Iowa, July 22, 1862, and in the fall of 1870 came with her parents to Harrison County, Iowa.

Michael SORICK, father of our subject (now deceased), was born in Germany in 1800, and in 1814 came with a sister to Pittsburg, Pa., where he went to work in a rolling mill; was there until about 1852, when he went to Illinois. He died in Harrison County, Iowa, November 12, 1884. The mother of our subject, Lois (BLANK) SORICK, was born in Pittsburg, Pa., in 1816, and was married when sixteen years of age, and was the mother of ten children, seven sons and three daughters, our subject being the eighth child. The mother was a member of the Methodist Church, while the father belonged to the Presbyterian Church.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.786-787
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ATKINS - Isaac M. ATKINS, one of the respected farmers of Washington Township, and at present a resident of section 17, has been a resident of Harrison County for thirty-eight years, coming in March 1853, about the time the county was being organized. At first he located near Little Sioux, but in march 1854 removed to Pottawattamie Count, where he followed farming until the spring of 1880, and then came to the site of his present home, which he bought as wild land, his first purchase being eighty acres.

Mr. ATKINS was born in Bradley County, Tenn., April 27, 1832, and when eight years of age left the Big Bend state with his parents, who emigrated to Putnam County, Mo., where he remained at home until 1851, and then came to Council Bluffs, which was then known as Kanesville, and from there moved to Little Sioux in 1853.

He was married in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, October 17, 1852, to Mrs. Hannah DOUGLAS, daughter of A. Q. BARNES, of Missouri, the widow of John DOUGLAS.

Mr. and Mrs. ATKINS were the parents of the following children:--Charles M., born December 26, 1854; Archibald, April 2, 1857; Ellen, April 1, 1860, and Isaac B., March 24, 1863.

Archibald died December 14, 1860 and his mother, Hannah (BARNES) (DOUGLAS) ATKINS departed this life October 13, 1868, and October 17, 1869, Mr. ATKINS married Miss Margaret C. SPEARS, and as a result of this union six children were born; George W., March 22, 1871; Sylvia J, December 2, 1873; Sarah M., November 15, 1874; Stephen A., November 23, 1875; Simeon S., February 16 1878; Oscar J., February 12, 1881, Sarah M. died August 5, 1875.

Margaret C. (SPEARS) ATKINS was born in Mercer County, Penn., February 1, 1838. Her parents came to Florence, Neb., in 1847, having lived seven years at Nauvoo, Ill., the place then being known as WinterQuarters. There they remained until the spring of 1849, and then moved to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, where she remained until the time of her marriage.

It should be added in this connection that the father of our subject was Charles ATKINS, and that he was born in Kentucky in about 1807, and died in Putnam County, Mo., in October 1846. The mother, Sarah (BREWER) ATKINS, was born in Tennessee, about 1813, and is now living in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, with her daughter, Ann BIRCHELL. Mr. and Mrs. Charles ATKINS were the parents of eight children, the oldest of whom was our subject. and his wife are Latter Day Saints.

When Mr. ATKINS came to the county in 1853 there were but few settlers anywhere in this part of the country. The spot where Magnolia now stands was graced by one double log house, in one end of which lived a family that of John W. COOPER, and in the other end was operated a small store. There was only one house at Little Sioux also. As our subject views Harrison County in its present state of perfection, with its four lines of railroads, its busy towns and cities, its numerous watercourses spanned by bridges of architectural beauty, great must be the contrast with that day in 1853 (nearly two score years ago) when he looked out upon that wild yet charming landscape.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.792-793
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WATSON - Jonathan V. WATSON, a farmer and highly respected citizen of Washington Township, whose pleasant home is situated on section 14, came to Harrison County, February 4, 1874, and settled on the site of his present home, where he purchased forty acres of wild land upon which there had been built a small shanty, surrounded by about five acres of breaking. He occupied that rude abode until August, 18800, when he built a frame house 16x24 feet, with twelve-foot posts. In June, 1885, he built a barn 20x40 feet, and has kept adding by the way of improvements until he now possesses a fine farm home, with land amounting to two hundred acres. When he came to the county the township had been but little improved, there being but two schoolhouses in the township; one on the northwest quarter of section 16 and the other at Walker's Grove. The first farm work our subject did in the county was the sowing of twenty acres of wheat on Andrew GRAYBILL'S place, at WALKER'S Grove. This was in 1874, one of the grasshopper years, and these little winged pests destroyed his crop. The same year he broke twenty acres on his own place and planted it to sod corn, but July 9, a hailstorm cut it to pieces, and he then left home and went to work by the day near Avoca, continuing through harvest and stacking. He was not a little discouraged at the outlook and had it not been for his good wife, who did not want to go he would have abandoned the place forever.

Mr. WATSON was born in Fountain County, In., May 17, 1844, and four years later removed to Henderson County, Ill., and in 1853 to Shelby County, Iowa. Here he remained until October 12, 1863, at the time when the Civil War cloud hung the lowest and looked the blackest a time when it seemed as though a permanent division of our Union of States was imminent. It was at this date that our subject enlisted in Company M, of the Ninth Iowa Cavalry. He went from Harlem to Davenport, was there a short time and was sent to St. Louis, and from there ordered on South, stopping at Memphis, Tenn., and from thence to DeVALL'S Bluff, where they were thrown out on the skirmish line. He was at Bayou Prairie, Augusta and Pine Bluffs, and was then sent to Louisburg where they remained three months; was at Little Rock at two different times and finally stationed at Camden, where they were to receive their muster papers, which they did not get, however, until they got to Davenport, where they were finally discharged, February 12, after which our subject came to Shelby County, where he remained until 1874, when he came to Harrison County.

He was married in Pottawattamie County, August 30, 1866, to Miss Mary I. ELLIS, by whom eleven children have been born´┐ŻFrancis E., Kittie A., Charles A., Abraham S. and Martha M., deceased; James D., Maggie E., deceased; Clara b., Emmert A., Mary E., and Freddie H., deceased.

Our subject's wife, Mary E. (ELLIS) WATSON, was born in Putnam County, State of Indiana, March 17, 1847, and came to Pottawattamie County, Iowa with her parents, in 1863; lived in Shelby County two years and then removed back to Pottawattamie County. Her father, Abraham S. ELLIS, was born in Clermont County, Ohio, in March, 1819, and was a pioneer in Shelby County, Iowa, in 1852, and lived there until 1883, but died in Pottawattamie County, April 1, 1889. His wife was Margaret E. VANCLEVE a native of Kentucky, born May 9, 1823.

To make this family sketch more complete it should here be stated that the father of our subject was born in Virginia August 27, 1817, and came to Shelby County, Iowa, in 1864. He removed to Pottawattamie County, in 1866, where he still lives. His wife, the mother of our subject, Francis COCHRAN before her marriage, was born in Kentucky, in June, 1811, her parents coming to Missouri where she was married. She died in Pottawattamie County, February 2, 1875.

Mr. WATSON and his wife are members of Methodist Episcopal Church at Persia, Iowa.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.794-795
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