Liberty Township voter list - 1918

Information from POLL BOOK of General Election held Tuesday, November 5, 1918 of Center School in Liberty Township, Hancock County, Iowa. - E. P. Hansen, Auditor, Hancock County, Iowa.

Election of officers selected to assist voters in marking their ballots when required, we hereby certify that at the opening of the polls of this precinct at this election, we selected Mr. Martin Buckley one of the Democrat and Mr. G. A. Kahler one of the Republican of election of this precinct - they being of different political parties - to assist voters in marking their ballots when requested, as provided by section 1118, code of Iowa of 1897.

G. A. Kahler, E. C. Griffen, Martin Buckley; Judge  of election.

Before opening the Polls, be sure that the Necessary Oaths be filled out on this page of Book, and before the sealing of the Poll Books, be Sure and sign the Official Returns as a Board, and sign the Certificate following the Jury List.

State of Iowa, Hancock County, ss. At an Election Held at Center School in Precinct Liberty Township, County, Iowa, on the fifth day of November, A. D. 1918, the polls of said Election being duly opened at 8 O'clock, A. M. of said day the following oath was taken by the Judges and Clerks of the Election.

We Martin Buckley, Ed Griffen, G A Kahler, Judges, and H. J. Stromer, W. L. Haberkamp, Clerks, do solemnly swear that we will impartially, and to the best of our knowledge and ability, perform the duties of Judges and Clerks of this Election, and will studiously endeavor to prevent fraud, deceit and abuse in conducting the same.

H. J. Stromer, W. L. Haberkamp, Clerks. G. A. Kahler, E. C. Griffen, Martin Buckley, Judges of election.


Walter Ross
Henry Buzickey
Frank Vondracek
Chas. Dorweger
August Kropp
L. B. Katterhenry
Roy Schaefer
Ben Greimann
W. F. Greiman
H. C. Greiman
W. L. Haberkamp
H. J. Stromer
G. A. Kahler
C. A. Schmid
John Suckow
H. L. Suckow
C. J. Franklin
Paul Stille
Otto Lemke
Henry Lemke
G. I. Schaper
August Haberkamp
George H. Greiman
Victor Hueneman
Ben H. Katter
Otto Schroer
E. H. Yost
E. J. Blumer
Bert Borchers
Tim Waddingham
S. E. Lundahl
Victor Schoenwetter
J. F. Miller
Frank Miller
J. H Brennan
Ferd Klinge
Herman Gast
Otto Klinge
Ed Hrubes
Joe Wellik
Henry Wellik
John Heginger
Chris Schaefer
Joseph Schuldt
Aug. C. Schuldt
O. E. Carlson
W. G. Lenz
E. G. Beier

F. W. Katter
R. J. Koehler
W. M. Suckow
Wm. Katter Sr.
H. J. Stille
Ed Griffen
J. L. Abele
A. G. Lau
Herman Priebe
W. F. Stille
Henry Runge
Louis Griffen
J. W. Haefner
A. J. Scheonwetter
R. R. Lemke
H. C. Beier
Miner Schrader
C. V. Marshall
Martin Buckley
E. H. Ludeke
J. H. Terhufen
Fred Klinge Sr.
Ira Josten
H. A. Greiman
Frank Hrubes
John Griffen
J. E. Stille
Frank Bredlow
J. J. Hrubes
Otto Schlawin
H. W. Bridges
Jake Goll
Henry Katter Jr.
J. C. Goll
Louis Katter
George Ulrich
Arthur Katter
Arthur Kolstorf
Fred Kolstorf
J. J. Stille
Elmer Schaefer
Arthur Knoke
Henry Wade
John Woods
Wm. Riemer
Wm. Lemke
Frank Kopacek
Joe Lorenz


  At an election held in Center School in Liberty Township, Hancock County, State of Iowa, on the fifth day of November, A. D. 1918, there were ninety six ballots cast. - A True Return: attest: W. L. Haberkamp, H. J. Stromer; clerks: G. A. Kahler, E. A. Griffen, Martin Buckley; judges of election.

Notice to select and return names of persons to serve as jurors; For grand jurors 6; Petit jurors 30;

Talesmen - none.

Persons who have served as jurors since January 1st 1917. Liberty Township.

Henry Runge
C. W. Allen

Names of persons returned to serve as Grand Jurors for 1919 and 1920, (name - post office)

Lou Abele - Britt
Henry Buzickey - Britt
Fred Klinge - Garner
Will Lemke - Garner
Martin Buckley - Britt
Elmer Ludeke - Klemme

Names of persons returned to serve as Petit Jurors for 1919 and 1920, (name - post office)

August Haberkamp - Garner
J. H. Terhufen - Britt
C. E. Carlson - Garner
Frank Kopacek - Britt
C. L. Schlawin - Garner
Art Knoke - Garner
Herman Bridges - Garner
Bill Reimer - Garner
Will F. Greiman - Garner
G. I. Schaper - Garner
H. L. Suckow - Garner
A. G. Lau - Garner
Otto Lemke - Klemme
J. H. Brennan - Garner
Ira Josten - Britt
E. H. Yost - Britt
Henry Katter - Garner
J. E. Stille - Garner
Wm. Stille - Klemme
J. J. Stille - Garner
Roy Schaefer - Garner
Herb Bailey - Garner
Elmer Haes - Garner
Art Katter - Garner
Ben Katter - Garner
Art Upmeyer - Garner
Joe Schuldt - Klemme
Victor Hueneman - Garner
Art Schoenwetter - Garner
Herman Priebe - Klemme

State of Iowa, County of Hancock Dr. To services at the Center School house general election held on the 5 day
of Nov 1918 at Center School house in Liberty Township, said county.

G. A. Kahler - Judge - $7.60
Martin Buckley - Judge - $7.60
Ed Griffen - Judge - $7.60
H. J. Stromer - Clerk - $7.60
W. L. Griffen - Clerk - $7.60 (should be Haberkamp ?)
Fred Klinge - Policeman - $4.40
Ed Griffen - Returning poll books - $2.80