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The "Families of Rippey" is a 1990 reprint (biographies ONLY) from the 1956 "History of Rippey" (now out of print). It contains numerous biographies of Rippey, Iowa families. The cost is $5.00, plus $2.25 postage. Make checks payable to Rippey Alumni Association and mail to Valerie Ogren, 108 N. Oak, Jefferson IA 50129-1841.

The following is a list of surnames with biographical sketches in the "Families of Rippey", 1990 reprint of the 1956 "History of Rippey":

This an ALL NAME biographical index contributed by the Greene County Genealogical Society. It is a "work in progress". Please be patient.

Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Adkins, Lewis 5 February 1816 Ohio
Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Lee not given to Rippey 1908
Anderson, Lewis July 1873 Odell, Illinois
Anderson, Robert Eugene 5 December 1870 Streator, Illinois
Anderson, Samuel C. 16 February 1863 Streator, Illinois
Anschutz, Ludwig 21 April 1851 Germany
Babb, Valentine 9 July 1820 Greene Co. Tennessee
Beaman, James C. ca. 1850 Owen Co. Indiana
Bardole, W. H. 1841 Danville, Pennsylvania
Bradley, William ca. 1850 Kingston, Canada
Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Joshua not given England
Brush, Ira not given Indiana
Burk, Dr. Amos S. (M.D.) 19 March 1811 New York
Burk, Archibald 1840 Otsego Co. New York
Cain, William G. 28 June 1853 England
Carpenter, Francis Marion 8 September 1848 Ray Co. Mississippi
Chase, Dr. W. E. still living Missouri
Coon, Lewis L. 1831 Indiana
Crandell, Lewis B. 31 August 1835 Chemung Co. New York
Crow, William M. not given to Rippey in 1874
Crumley, William ca. 1840 Pennsylvania
Derry, John Jacob 22 March 1848 Athens Co. Ohio
Drackley, Wm. Edward 11 October 1872 LaSalle Co. Illinois
Drake, John L. not given to Rippey in 1903
Dugan, James 15 February 1844 Lough Co. Ireland
Edwards, David C. not given to Rippey from WI
Ellis, Daniel E. 1864 parents from Germany
Farley, Fred R. not given to Rippey in 1917
Feith, Michael 6 February 1858 Alsace-Lorraine
Fessler, David not given to Rippey in 1892
Sousse, Michael (see Feith) 6 February 1858 Alsace-Lorraine
Fisher, Oscar not given Saxony, Germany
Ford, Allen 3 February 1863 Tippacanoe Co. Indiana
Fouch, Simeon 1848 Highland Co. Ohio
Franklin, William A. 1 December 1808 North Carolina
Free, Francis 23 December 1846 Terra Haute, Indiana
Fry, George 29 September 1817 Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Galivan, Michael Sr. to USA 1856 Co. Claire, Ireland
Garen, Phillip 1812 Indiana
Garvin, John not given Ireland
Gilliland, Stephen W. 1809 Brown County, Ohio
Glidden, Egbert Charles 9 June 1851 New York
Gonder, Daniel Riley 5 January 1825 Licking County, Ohio
Grogan, John S. 1829 Virginia
Groves, John Abraham 2 May 1847 Tippecanoe, Ohio
Grow, Charles Leonard 9 June 1824 Montpelier, Vermont
Guede, Fred 12 February 1883 Lacon, Illinois
Gutherie, Michael to USA 1882 Ireland
Heater, Jacob 11 May 1808 Pickaway County, Ohio
Hiddleson, Chilton L. not given Wischester County, Penn.
Hiddleson, Edwin Miller 31 January 1808 Pennsylvania
Hiddleson, Joseph not given Morrison, Illinois
Holmes, Charles 7 April 1866 Germany
Hoover, John C. 7 May 1885 Warren County, Iowa
Hunt, Homer Orville 22 October 1861 not given
Hyg, Alexander William 13 October 1866 Sweden
Jackson, Stephen Decatur 12 February 1822 not given
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Joel to Greene Co. 1897 not given
John, David B. 23 May 1842 Tyler Co., West Virginia
Johnson, Saul Wallace 28 Apr 1846 Champaign County, Illinois
King, Humphrey to USA age 7 England
Kupfer, E. E. 18 July 1860 Leipzig, Germany
Ladlie, Andrew to USA young Iceland (Ireland?)
Ladlie, Mrs. Andrew 5 October 1833 Highland County, Ohio
Lee, Mr. & Mrs. William to Greene Co. 1854 Medina County, Ohio
Lidberknecht to Greene Co. 1882 Geneseo, Henry County, Ill.
Lofstedt, Andrew to Greene Co. 1872 Lofnas, Vermland, Sweden
Lofstedt, John to Iowa 1876 Vermland, Sweden
Lovejoy, Dr. James Collins 1819 Turnbridge, Vermont
Lysinger, Jerome 17 January 1847 Fairfield, Ohio
Martin, Dr. Worley G. 28 September 1876 Dana, Greene Co., Iowa
Martin, Sylvester S. 1 January 1851 Effingham Co., Illinois
Mattson, Henry V. 1876 Greene Co., Iowa
McClune, Hugh 1841 Ireland
McDowell, Dabo to Greene Co. 1856 Bourben Co., Kentucky
McElheney, H. A. 4 August 1853 Burnt Cabin, Michigan
McLain, A. L. died 1859 Old Rippey, Iowa
Mercer, Amosa H. (not given) Illinois
Meyers, Peter H. to Greene Co. 1855 Fredericksburg, Maryland
Miller, Andrew Jackson 7 August 1841 Carroll County, Ohio
Morain, John P. 18 April 1838 Piatt County, Illinois
Morris, W. A. to U. S. 1871 England
Morse, A. W. "Harvey" to Greene County 1928 Howard County, Iowa
Morse, James before 1776 Scotland
Muir, Alexander before 1868 Scotland
Munson, James before 1860 Sweden
Murphy, Cornelius D. 1839 Ireland
Nicholas, Earnest E. 1830 Germany
Nelson, Odes to Rippey 1920 Indiana
Norgren, Albert Johan 1883 Umeo, Sweden
Orman, Elijah to Rippey 1854 South Caroline
Osborn, Benjamin Franklin 17 July 1854 Westville, Indiana
Parr, James M. 20 January 1868 LaSalle County, Illinois
Patterson, William 15 October 1842 Tannerville, Pennsylvania
Peters, J. J. "Jake" ca. 1910 Wellsburg, Iowa
Petersen, Julius (not given Denmark
Radebaugh, Emanuel 11 November 1841 Fairfield County, Ohio
Rice, Will 16 September 1868 Dallas County, Iowa
Ridle, Joseph 7 July 1814 Meadville, Pennsylvania
Riley, Edward H. to Greene County 1869 Illinois
Rippey, Robert M. 17 August 1828 Rush County, Indiana
Rittgers, Daniel R. 26 April 1857 Polk County, Iowa
Rohrer, John Henry ca. 1838 Maryland
Root, Jacob to Rippey 1892 Polk County, Iowa
Senter, Luculis Allison 24 October 1857 Anamosa, Iowa
Shaw, E. A. to Rippey 1903 not given
Shipley, Dr. John Henry 19 November 1866 Mahaska County, Iowa
States, Charles D. 10 May 1861 LaSalle County, Illinois
States, George W. 17 April 1850 Fairfield County, Ohio
States, William H. 17 April 1850 Fairfield County, Ohio
Stephens, John 1750 Salesbury, England
Smith, Bartholomew 10 September 1841 Coshocton County, Ohio
Smith, Harry C. 13 February 1877 Waukee, Iowa
Stoufer, John W. 8 November 1841 Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Swartzendruver, John H. 13 May 1827 Maryland
Temple, Ray to Rippey 1933 Lehigh, Iowa
Terrill, Thomas Milton 1850 Wheeling, West Virginia
Thompson, Noah 17 August 1868 Grand Junction, Iowa
Thornburgh, Joel to Iowa 1853 Tennessee
Thorpe, Thos. C. 14 April 1857 Derbyshire, England
Todd, Chester 17 July 1866 (not given)
Turpen, George W. 26 December 1856 Owen County, Indiana
Turpen, Newton 10 June 1821 Richand, Virginia
Turpen, William 20 January 1844 Owen County, Indiana
Underwood, Joseph (not given) Nashville, Tennessee
Van Horn, Rensselaer 20 June 1839 Otsego County, New York
Van Scoy, John H. 29 February 1872 Warren County, Iowa
Wadding, William to Iowa ca. 1850 Terre Haute, Indiana
Weston, Albert to Rippey 1940 Audubon County, Iowa
White, Lemuel Collin 1827 Ontario, Canada
Wiant, George 2 December 1846 Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Wilson, George 1863 Liecestershire, England
Young, Orsamus Nelson ca. 1855 Warren County, Iowa
Zanotti, Andrew 1897 Italy
Harmon, Lafayette to Rippey 1887 Illinois
Bellows, W. E. to Rippey 1892 Illinois
Marquiss, Charles (not given) Illinois
Jackson, Jay Grant 29 October 1866 Washington Twp.
Hoshal, John L. (not given) Canada
Willey, Wm. to Rippey ca. 1880 (not given)
Montgomery, John (not given) (not given)
Mullen, Ed (not given) (not given)
Wagoner, George (not given) (not given)
Gibbons, Owen (not given) (not given)
Keeler, Sam (not given) (not given)
Mecum, Chas. B. to Rippey 1874 (not given)
Fleetwood, Chas. (not given) (not given)
Lowe, Jerry (not given) (not given)
Lowe, Wm. (not given) (not given)
Burk, LeRoy to Washington Twp. 1856 Illinois

Contributed by the Greene County Genealogical Society, July, 2018.

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