Klemme German M. E. Church        Birth / Baptisms 1884-1924    

Garner Peace Reformed Church        Confirmations 1897-1977    

Miller Lutheran Church        Record Book Name List 1922-1941    

St Johns Lutheran Church        Baptisms 1892-1986



Amsterdam Congregational Society - Reverend Sands from Belmond occasionally ministered to the residents spiritual needs in 1884.

Amsterdam Evangelische Lutherische Friedens Gemeinde - Incorporated August 1900 and signed by John Heddens, John Eenhuis, George Meyer, Claus Gatena, William D. Schroeder, Ludwig Steffen, John Alke, William Alke, Paul Knack, Feitz Knack, Gerhard Bergmann and George Prull.

Amsterdam Methodist Episcopal - In 1884 church members had meetings and services in the school house every Sunday afternoon with Reverend Cole from Belmond filling the pulpit.

Britt Bethel Baptist Church - 480 Main Avenue North - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-3110.

Britt Christian Reformed Church - 569 Main Avenue - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-3308.

Britt Church of the Nazarene - 195 2nd Street Southwest - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-4667.

Britt Congregational United Church - Britt, IA 50423.  Rev, R. R. Wood was preaching in the Britt to family members of E. E. Adams, Mrs. J. E. Adams, Smith A. Healy, George H. Alexander, Georgiana Way, William H. Breese and Elizabeth Breese.  In December 1879 the Congregational Church Society was organized.  The first services were held in the schoolhouse until the summer of 1880 when a church building was erected.  The incorporation papers were filed February 1882.

Britt Evangelische Luthrische Dreieinigkeits Germinde Ungeaendeter Augsburger Confession - Incorporation papers were signed April 1903 by Herman Hyde, Johan Grunewald, Friedrich Ulm, George Range, William Range and Robert Dressler.

Britt First Swedish Independent Baptist Church - Organized in the house of John Edgren January 1897 and incorporated February 1898 by David Anderson, Swan Anderson, Jacob Swanson, Ben Olson, Nels Nelson,  and Ben P. Anderson.

Britt Evangelical Free Church - 810 2nd Avenue NW - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-3861.  Incorporation papers were filed November 1891 by C. O. Krough, John Brostrom and Simon Hanson with John Bostrom, H. H. Lee and Andrew Lilje serving as trustees.

Britt Immanuel Church - A member of the Iowa Conference of the Envangelical Association was incorporated June 1896 by Nick Burgardt, H. F. W. Steffen and Fred Schoeneman.

Britt Scandinavian Independent Baptist Church - A. M. Pearson, Andrew Larson, William Norstrom, A. E. Latt, Ben P. Anderson, C. G. Johnson, Olof Olson, Oskar J. Hansen, Ben Olson and Jacob Swanson were signers of the incorporation papers in June 1912.

Britt Trinity Episcopal Mission - John A. Carton, Thomas Daylor and A. J. Robinson were signers of the incorporation papers in February 1902.

Britt St. Patrick's Catholic Church - 139 3rd Street Southeast - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-3215.  Organized about 1905 and incorporated December 1911 by Archbishop J. J. Keane, Vicar General Roger Ryan, Rev. W. J. Baxter, James Mackin and Hugh Mullin.

Britt United Church of Christ - 2197 James Avenue - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-3114.

Britt United Methodist Church - 707 4th Street Southwest - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-3523.  During November 1878 the Methodist Episcopal Church was organized through the efforts of Rev. Z. C. Bradshaw.  Among the original members were: K. K. Liquin, William Wright, C. Graves, Mrs. R. G. Hill, Mrs. J. H. Burdick, William Pritchard, Andrew Anderson, G. Davenpeck and C. C. Way.  In 1881 the church was incorporated and the first church building was erected.

Britt Upper Flat Evangelical Free Church (rural) - 290th Street - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 843-3230.  The area of Upper Flat was settled by Scandinavian families who first held services in 1882 at the rural schoolhouse when a minister came from Albert Lea, Minnesota about every two weeks.  Some of the early ministers were; Reverend Simonson, Reverend E. A. Hjortzvang, Reverend Carlson.  In 1884 Reverend L. C. Johnson from Wesley held regular services at Upper Grove and Britt.  A committee was organized to raise funds to construct a church building and in December 1902 the building was dedicated.  The names given to the new church was The Scandinavian Mission Union of the Upper Flat.  In 1915 the name was changed to The Scandinavian Evangelical Free Church of Upper Flat.

Concord United Presbyterian Church - see Garner United Presbyterian Church.

Corwith Fairview Methodist Church (rural Kossuth County) - Services and Sunday School were conducted on the Chambers farm in 1891 for the rural families living southwest of Corwith.  A church building located in section 3, LuVerne Township, Kossuth County was constructed in 1901.  Reverend William Whitfield from Corwith and Bishop I. W. Joyce officiated at the dedication service in 1902.  The Fairview Church was always affiliated with the First Methodist Church in Corwith and membership records were entered into the same record book.  The church was closed in 1927 merged with the Corwith congregation.

Corwith First Baptist Church - During 1893 the Baptist families worshiped with the Methodist congregation.  In 1894 the members held services in the town hall until a church building was secured and moved into Corwith.  The church was incorporated in 1896 with Reverend G. E. Blackford the first minister.  The early church records were destroyed by fire in 1922.  A new church building was dedicated in 1958.  A portion of the Congregation joined the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches in 1935 and formed the Grace Baptist Church.

Corwith Grace Baptist Church - Corwith, IA 50430 - Under the direction of Reverend Albert Rust, a portion of the First Baptist Church congregation joined the newly formed Baptist organization in 1935 and incorporated under the name Grace Baptist Church in 1946. 

Corwith First Baptist Church - During April 1896 incorporation papers were signed by L. J. Barber, Thomas Ogg, P. F. Black, Samuel Beisell and C. R. Wood.

Corwith First Methodist Church - The first services were held in the schoolhouse every two weeks by Rev. Henry J. Huston from Britt.

Corwith St. Johns Lutheran Church - 517 Southeast Elm St - Corwith, IA 50430 - Phone (641) 583-2126.  From 1882 to 1897 services were held in the homes of members.  During 1897 a church was erected seven miles southeast of Corwith and was called Magor Township Lutheran Church.  The church was incorporated in 1889 and called St. John Lutheran Church.  In 1901 the church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.  For the next 40 years services were held in a schoolhouse until 1946 a frame building was moved from near Woden into Corwith.  In 1953 the congregation dedicated an new church building.

Corwith St. Mary's Catholic Church - In 1890 pastors from the St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Britt began celebrating Mass in Corwith every two months in an abandoned school house.  As the membership increased the services were held at more frequent intervals until Mass was every Sunday.  In January 1912 St. Mary's of Corwith was incorporated as a parish by James J. Keane, Roger Ryan, W. J. Baxter, Thomas Beecher, and Peter Hatterscheid.  A contract for a church building was awarded in 1912.

Corwith United Methodist Church - 214 Clinton Street - Corwith, IA 50430 - Phone 641-583-2122.  Services were conducted in the school house in 1883 by Reverend B. St John, Congregational minister and Reverend H. J. Houston, Methodist minister, both from Britt.  Under the leadership of Reverend A. A. Wilcox from Britt the First Methodist Church was founded in 1885.  The congregation was served by the pastor from Wesley until 1887 when they built a church and supported a resident pastor.  A new church was built in 1917 with Reverend G. J. Poppenheimer serving as pastor at the time. 

Crystal Lake Calvary Lutheran Church - Due to the gasoline rationing during World War II the Lutheran families in the area couldn't travel to Forest City for services.  Formal organization for a new congregation was begun in 1943 and Pastor Philip Hanson was called to serve the members.  Construction of a church building was begun in 1944 with the area farmers hauling stones from their fields and setting them into concrete to build the structure.  Dedication services for the new church building were conducted in September 1945.

Crystal Lake United Methodist Church - Crystal Lake, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 565-3314.  The earliest services in the Crystal Lake area were about 1875 by O. Robinson.  Organization of the Crystal Lake Methodist Church was in 1894 under the direction of Reverend A. L. Tainter.  Articles of Incorporation for the Methodist Episcopal Society of Crystal Lake were filed April 1899 by trustees D. W. Bowker, Nels Matsom, W. C. Rose, C. W. Hawley and J. P. Johnson, a church was built that same year.  A fire in January 1928 destroyed the church and plans were soon under way for construction of a new one.  Dedication of the new church was in November 1928. 

Duncan St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church - 2343 Navy Avenue - Britt, IA 50423 - Phone (641) 923-3031.  Prior to 1900 many of the residents of the community were members of the St. Boniface Church in Garner.  In 1900 a canvas of the area showed about sixty families petitioned the archbishop for permission to build a church of their own, where Czech services may be conducted.  In the spring of 1900, construction of a new church was started.  The church was completed by the end of the summer of 1900.  In November 1900 Father John Broz was appointed the first pastor to serve the new Duncan Parish.  A parish house was constructed in 1901.  In the spring of 1901 the Garner parish was added to the duties of Father John Broz.  A number of early burials were made at the St. Boniface Cemetery near Garner.  In August 1904 the St. Wenceslaus  Cemetery at Duncan was solemnly blessed.  The church was incorporated January 1912 by Archbishop Keane, Vicar General Ryan, Reverand Opava, Mike Malek and Frank Kopacek.  By 1931 the membership had increased to over 500 and a building fund was started to build a new church.  The depression and hard times delayed the raising of funds for a new church, but by 1938 the construction of a larger church was started under the guidance of Father J. S. Skluzacek and in October 1938 the new church was dedicated.  In June 1951 a tornado ripped through Duncan, destroying the church.  Plans were made to rebuild the church under the supervision of Msgr. W. C. Hradecky.  The first Mass in the new church was offered in December 1952.

Ellington Prairie Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church - Signers of the incorporation papers in June 1886 were Andrew Larson, Godfrey Carlson and Sewell Simenson.

Ellington Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church - Incorporated October 1902 by Nils Olson, Halvor Fosse and Iver Johnson.

Garner Evangelical Free Church - 580 East US Hwy 18, Box 184 - Garner, IA 50438 - Phone: (641) 923-6092 - In July 2000, the Central District Church Plant representative contacted local Garner residents, who were attending Evangelical Free Churches in Clear Lake and Britt communities, to inquire if there was any interest in planting a Evangelical Free Church in own community.  After several meetings, an agreement was reached to continue meeting together in Bible study and prayer.  On November 4, 2001, Garner Evangelical Free Church began public worship at the Garner Education Center.

Garner English Methodist Episcopal Church - The first English Methodist services were held in 1871 by Reverend Williams.  In 1875 Reverend A. S. R. Groom was appointed to the Garner-Britt circuit.  Services were held in school houses until 1885 when a church was constructed.  The congregation continued to increase and in 1910 a new church building was erected.  The congregation merged with the Grace Methodist Church in 1924 to become the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

Garner Faith Lutheran Church - 1985 290th Street - Garner, IA 50438 - Phone (641) 927-4413. 

Garner First Congregational Church - In 1891 a group of 23 residents held services in a small room above a business store.  Incorporation papers were filed in April 1892 by W. C. Wells, L. B. Bailey and Carl Hess.  The membership soon outgrew the room and the German Reformed Church congregation let them use their church for services.  The congregation built a church and it was dedicated in October 1894.  The first pastor was Reverend Franklin Fisk.  Among the charter members were: Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Deyol, Mr. & Mrs. L. B. Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. E. T. Wesson, Mr. & Mrs. William Shattuck, Mr. & Mrs. William Brackett, Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Wells, Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Bush, Miss Maude Elder, Miss Jennie Elder, Miss Bertha Bush, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schneider, Mr & Mrs A. J. Lilly, Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Abbey and Mr. & Mrs. Hans Nelson.  In 1937 the congregation decided to disband and sold the building to St. Pauls Lutheran Church.  The members transferred their membership to other churches.

Garner First German Evangelical Lutheran Church - Incorporation papers were filed October 1894 by John Baack, Christ Reibe and Karl Wurdelmann.

Garner First Methodist Episcopal Church - In 1924 the Grace Methodist Church and English Methodist Episcopal Church merged to create the First Methodist Episcopal Church.  Reverend C. H. Van Meter was serving as pastor.  The English Episcopal Church building was remodeled and the Grace Methodist Church parsonage was used for the pastors home.   In 1962 a new church building was dedicated.

Garner German Reformed Church - In March 1884 the German Reformed Church incorporation paper were signed by F. Greimann, V.Josten, E. Upmeyer and William Katter.  Second papers were later filed, signed by Paul Mayer, Jacob Mayer, Carl Bahr and J. O. Runsel.  Later known as the Zion United Church of Christ.

Garner Grace Methodist Church - In 1871 the first German Methodist services in Hancock County were conducted by Reverend William Koerner at the home of Sebastian Ell three miles southeast of Garner.  By 1872 Reverend Gottlieb Haefner served the Garner area as part of a circuit including Shell Rock, Forest City, Algona and Belmond.  A church building was constructed in 1881 and the parsonage was built in 1885.  In 1906 the old Concord Court House Square was purchased and converted into the Northwest German Conference campground.  The campground had a tabernacle which could seat 700 people.  The church building was modernized and a second parsonage was completed in 1916.  The congregation merged with the English Methodist Episcopal Church in 1924 to become the First Methodist Episcopal Church.  The church building was sold to the German Reformed Church congregation.

Garner Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall - 395 East 6th Street - Garner, IA. 50438.

Garner Peace Reformed Church  (rural) - 2115 Highway 69 - Garner, IA  50438 - Reverend Frederich Mosebach preached the first sermon in August 1878 in a small schoolhouse located near the present site of the church.  A group of 18 German immigrants organized the Peace Reformed Church in October 1878.  The cornerstone for the first church building was laid in 1879, this was one of the first church buildings in Hancock County.  A new church building was constructed in 1962.  The old church building was sold and moved to Belmond.

Garner St. Boniface Catholic Church - 660 Bush Avenue - Garner, IA 50438 - Phone (641) 923-2329.  St. Boniface Catholic Church was established in Garner in 1883 when Reverend J. J. Hanley initiated the construction of a church where Mass could be offered.  The cemetery grounds was acquired in 1889.  In 1894 the original church building was enlarged.  In January 1912 incorporation papers were filed by James J. Keane, Roger Ryan, Rev. Vincent Opava, George H. Lickteig and Louis Schmidt.  The new church was dedicated in September 1940. 

Garner St. John's Lutheran Church (rural) - 2404 260th Street - Garner, IA 50438 - Phone (641) 829-3302.  The Reverend E. Wiegner drafted a constitution for the organization of a congregation in January 1887.  In January 1891 incorporation papers for the St. John's Lutheran Church of Concord were signed by Fred Boehnke, Fred Pueggel and S. W. Thada.  Services were held in a school house until land was donated in section 13, Concord Township for a church building which was constructed in 1892.  The first resident pastor was Reverend W. Berndt.  In 1898 under the direction of Reverend Richters a larger church was constructed. 

Garner St. Paul's Lutheran Church - 810 State Street - Garner, IA 50438 - Phone: (641) 923-2261 - Fax: (641) 923-0087 - The church was organized in October 1894, under the leadership of Pastor E. F. J. Richter of St. John's Lutheran Church, rural Garner.  The name was The First German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation.  A lot was purchased in Garner and the new church was dedicated in April 1895.  In 1925 Reverend H. R. Wrede was installed as the first resident pastor until then the church was served by pastors from the St. John's Lutheran Church.  In December 1937 the congregation purchased the former Congregational Church building.  The name was changed to St. Paul's Lutheran Church in 1944.  The new church was built about 1951 under the guidance of reverend M. J. Klaus.

Garner United Methodist Church - 885 Maben Ave. - Garner, IA 50438 - Phone: (641) 923-2191 - The Methodist Church roots in Garner can be traced back to 1871 when the first German language religious services were conducted by Reverend William Koerner and English language services conducted by Reverend Williams.  The congregation was formed by the mergers of  the Grace Methodist Church and English Methodist Episcopal Church in 1924 and the Hayfield German Methodist Episcopal Church in 1967.

Garner United Presbyterian Church - 475 Maben Ave. - Garner, IA 50438 - Phone: (641) 923-2274 -  Fax: (641) 923-4731 - Founded on September 21, 1872 as the Concord United Presbyterian Church with 11 charter members.  A church building was constructed in 1879 and was the first church building in Garner.  By 1895 the congregation had increased and an addition was built onto the church, and again in 1901.  A new church building was erected in 1957 and dedicated June 1958. 

Garner Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church - 760 West 8th St - Garner, IA 50438 - Church: (641) 923-3152 - Parsonage: (641) 923-3238 - Begun in 1889, Zion has its roots in the German Reformed faith of those who migrated to Hancock County and organized the Peace Reformed Church in 1878.  In January 1889 Pastor Henry Treick and twelve charter families organized and began to meet in a local schoolhouse.  Within a year the congregation erected a church building.  In 1925 the church building was purchased from the Grace Methodist Church congregation and used until May 1956 when a new church was constructed.  Until 1951 the pastoral leadership was shared with the Peace Reformed Church.      

Goodell St Mary's Catholic Church - Incorporated February 1912 by Archbishop Keane, M. F. Eardley, Frank Quigley and William Monaghen.

Goodell Methodist Episcopal Church - Articles of incorporation were signed March 1895 by John Brisco, C. R. Trumbell and Etta Brisco.  Later the name was changed to Goodell United Methodist Church.

Goodell United Brethren Church - Incorporation papers signed by O. Oleson, Nels Pearson, J. W. Griggs, D. F. Hunt and George W. Elder were filed August 1889.

Goodell United Methodist Church - 201 Willow Street - Goodell, IA 50439 - Phone (641) 495-6102 / 587-2540.

Hayfield German Methodist Episcopal Church - In 1887 Reverend Biebighauser of Garner conducted German church services in a schoolhouse located three miles south of Forest City.  A church building was constructed at Hayfield in 1894.  Incorporation papers were filed July 1897 by Jacob Nonweiler, W. F. Mertz, Fred Erdman, Thomas R. Blank and Henry Schuldt.  The church was served by ministers from Forest City until 1936 when Hayfield and Crystal Lake were served by one pastor.  Due to the decline of congregation members, the church was closed in June 1967 and merged with the Garner Methodist Church.  The church building was torn down.

Hutchins Congregational Church - In November 1900 the incorporation papers were filed by C. E. Buzick, Charles L. Tutt and Mrs. Mary Higdon.

Kanawha Christian Reformed Church - 129 East 3rd Street - Kanawha, IA 50447 - Phone (641) 762-3719.  In March 1900 Kanawha residents gathered in a school house one mile south of Kanawha to form a new congregation.  The leaders were reverend C. Bode, Reverend J. Timmerman and Reverend J. Guelker, also present was Reverend H. VanWesep from the Wright Christian Church.  The following individuals were  received: Mr. & Mrs. Berend Abbas, Mr. & Mrs. Freerk Abbas, Mr. & Mrs. George Freerkson, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Luppen, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Abbas, Mr. George Abbas, Mr. & Mrs. K. Ganseveld, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Peters, Mr. & Mrs. H. Assink, Mr. & Mrs. Martin Boomgarden, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ruben, Miss Lizzie Freerkson.  In 1900 a church building was constructed in Kanawha.  Starting in 1917 the Sunday morning service was in the German language and the afternoon sermon in the English language.  A new church building was built about 1953.

Kanawha Hispanic United Methodist Church - 233 East 6th Street - Kanawha, IA 50447.

Kanawha Evangelische Lutherische Friendens Gemeinde (rural) - Incorporated August 1900.  The church was located north of Kanawha in the northeast corner of section 9, Amsterdam Township.  The church was also known as the Cuba Church.  Most of the services were given in the Norwegian language.  Some members at that time were; John Heddens, John Eenhuis, Wm. D. Schroeder, John Alke, Paul Knack, Gerhard Bergman, George Meyer, Claus Gatena, Ludwig Steffen, Wm. Alke, Feitz Knack and George Prull.  The church building was torn down about 1928 and the lumber used to construct another church.

Kanawha Friends Church - Little is known about this church.  It was organized before 1900, a Mr. Perisho gave his farewell sermon in August 1905.  A Miss Smith and Reverend Roberts were pastors for a time.  Taylor Guthrie served the congregation reporting in  September 1909 and serving for 2 ½ years.  About 1914 the Friends Church merged their membership with the Methodist Church.

Kanawha St. John's Lutheran Church (rural Wright County) - Organized in 1886 under the direction of Reverend O. C. Skonhord in Norway Township, Wright County.  The church was called St. Johannes Menighed i Drew.  The services were conducted in the Norwegian language.  Services were held in the area rural schoolhouses until a church was built in 1890 with the first services held January 1891.  In 1946 the name was changed to Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Kanawha Lutheran Church - 125 West 4th Street - Kanawha, IA 50447 - Phone (641) 762-3671.  In 1900 Reverend H. C. Hold presided at a meeting for raising funds to construct a church building.  In February 1901 the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized with twenty four families joining.  By November 1901 sufficient funds were obtained for a building and the church was dedicated in 1903.  The services were in Norwegian until 1910 when English services were introduced.  In 1953 the name was changed to Kanawha Lutheran Church.

Kanawha United Methodist Church - 402 Main Street - Kanawha, IA 50447 - Phone (641) 762-3315.  The early Methodist church services were held in local rural school houses about 1896.  In August 1898 the church was officially organized with the help of Reverend F. E. Mossman from Hutchins.  Incorporation papers for the First Methodist Episcopal Church signed by G. M. Patrick, William J. Birkhofer, A. F. Bouton and Simeon Ross were filed December 1899.  The church was dedicated January 1900 with Reverend F. B. Waller from Goodell giving the services.  In 1901  J. T. Coulter was appointed as pastor for the congregation.  A new brick church building was completed in April 1924.

Kanawha Wright Christian Reformed Church (rural Wright County) - Located 5 miles south and 1 ½ miles west of Kanawha.  Organized April 1891 and first known as the First Holland Christian Reformed Church.  There were eleven charter member families in the congregation.  The first services in the new church were in September 1893.

Klemme English Methodist Church - Beginning about 1891 and 1892 Reverend Nolte from Goodell, with assistance from Reverend Edgar, began to occasionally preach at the Klemme school house.  During 1893 Reverend H. Chase, who later moved to Renwick, was conducting church services for the residents on a regular basis.  During May 1894 work was started on the construction of a church which was dedicated in November of that year.  Corporation papers for the Methodist Episcopal Church of Klemme were filed in April 1895.  Persons signing the Cooperation papers were Lena Palmby, Amanda Kirkwood, Elizabeth Dickinson, William Dickinson, M. Palmby, Caroline Larsen, Myna Peitzke, Lusena Merrick, Bertha Merrick, H. N. Merrick, Lelia Harr, and J. P. Larsen.  The members of the board of trustees were H. N. Merrick, W. J. Dickinson, John L. Harr, M. Palmby and J. P. Larsen.  In September 1924 the decision was made by the congregations of the Klemme German Methodist and Klemme English Methodist churches to merge.

Klemme German Methodist Church- When the town of Klemme was platted in 1890, the residents belonging to the German Methodist religion traveled three miles to the German Township Methodist Church or six miles to Garner for Sunday services.  The German Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated February 1892 by Henry Gruetzmacher, Charles W. Knapp, Henry Duesenberg, E. H. Lenz and Julius Bettin.  During 1893 a the congregation secured funds to build a church.  The first pastor was Reverend Henry Schhuldt who preached his first sermon on 8 Oct 1893 to a congregation of 196 members.  By 1909 several of the younger members couldn't understand the German language, so is was decided that on Sunday each month the service would be given in English.  Due to the animosity toward the Germans during 1918 and World War I the church name was changed to First English Methodist Church, and all the services were given in English.  In September 1924 the congregation voted to transfer the church property and their membership to the Klemme English Methodist Church.

Klemme German Reformed Church - After the town of Klemme was platted in 1889, members of the Peace Reformed Church in Ell Township requested then Reverend Henry Treick to hold services in the Klemme Public School.  In 1894 a church building was constructed.  Incorporation papers were filed May 1899 by H. J. Schuldt, Fred Bock, Julius Priebe Jr. and William Baack.  In 1901 the Klemme congregation requested to become an independent charge from the Peace Reformed Church.  The request was accepted and Reverend Albert Meuhlmeier was selected as the new pastor.  In August 1930 a new church building was dedicated and an educational wing was constructed in 1958.

Klemme Germantown Methodist Church (rural) - The first services in German (now Liberty) Township were held in the homes of the church members in 1871.  The services were conducted by Reverend William Koerner, a circuit rider.  In 1876 the church services were held in the Center School House.  The church was incorporated by Henry Griewe, Louis Sampson, William Beier Sr., H. J. Stille and August Schaper.  A church building was constructed in 1885.  In 1894 Reverend Gottlieb was assigned to serve the German Township and Klemme churches.  The church building was remodeled and enlarged in 1910.  During the 1960's the membership continued to decline until the last services were held on 23 May 1969.  A majority of the congregation transferred their membership to the Klemme Methodist Church after 93 years.

Klemme Immanuel Reform United Church of Christ - 313 Elder Street - Klemme, IA 50449 - Phone (641) 587-2462.  This was known as the Klemme German Reformed Church when first organized.

Klemme United Methodist Church - 109 North 3rd Street - Klemme, IA 50449 - Phone: (641) 587-2540.  Created as a result of the merger of the Klemme German Methodist Church, Klemme English Methodist Church and the Klemme Germantown Methodist Church

Magor Township Lutheran Church - In Feburary 1899 the incorporation papers were signed by Peter Knudsen, August Kirchgatter and August Sillman.

Miller Ellington Prairie Lutheran (rural) - Under the leadership of Reverend J. M. Dahl the church was organized in February 1878.  In 1886 the membership built a church in section 33, Concord Township.  Signers of the article of incorporation were Andrew Larson, Godfrey Carlson and Sewell Simenson.  During the ministry of Reverend Frerich a fire in January 1965 destroyed the church.  The congregation voted to disband and join the newly formed Faith Lutheran Church in Miller. 

Miller Faith Lutheran Church - The church was founded in February 1965 by the the merger of the Miller Lutheran Church and Ellington Prairie Lutheran Church.

Miller Lutheran Church - After several families moved to the town of Miller, services were conducted by neighboring ministers in the school house.  In June 1921 Reverend R. O. Hjelmeland of Fertile acted as chairman at a meeting to organize a congregation.  Many of the charter members were from the Ellington Prairie Church.  Reverend H. E. Okland from Buffalo Center was called to serve as pastor.  A church building was constructed and the first services were conducted in November 1923.  In 1965 the congregation voted to transfer their membership to the newly formed Faith Lutheran Church.

Miller Pilot Knob Lutheran Church (rural) - 2391 330th Street - Forest City, IA 50436 - Phone (641) 581-3070.

Prairie Center Methodist Episcopal Church - Incorporated August 1898.

Stilson United Brethren Church - Incorporated August 1896 by Hurley Jeffords, J. H. Nall and Thomas Everett.

West Lake Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church - Organized in 1881 the congregation erected a church building in 1883 on the northwest corner of West Twin Lake.  It was incorporated in May 1893 and was also called Twin Lakes Lutheran Church.  By the 1920's when the roads and transportation were improved, most area families transferred their membership to the Lutheran Church in Kanawha.  In 1937 the church steeple was struck by lighting and soon it had burned to the ground.  A small chapel was erected on the site but was never used for regular services.

Woden Christian Reformed (Ostfriesland) Church (rural) - Located in Section 29 Bingham Township.  Was organized in 1896 under the direction of Reverend C. Bode of Ackley at the Bingham Number 9 Schoolhouse.   Members signing the incorporation papers in June 1896 were; H. O. Peters, F. VanHoorn, Everett Breese, Henry Willemssen, Kampo V. Dyk, H. Noordmann, M. Weinenga, Henry Koerner, H. Abbas, John VanHewlen, W. Weinenga, Peter Greenfield, Ubbe Hindens and H. limberg.  The church was built in 1898 with Reverend H. C. Bode leading the congregation.  The first children baptized were; Hermina Greenfield, Jennie Lutjens and Hebe Williemsen.  The first burial in the church cemetery was Harvey Eden, 1897 - 1899.  The name, Ostfriesland Christian Reformed Church was changed to Woden Christian Reformed Church in 1945.  The new church building was built in 1984.

Woden Congregational Church - In the 1890's the first church in the town of Woden was organized.  The incorporation papers were filed February 1899 by C. A. Pfund, T. P. Newell and J. O. Davis.  In 1914 the building was purchased by the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

Woden First Bible Presbyterian Church (First Baptist) - Organized in 1952 with 23 charter members.  The church building was erected in 1953.  In 1962 the Church was reorganized as the Faith Baptist Church.

Woden First Methodist Episcopal Church (United Methodist) - The first services were held by Reverend F. E. Mossman of Hutchens in 1898.  Services were held in the members homes until 1914 when the congregation purchased the Woden Congregational Church building and incorporation papers were filed November 1914 by Norman Missman, E. W. Kellogg and J. L. Bushman.  The church was church was closed in July 1991.

Woden First Presbyterian Church - 22 Co Rd R20 - Woden, IA 50484 - Phone (641) 926-5050.  The first services were held in 1899 led by Reverend A. C. Kruse of Holland, Iowa.  The church was organized in 1916 and a church building was constructed in 1917.  The church was used until the former First Baptist Church building was purchased in 1985.

Woden Immanuel Lutheran Church (rural) - Located in section 6 of Bingham Township.  Organized in 1899 with 21 charter members.  The church was built in 1899 on three acres of land donated by Ernest Humbke.  The new church was dedicated in 1953. 

Woden Prairie Center Church (rural) - First meetings were held in Orthel Township District Number 1 Schoolhouse in 1893.  A church building was dedicated in 1899.  The last communion service was held 27 Jun 1965 and the congregation then voted to close the church due to lack of members.

Woden Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Woden, IA. 50484.  In 1897 Father Garrett T. Nagle, minister of St. Boniface in Garner would travel to Woden and hold mass only once a month.  The congregation was a mission of St. Patrick's of Britt at first.  The new church was dedicated January 1900.  The church was incorporated January 1912 by Archbishop Keane, Vicar General Ryan, Reverend Baxter, Thomas Ormsby and M J. Barrett.  In 1913 the church became a mission of St. Patrick's of Buffalo Center.  The first baptism was Joseph Aloysius Ormsby on 16 November 1914.  The first marriage in the church was James Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth A. Orthel on 5 February 1925.

Woden St. Johns Lutheran Church - 302 2nd Street - Woden, IA 50484 - Phone (641) 926-5795.  The first services were held by Pastor Brent of Garner in a country school house north of Woden in the year 1893.  Members Henry Baack, G. G. Saathoff, O. R. Kramer, J. A. Kramer, Fred Gerdes and Ed Reiter filed the incorporation papers December 1913.  The first church building was constructed in 1913.  The new church was built in 1979.