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Will Book Number 1

WILLS:  Greene Co., IA

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The following information is available from the Iowa Genealogical Society, 
6000 Douglas, P.O. Box 7735, Des Moines, Iowa 50322

This is a record of the wills to be found in Book 1, Record of Wills, as coped at the Greene County
Courthouse in Jefferson, Iowa.  An effort has been made to abstract information from these wills
pertaining to legates, family relationships, witnesses, executors and such information as would seem
of genealogical interest.  There were instances in which a will was of such length and contained so
many relationships and legatees, and often written in much poor script, that it was thought best not
to attempt to abstract it.  These wills are noted in this record as present but not abstracted.

Alexander, Joseph, will dated 9 Mar 1861.  Of Marshall Co, Virginia.  Mentions widow; sons William &
James; son Joseph, deceased; daus Mary West, wf of John B West, Jane Lockwood, wf of Jonathon H
Lockwood; gr dau Mary Bruce, wf of George W Bruce; gr son Joseph A Burley, shildren of my dau
Margasret-Virginia Bell, William Burley, Ella Burley, Julia Burley; Margaret Smith & Betty Smith,
sisters of Rev. Wesley Smith, Executor-son William Alexander.

Alspaugh, Rueben, will dated 23 Oct 1869.  Of McLean Co, Ill. Wife Christrina. Catherine C Miller,
dau of my wife shall be legal heir with my children, Lampson P, William M, Charity O Rickey, N
Franklin, Chester O & Abraham L L W.  Executors: Lampson P Alspaugh & Christina Alspaugh.

Alssen, Christine, will dated 6 Apr 1872.  Of Rock Island, Ill.  Unmarried sisters Martha & Siri and
sister Anne H Christensen; father Alf Christensen.  Executors: sisters Martha & Siri Alfsdatter.

Anderson, Elizabeth, probated 27 May 1872.  Of Hagerstown, Washington Co, Maryland, wife of James H
Anderson of Carlisle, Penn.  Sister Sallie Long.  Witnesses: Louisa E Lyan, D M Mahon.  Exector:
James H Anderson.

Artz, David, will dated 13 Jan 1872.  Of Hagerstown, Washington Co, Maryland.  Wife Elizabeth; dau
Catherine widow of George F Weyser; dau Annie Eliza, wf of Dr. J E Herbert; dau-in-law Catherine, wf
of my son Cornelius; heirs of my deceased son Sanuel.  Exectors: Dr J E Herbert, Cornelius Artz.

Attrey, James.  This name listed in index to Book 1 but could not be found therein.

Banta, Albert, will dated 3 Feb 1858, codicil added 13 Aug 1862.  Of Phelps, Ontarion Co, N Y.  Wife
Sarah B; sons Charles Edward & Stanley Adelbert, minors.  Executor: wife Sarah B. Banta.

Barton, Sarah, will dated 31 May 1871.  Of Jefferson, Greene Co, Iowa aged 79 years.  Mentions Mary
Catherine Smith, Sarah P Smith, Kiziah McCulley.  Executors: William NcNeil & John Elliott Smith.

Brand, Isaac, will dated 29 Dec 1859.  Of Jefferson, Greene Co, Iowa .  Wife Rebecca, adopted dau
Matilda Brand, also mentions Philip Cline & John Brand.  Executor: Elhannan Rhinehart.

Brayton, Charlotte G, will dated 12 Jan 1858.  Of Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.  Wife of H F Brayton;
children Isabel F, H Gilbert, Justin E & Jennie G.  Executor: H F Brayton

Brown, John, admitted to probate 14 Sep 1867. Of Washington Twp, Van Wert Co, Ohio.  Witnesses
Joseph Osborn & Rebecca E Carpenter.

Campbell, Alexander Hamilton, will dated 24 Mar 1859.  Of Masontown, Fayette Co, Pa.  Wife Mary E
Campbell; my two children Benjamin Howell Campbell & Hamilton Campbell, minors: sister, Mary Malvern
Campbell, Witnesses: H Campbell & Daniel Smith, Executor: Alfred Howell.

Colvin, William, will dated 23 Aug 1870.  Of Redston Twp, Fayette Co, Pa, Wife Sarah; sons: Samuel,
James E, William S, John P & Levi.  Levi being of Boone Co, Iowa; daughters: Mary Lanning, Ellenor
Willis, Rebecca L Colom & Emma Higenbotham; grandson, John Henry Colvin.  Witnesses: John B Stephens
& Jonson Carter.  Executors: Samuel Colvin & James E Colvin.

Cooley, Mary Ann, will dated 14 Mar 1871.  Of Greene Co, Iowa.  Mentions, only daughter, Sarah
Cooley a minor; brothers & sisters; step-father Andrew Hoit.  Witnesses: Geo H Grimmell & Dan Mills.

Crumley, I D, will dated 1862, no day or month.  Of Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife Mary B Crumley.
Witnesses: Jacob M Tilian & Benjamin Hensley.

Darling, 	Joshua H, will filed 5 Jul 1875.  Of Warsaw, Wyoming Co, N Y.  No other information from
the record.

Call, John, will dated 12 Mar 1868.  Of Washington Twp, Green Co, Iowa.  Wife Sarash aria, mentions
property is Kane Co, Ill and elsewhere.  Witnesses: John Tyler, Elias S Ward & Harvey Potter.
Executor: Charles Howard of Kane Co. Ill.

Hall, Ira B, will dated 26 May 1871.  Of Jefferson, Greene Co, Iowa, aged 71 years.  Wife Elsie G
Hall.  Witnesses: William Allison & W B Mayes, Executor: Elsie G Hall, wife.

Hall, Nathan K, will dated 11 Jan 1873.  Of buffalo, New York.  Wife Emily P Hall; daughter Grace
Hall Jewett; my son Frederich-deceased; son-in-law Josiah Jewett; sisters Jane, Mary Sarah and
Maria; brothers Eli & Sylvester; gr dau Emily Grace Graham, wf of George Grahm; my grandson Nathan
Hall Jewett & Sherman S Jewett and gr dau Grace Hall Jewett; Robert Hall son of my brother Eli; my
nephews Frank A Cole & Ira James Hall; Mrs Halls neice Mrs Emily A Ferris; my nephews Ira S & George
sons of my brother Sylvester; Mrs. Halls brothers William & Timothy; Carlton & Frederich Paine, Mrs.
Halls nephews.  To my dau Grace my Genealogical Book containing partial genealogies of Hall, Paine,
Collins & Rose families.  Witnesses: James M Smith & Thomas Bath.  Executors: Orasmus H Marshall, E
Carlton Sprague & Sherman S Rogers.

Hanna, Andrew, will dated 8 Apr 1870.  Of Gurnsey Co, Ohio.  Wife Sarah E; son James; mentions Isaac
Harris; my children-15 in number, not named.  Witnesses: William Stewart & Joseph Copeland.
Executor: Thomas Foy, son-in-law.

Heator, Jacob, will dated 18 Jun 1864.  Wife Sarah Ann; our 4 youngest children, ElizaHeator, Mahala
C Heator, George W. Heator & Hittie R Bell Heator; step-daughter Mary Caroline McElroy.  Witnesses:
Jacob Rish & Stephen D Jackson.  Executor: William Anderson.

Huff, James, will dated 20 Jul 1863. Of Dubuque Co, Iowa.  Wife, unnamed: sisters Jerusha N
Reynolds; my brother Isaac Burton Huff of Dundee, Mich; James H Stout son of H L Stout.  Witnesses:
C H Booth & Louis Bosat.  Executor: H L Stout & Platt Smith.

Kirk, Wm J dated 31 May 1865.  Of East Waterford, Juniata Co, Penn.  Wife Mary; only one Isaac; my
daus, Elizabeth J Morrison & Rebecca A Boninits.  Witnesses: John Davis & Elias Evans.  Executors:
Dr. J M Morrison & Matthew Clark.

Luce, Alfred, will dated 7 Oct 1866.  Of Oxford, Butler Co, Ohio.  Wife Electa Luce; dau Henrietta J
Zellar, wf of Jacob A Zellar of Oxford, Butler Co, Ohio; gr son Neal McCullough; my adopted dau,
Laura M Phares wf of William S Phares of Colombus, Ohio.  Witnesses: Berry Wright & W H Smith.
Executor:  Electa Luce, wife.

McCantel, Reason, will dated 2 Jan 1856. Of Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife Jane: son John. Witnesses:
William Carney & James P Miller.  No Executor listed.

May, George, will dated 26 Feb 1870. Of Jefferson, Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife Mary; children, not named
except for son John D.  Witnesses: Wm Roberts, H Anderson, C S Longood, Edmond Farwell, A Anderson,
W T McBride & Dan Mills. Executor: Mary, wife
Metcalf, Ralph, will dated 23 Aug 1858.  Of Clearmont, Sulivan Co, New Hampshire.  Mentions wish to
buried in family cemetery in North Chrlestown and my dau Martha Jane to be taken from her grave in
Newport and buried in the same place.  Wife Martha Ann; sons, Ralph, Edward E; dau Francis E; all
children mentioned minors; Agnes Buckman, Wittnesses: Jeffrey T Adams & Alphia S Gilman.  Executors:
Horace Metcalf of North charlestown & George N Farwell.

Newcomb, M S J, will dated 11 May 1872.  Of Cedar Twp, Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife, Sarah A; my dau
Harriett O Briggs, my dau Alzina M Gower, and to my dau Lilla Newcombe all my land in Allamakee Co &
Chickasaw Co, Iowa.  Witnesses: James Drydin, John T. Drydin, Henry Sanders & Z B Barthlon.
Executors: Sarah A, wife and Mason Linn.

Parks, Charles F, will dated 10 Aug 1865.  Of City of New York-a merchant.  Wife Caroline E;
children Anna C & Charles f and adopted dau Caroline H Park.  Witnesses: Smith Banks & Wm Mulligan.
Executors: wife Caroline E & Robert Seeman.

Pearson, Elizabeth, will dated 18 Jan 1873.  Of Scranton, Greene Co, Iowa.  Dau Mrs Catharine
Patten; son Charles Mirchens; Witnesses: A Streng, M W Robertson, Chas H Dowd & Robert Taylor,
Executor not named.

Reichard, Daniel, will dated 3 Jan 1859.  Of Washington Co, Maryland.  Wife, not named; sons David,
Daniel, Jacob, Valentine & John; daus Catharine, Elizabeth, wf of Henry Brewer & Mary wf of Jacob H
Barr; a child listed as Francis-probably a daughter; Ann, wf of David.  Witnesses: David Wolf, Jesse
G Thomas & Emmanuel Long.  Executors: sons, Daniel, Jacob & Valentine.

Ridgeway, Joseph, will dated 22 Sep 1860.  Of Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio.  Mentions six children:
Phebe, Aaron, Samuel, Joseph, Charles & William; brother Thomas and his children: Elizabeth, Mary,
Josephine, Thomas J & Stephen B; sister Elizabeth Baker and her children: Jane Staring, Mary Ann
Fisher, Sarah Weeks Stiss, Stephen & Joseph; my sister Jane Winant & her grandchildrren: W H H
Winant & Mary Jane Decker; children of Mary Elizabeth Buttilis dau of Joseph Ridgeway Jr who are:
Jennitte T. Esther A & William; niece Mary Dickerson wf of Branard Dickerson & her three ch Joseph
R,  Matilda & Abram R; Josephine Swain, dau of my deceased niece Ann Ridgeway; child or children of
Charles M Ridgeway son of my deceased nephew Joseph Ridgeway; Thomas Weeks cousin of Sarah Weeks:
Phebe & Sylvia Ann Wood daus of Mrs Wood, deceased.  Witnesses: James Alexander Jr & John J Ferson.
Executors: John J Ferson & James L Bates.

Rowland, Thomas, will dated 22 Jul 1873.  Of Washington Twp, Greene Co, Iowa.  Mentions: Alla L
Britain, Aric T Rowland, Calvin Rowland, Emma Kate Rowland, Priscilla Abrams, James Rowland, Mary E
Withenow & Rebecca Fritts.  Witnesses: Charles Snydam & D M Mallory.  Executors: Rebecca Fritts.

Sargent, Henrietta, will dated 7 Jan 1860, codicil added 4 Mar 1869.  Of Boston, Suffolk Co, Mass, a
single woman.  Sisters Esther Sargent, Dixwell & Anna Parker; nephews George Basil Dixwell, John
James Dixwell & Estes Sargent Dixwell.  Witnesses: Frank Reed, Wm G Reed & Margaret G Kilroy.
Executors: John James Dixwell and Estes Sargent Dixwell/

Schnebly, John A, will dated 16 Feb 1872.  Of Knox Co, Ohio.  Wife Rhoda; my six oldest children:
Peter Veach, John K, Eliza E, Pheba J, Mary T & Emily S; my 3 youngest children: Nettie, Annie &
George; son Charles R, a minor.  Witnesses: W C Cooper, G E McKown & P V & John K.

Sears, John, will dated 24 Nov 1866.  Of Chicago, cook Co, Ill.  Wife Lucy; son Joseph; Mrs. Mary A
Gilliam of Rockford, Ill.  Executors: Wife Lucy; son Joseph, my friend Alexander Officer.

Shaw, Abrahm, will dated 10 Mar 1866.  Of Lee, Berkshire Co, Mass.  Sister Hannah Shaw; brothers Eli
Shaw & Joshua Shaw; Milly M Smith wf of Enos smith; Sarash Holcomb; Frederick A Smith son of Enos
Smith now residing at Burlington, Iowa; Hannah Elizabeth Smith dau of Enos Smith.  Witnesses: Otis S
Lyman, P W Morgan & John Branning.  Executor: Hannah Elizabeth Smith.

Sherman, James T, will dated 1 Nov 1858.  Of Trenton, New Jersey.  Wife Caroline, dau Caroline, a
minor; sisters Anna F, Sarah T, Olive Sherman.  Witnesses names unreadable.  Executor: Caleb S

Smith, Pleasant, will dated 16 Mar 1858.  Of Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife Jane; dau Sarah; sons James N &
Robert T.  Witnesses: A L McLain & Walter Rhoades. No Executor mentioned.

Still, Marianna W, will dated 3 Mar 1862.  Of Philadelphia, Pa.  Wf of John W Still a merchant.
Witnesses: Robert R McKibbin & Thos Shipley.  Executor: John W. Still

Street, Thomas Clark, will dated 2 Sep 1872.  Of Stamford Twp, Welland Co, Canada.  Will not

Summer, Charles will dated 2 Sep 1872.  Of Boston, Mass.  Mentions Henry W Longfellow, Francis V
Balch, Edward L Pierce & Samuel G Howe; Hannah Richmond Jacobs; sister Julia Hastings wf of John
Hastings of San Francisco, Calif.  Witnesses:  H J Edwards, John E Hickler, George A Bullin, F V
Balch, Executor: Francis Balch.

Taylor, George W, will dated 17 Apr 1872.  Of Greene Co, Iowa.  Children:  Rebecca Johnson, James M,
George W, Permelia smiley.  Witnesses:  I R Rhoads, M P Rhoads, Dan Mills & Elvina Wight.  Executor:
Samuel Taylor.

Ten Eycht, Jacob H, will dated 4 Nov 1870.  Of Albany, New York.  Will not abstracted.

Thompson, Isaac, will dated 15 Jan 1868.  Of Kendirck Twp, Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife Rebecca; children:
Isaac, Samuel D, Levi, Eliza Trelson, Abram, Jane Tretsort & Phebe Hathaway.  Witnesses: Robert May
& Ambrose Will.  Executor: James Mattles.

Thompson, James, will dated 3 Jan 1871.  Of Jefferson, Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife Ann; children: Arminta
Pleasant Thompson and Cora Viola Thompson.  Witnesses: Charles F Peck & Susan M Shipman.  Executors:
C W Thompson & Anderville Lee.

Thompson, William, will dated 16 Feb 1857.  St Clair Twp, Chamberlain Co, Ohio.  Wife Eleanor;
sister Sarah; children: Samuel, Mathen, David C, John, George, Mary Jane & William; George &
Eleanor, ch of William.  Witnesses: Joshua Calvin, Thos M Ashford & James A Milles.  Executor: David
C Thompson.

Thuma, Peter, will dated 6 Nov 1873.  Of Richland Co, Ohio.  Wife Sarah; children: Samuel K, Martha
B & Wm G, all minor children.  Witnesses: G W Cary & G W Fry. Exec: Samuel Dutwiler.

Trissler, John, will dated 19 Dec 1859.  Of Phepls, Ontario Co, New York.  Wife Elizabeth N:
children: George Elizabeth & Amelia.  Witnesses: Lysander Redfield & George Hubbel.  Executors: wife

Van Syckel, James January. Will dated 17 Oct 1858.  Of Philedelphia, Pa-merchant.  Wife Susan;
daughter, not named; friend George W Vogel.  Witnesses; not named.  Executor: Mother, Sarah V Van

Whelan, John, will dated 22 Apr 1864.  Spelled both Whelan and Whealand.  Wife Rebecca M.
Witnesses: Eli K Price & W Maylan Lamsdale.  Executors: Wife Rebecca & Joseph J Roach.

Williams, Watson, will dated 8 Mar 1862.  Wife Mary W.  Witnesses: Jonathon Tipton & Wm Simon.  No
executor named.

Wright, Isom, will dated 18 Aug 1867.  Of Green Co, Iowa.  Wife Delamy; children: Isaiah, Meridz,
Laurence, Leonard, Harvey, Howard, Melinda & Amanda.  Witnesses: Elijah Wright & Simon Wright.  No
executor named.

Young, Jacob, will filed 3 Dec 1855.  Of Greene Co, Iowa.  Wife, unnamed. Children: Dock & Charles.
Witnesses: E Aorman, Blewford Thurman, Wm W Robertson & Samuel Rhoad.  No exec named.

Zimmerman, Christian, will filed 2 Sep 1872.  Of Scranton Twp, Greene Co, Iowa-a farmer.  Wife
Sarah; children: Margaret, May, Sarah Ann Sternberger, Jacob, Stephen, Washington, Rebecca,
Christian Henry & Enoch.  Witnesses: Conrad Sease & Shadrach A Marietta.  Executor: H R Dellinger.

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