Liberty (aka Stille) Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery, AKA Stille Cemetery, near Klemme, was canvassed by W.P.A. workers in the late 1930's.  Note that ONLY males are listed.  The transcript below is taken from those records.  Submitted by Gail C. Linahon, Hancock County Genealogical Society member.

Carl Bredlow
1822-April 8, 1900
husband of Wilhelmina

William Gast
husband of Maria

Frederich Griewe
1821-November 9, 1899
husband of Mary

Charles Griffen
1845-October 19, 1911
husband of Caroline

Burnette Haefner
January 20, 1911-May 25, 1938

John H. Kruempel
1799-January 5, 1884

Simon J. Kruger
1856-August 30, 1884

Christian Lenz
1815-November 24, 1902

August Loock
1820-January 2, 1894

Fred Ludeke
1824-January 23, 1899

Fred W. Ludeke
1879-August 7, 1897
son: H. F. and M.

Heinrich Stille
no dates

William Stille, Sr.
1830-December 29, 1899
husband of Caroline

William Steneker
1759-December 1, 1836
Age 77 years

John Suckow
husband of Dorothea

John J. Suckow
1869-July 5, 1903
husband of Mary E. Good