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Biographical and Historical Record
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Biographical Sketches

WILLIAM H. ADAMS b. 1832 Jackson Co OH, parents not given (Res. Grant twp.)
m. Elizabeth Rhoads (dau of Walter & Mary Rhoads)
Children- William W., John W., Lewis A., Warren, Mary A., Frances E., Minnie, Viana & Jemima
JACOB A. ADDY b. 17 April 1817 Coshocton Co OH, son of Robert Addy; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Mary A. Rodney 15 Nov 1836 (dau of John Rodney)
Children- Catherine m. William Sharp, Sarah A. d. age 18, Robert G. d. age 7, Elizabeth  Clark d. age 14 months
& adopted son William L. Fordyce (goes by name of Addy)
WILLIAM LAFAYETTE ADDY b. 23 April 1856 Linn Co IA, foster son of Jacob A. Addy, & son of Mary (Corbley) Fordyce; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Carrie Hughes 22 Aug 1878 (dau of Francis Hughes)
Children- Earl Fordyce and Frank Corbley
HENRY H. ADKINS b. 2 Nov 1846 Champaign Co IL, son of Lewis & Mary A. (Phillippe) Adkins; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Mary E. Hoover 18 July 1869 (dau of Samuel & Sarah Hoover)
Children- Charles W., Effie E., Mabel M., and three children dec'd
JOHN H. ALBERT b. 6 Dec 1848 Lancaster Co PA, son of Emanuel & Mary (Will) Albert; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Ursula Reynolds 15 Feb 1872 Cedar Co IA (b. 2 Dec 1854 PA, granddau of Daniel Whitman)
Children- John Franklin, Charles C., Maud M., Martha M., Isaac N., David O., and infant dau unnamed
WILLIAM ALLAN b. 22 Dec 1850 Aberdeenshire, Scot., son of William & Catherine (Walker) Allan; (Res. Grant twp.)
m. Lucinda Rorick  3 March 1875 Cedar Co IA (b. OH)
Children- Mary, Isabel R., George R., Gracie, and Edit
MRS. REBECCA A. ALLEN b. 20 Aug 1832 Oswego Co NY, dau of Amos Burrows (Res. Grand Junction)
m. John Allen 23 Jan 1850 (he is dec'd)
Children- Amelia J. m. G.B. Burk, Austin D. m. Mary Steberg, Charley Frank d. age 5, and three other  children dec'd
RENSSELAER ALLEN b. 7 June 1849 Cayuga Co NY, son of Jonathan & Sarah (Robinson) Allen;  (Res. Franklin twp.); Co. F, 164th New York Infantry - Civil War
m. Ada A. Townsmen 17 Oct 1866 (b. 24 Feb 1850 Allegany Co NY, dau of A. & Julia (Jones) Townsmen
Children- George A., Florence, and Mattie J.
ALFRED ALLISON b. Sept. 1829 Yorkshire, England, son of Job & Anna (Coates) Allison (Res. Cedar twp.)
m. Ann Arnett 22 Oct 1850 England (b. May 1827 Yorkshire, Eng., dau of Thomas & Hester Arnett)
Children- John W., Eliza A. m. G.R. Waters, & Mary J. m. William J. Bryant
JOHN G. ALLSTOTT b. Feb 1862 (1851?) Dubuque Co IA, son of Edward & Sarah (Smith) Allstott; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Malinda Coombs 28 Oct 1872 (b. 10 Sept 1854 Champaign Co IL)
Children- Jesse O., Charles E., Dora F., and Hattie
WARREN E. AMES b. 24 Sept 1828 Onondaga Co NY, son of John Ames (Res. Junction twp.)
m.(1)  Guitan Vine  1 Oct 1848
Children- George, Henry, Alva, Mary, Ella, Harriet- dec'd, and Minnie- dec'd
m. (2) Margaret Kannady 21 Sept 1870 (dau of John Kannady)
Children- Charles W. and John M.  One adopted son, Thomas Early
BEN F. ANDERSON b. Greene Co. IA, son of Preston Anderson (Res. Grant twp.)
m. Isadore Humphrey
Children- Robert L.
D. B. ANDERSON b. 24 Feb 1841 Knox Co OH, son of J.Y. & Mahala (Cain) Anderson; (Res. Kendrick twp.); Co. E, 39th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. (1) Eliza Miller  1 July 1858 (dau of Dr. J.P. Miller)  She d. 9 Jan 1879
Children- Alice, Sylvester, Freddie, Hattie, Myra, David  & four children dec'd
m. (2) Mrs. Anna Nesbit 13 April 1879 (widow of John Nesbit & mother of his five children-M.L., Etta L., Alice M., Alva U. and Anna B. Nesbit)
Children- Eliza Pearl, Myrtie E., and Levi Ross Anderson
DRURY P. ANDERSON b. 3 Sept 1847 Greene Co OH, son of William & Lydia Anderson (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Annie McCuen 17 Dec 1877 (dau of Nathan & Harriet McCuen)
Children- Lura, Edgar-d. in infancy, and Sadie
JOSEPH W. ANDERSON b. 14 Jan 1844 Fayette Co OH, son of William & Amarilla (Dinsmore) Anderson; (Res.  Grant twp.); Co. H, 10th Iowa Infantry- Civil War 
m. Nancy J. Cochran 15 March 1866 (b. 1848 Logan Co OH, dau of George & Phebe Ann Cochran)
Children- none listed
SYLVESTER B. ANDERSON b. 1846 OH, son of J.G. & J. (Cain) Anderson (Res. Jefferson)
m. Cornelia Price (dau of Owen Price)
Children- Mary W., Edith M., Josephine E., Lovina S., and Sylvester B.
GEORGE ANDREW b. Lincolnshire, Eng., son of George & Ann Andrew (Res. Bristol twp.
m. Catherine Hatter 4 March 1852 (b. Lincolnshire, Eng., d. 1867 Clayton Co IA)
Children- William, Catherine m. W.C. Stream, Abbie m. James Clifferton, Clayton, Ella m. Alfred  Flack, and Charles
JOHN D. ARCH b. 11 June 1822 Morris Co NJ, son of Thomas & Betsy Ann Arch; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Catherine Colwell 1843 NJ (dau of Joshua & Ann Colwell)
Children- George, William A., Ransom, Anna m. ___ Jaquies, Emma m. ___ Gouger, John, Eddie, Walter S.- dec'd, and Frank- dec'd
THOMAS J. ARMSTRONG b. 25 July 1838 Montgomery Co IN, son of Henry Armstrong; (Res. Surry, Washington twp.); (Photo available); Co. G, 11th Indiana Infantry- Civil War
m. Sarah Cole  22 Nov 1866 (b. VA, dau of Joshua Cole)
Children- one child burned to death age 4
GEORGE ATCHINSON b. 8 Nov 1838 Fulton Co IL, son of Jacob & Mary (Randall) Atchinson; (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Elizabeth A. Butler 1871
Children- Alonzo, John, Arthur, and George
VALENTINE S. BABB b. 9 July 1820 Greene Co. TN, son of William & Mercy (Brown) Babb; (Res. Grant twp.)
m. (1) Lydia Crumley in TN (d. 19 Feb 1857 Greene Co IA) 
Children- Emily m. Luke Turpen, Amanda Jane m. John Atkins, three 
children d. young
m. (2) Abigail Bennett 9 Aug 1857  (d. 13 Jan 1874 )
Children- Mary m. ___ Roberts, Oliver V., Amelia A., Alice M., Belle m. ___ Johnson, Walter, and one who d. in infancy
A. B. BARKER b. 18 Dec 1823 Oneida Co NY; (Res. Not given)
m. (1) E. A. Stantiel  1850 (b. NY)
Children- H.S.,  H.F., and Mattie E.
ISAAC M. BARNES b. 25 June 1841 Guernsey Co OH, son of Nathan & Mary Barnes; (Res. Highland twp.); Co. F, 83rd Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Laura Nowles 29 Sept 1870 (b. 9 Dec 1849 OH, dau of G.R. &
Emily Nowles)<br>
Children- Mary Tacy, Albert M., Mabel, Alice, Laura, Icyda, and Lester
WILLIAM C. BARTH b. 14 May 1853 Lewis Co NY, son of Andrew Barth (Res. Dana)
m. Phebe A. Ashmore 30 My 1880 (dau of Madison Ashmore of WI)
Children- none listed
CHARLES H. BASSETT b. 24 Dec 1824 New Bedford, MA,  d. 14 Nov 1885; (Res. was Grand Junction)
m. name not given
Children - eight who survived him
JACOB F. BEATY b. 12 Oct 1831 Preston Co W.Va, son of James  & ____ (Feather) Beaty; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Elizabeth Blick  Dec 1859 (dau of Joseph Blick)
Children- Marcellus E., Henry W., Huldah A., Elma E., and Margery A.
HENRY BEEBE b. 20 Nov 1840 Steuben Co NY, son of Alonzo & Elizabeth Beebe; (Res. Bristol twp.) Co. A, 36th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Mary Wright (b. 15 Aug 1850 Putnam Co IN, dau of Willis Wright)
Children- Orville, Willie- dec'd, Myria, Orson, and Hazen
ELI B. BERRIEN b. 12 May 1857 New York City, NY, son of Cornelius Berrien (Res. Angus)
m. Anna H. Halpine 7 Nov 1878 (dau of Matthew Halpine of LaSalle, IL)
Children- Nellie H., Orval B., Leonard B., and one child dec'd
J. E. BERRY b. 23 April 1846 Davis Co IA, son of James & Nancy (McConnell) Berry; (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Lucinda Breeding  9 March 1873 (dau of Alexander Breeding)
Children- William Guy, Thomas G.
JOHN BISH b. 31 May 1842 Highland Co OH, son of Jacob Bish; (Res. Rippey); Co. H, 10th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Hattie E. Clark 23 Nov 1865 (dau of George Clark)
Children- Zuie A., Charles d. age 8, and Nora B.
WILLIAM H. BISTLINE b. 23 June 1850 Perry Co PA, son of George & Elizabeth (Bird) Bistline; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Mary Barrick 16 Jan 1872 Ogle Co IL (dau of Jacob Barrick)
Children- Elizabeth E., Jennie B., Grace, Charles- dec'd, William, and Ethel
HENRY M. BLAKE b. 20 May 1839 Co. Clare, Ire., son of Henry & Margaret (Magner) Blake; (Res. Highland twp.) Co. A, 11th Wisconsin Infantry - Civil War
m. Margaret Murphy 24 Oct 1866 (b. 10 May 1844 Can.)
Children- Mary E., Annie T., Margaret, James H., Sarah B., Elizabeth, Lucy, John S., Alice, and George S.
DANIEL I. BLANSHAN b. 29 Nov 1850 Onondaga Co NY, son of Matthew & Sarah Blanshan (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Ella N. Mack  1 Jan 1880 (dau of Willard Mack) 
Children- Melvin, Sarah, Merton, and Laura
CHARLES BOFINK b. (not given) (Res. Jefferson)
m. Eliza E. Northway  (b. NY)
Children- none given
LOREN W. BOGGS b. 12 Jan 1830 Franklin Co. OH, son of Moses M. & Sarah (Skinner) Boggs; (Res. Bristol twp.) Co. G, 24th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Jane W. Morris April 1854 (b. NY,  d. 25 Dec 1883 age 69)
Children- Henry M., others dec'd
BENJAMIN BOLIN b. 25 Nov 1839 Owen Co IN, son of Benajah Bolin; (Res. Junction twp.) Co. H, 14th Indiana Infantry - Civil War
m. Mrs. Rilla Hagood 14 Oct 1878 (dau of Jesse Harden)
Step-children- Charles E. Hagood
JOHN P. BONTZ b. 25 June 1837 Bavaria, Ger., son of Jacob & Eva Bontz (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. Anna Shaw  Feb 1875 (b. June 1856 IL, dau of Joseph & Harriet Shaw)
Children- Viola, Fred, and Joseph
JOHN BOYDEN b. 6 Sept 1828 Jefferson Co NY, son of Samuel Boyden; (Res. Grand Junction); unmarried
JAMES F. M. BRADLEY b. 18 April 1834 Howard Co MO, son of Thomas Bradley; (Res. Rippey) Missouri State Militia- Civil War
m. Juda A. Burnett  1 Dec 1853 (dau of Isaac Burnett)
Children- Elizabeth M., Melvin B., William G., Joseph L., Benjamin F., Maude, and two children dec'd
FRANK BRADSHAW b. 3 May 1841 Brooke Co WV, son of John & Rebecca J. (Dodd) Bradshaw; (Res. Paton twp.) Co. D, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery - Civil War
m. Aner E. Smith 21 Feb 1867 (dau of Fred & Almira Smith)
Children- Fannie M., Frank W., Ida A., Emma M., Mary M., Charles W. & Cassie C. (twins), John A., and one child dec'd
PETER B. BREINER b. 3 May 1819 NJ, son of Martin & Margarette (Port) Breiner; (Res. Highland twp.)
m. (1) Mima Smith  1 Jan 1842 (b. PA, dau of William & Sarah (Farven) Smith. She d. 1861)
Children- John, William S., Sarah, and Stewart
m. (2) Mrs. E.A. Snyder 2 Feb 1876 Philadelphia, PA (b. 29 Sept 1825 Centerville, DE, dau of Perry & Rachel Carr
Children- Eleanor, Jacob S., and Andrew Jackson
HENRY BUCHER b. 16 Sept 1841 Lancaster Co PA, son of Martin &amp; Mary Bucher; (Res. Bristol twp.) Co. A, 16th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Lena Herbst Sept 1870 (b. 1850 Cedar Co IA, dau of Henry Herbst)
Children- Minnie, Edward, Ebby, Bertie, and dec'd children Willie, Georgie, Amelia & unnamed infant
EDWARD S. BUCHMILLER b. 10 Jan 1853 Henry Co IL, son of John D. & Frances Buchmiller; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Valeria M. Young 1873 Henry Co IL (dau of Felix W. & Catherine (Briton) Young)
Children- Odelia M., John E., Richard M., Ethel R., and Roxy B.
ARCHIBALD BURK b. 23 April 1840 Otsego Co NY, son of Amos S. Burk; (Res. Washington twp.); Co. H, 10th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Martha Heater 21 May 1865 (dau of Jacob Heater)
Children- Jennie A., James A., George E., and Nellie A.
JOSHUA BURK b. 31 March 1833 Oswego Co NY, son of Amos Burk; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Amanda C. Hall  1856  (b. VA, dau of John Hall)
Children- Viola E m. Tupper Kirby, Catherine m. Frank Taylor, Banyer m. Emma John, John, Amos m. Cora White, Nicholas P., Hannah, Eliza, Lilian, Andrew J. & Isaac J.
LEROY BURK b. 22 Feb 1855 McDonough Co. IL, son of Amos S. & Catharine (Allen) Burk; (Res. Washington twp.) unmarried
JAMES BURKE b. 10 Oct 1834 Ireland, son of Miles & Ellen Burke; (Res. Kendrick twp.) 1st Wisconsin Battery Light Artillery - Civil War
m. Sarah Eason 23 March 1871 (b. Wayne Co OH, dau of Alexander & Mary Eason)
Children- Ada May
C. K. BURKHOLDER b. 26 July 1833 Adams Co PA, son of Samuel L. & Anna (Knopp) Burkholder; (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Anna Lizzie Mohler Jan 1866 (b. 12 April 1840, dau of John & Maria (Hurst) Mohler)
Children- Anna M. m. David M. Austin, Emma Clara d. age 7
ABRAM CAIN b. 30 May 1840 Isle of Man, son of John & Jane (Eads) Cain (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Ellen J.K. Kermode 10 Oct 1869  (b. Isle of Man, dau of Jehu & Ellen (Cubbon) Kermode)
Children- Ella Jane, William Ed, Emma & Harry K.(Charles E., Ben F. & Arthur G. are deceased)
EDWARD CAIN b. 4 Sept 1842 Isle of Man, son of John & Jane (Eads) Cain (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Jane Gaunt  4 March 1868  (dau of David & Ann (Charlesworth) Gaunt of England)
Children- Anna Jane, Ada M., Oscar E., Charles W. and Alice E.
ROBERT CAIN b. 18 April 1844 Isle of Man, son of John & Jane (Eads) Cain (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Lottie Redgrave 31 Jan 1867 (b. 4 Dec 1843 Essex Co Eng., dau of Reuben & Mary (Reeve) Redgrave
Children- Robert Ernest, Herbert R.J., Frank George, Alfred R. & Chester G.
A. H. CAREY b. 1846 Dearborn Co IN, son of A.H. Carey (Res. Scranton)
m. Fannie Corbett Jones Co IA (b. PA)
Children- Leon L., Charles J., Edith M., and Valentine
EDWIN O. CARLTON b. 24 July 1838 Windsor Co VT, son of Joseph & Lettie (Parker) Carlton; (Res. Grand Junction);
Co. C, 16th Vermont Infantry - Civil War
m. Lura J. McIntyre  Oct 1863 (dau of Leonard McIntyre)
Children- Eddie and Clarence
E. H. CARTER b.  1852 VT, son of  Abel  & Lucy D. (Clemons) Carter (Res. Jefferson)
m. Amelia Ladd 1875 (dau of Wesley Ladd)
Children- Marie
REV. JOHN C. CARTER b. 25 March 1849 Clinton Co IL, son of Wiley L. Carter; (Res. Grand Junction); Baptist minister
m. Lizzie Marshall 11 May 1876 (dau of Thomas Marshall)
Children- Grace T., Alva G., Gilman K., Ray, and one child dec'd
F. D. CASS b. 6 Dec 1832 IL, son of James & Ann Cass - physician & surgeon; (Res. Churdan)
       m. Sarah G. Landis 1858  (dau of P.K. &amp; Eliza P. Landis)
Children- Edward K.
HORACE L. CHILDS b.11 Dec 1826 VT, son of Lyman Childs (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Samantha Gilliland  Aug 1854 (dau of Willis Gilliland)
Children- Frank, Elmer, Emma, Lillie, Fred, and three children dec'd
ZALA A. CHURCH b. 28 May 1852 Green Co. WI (Res. Jefferson)
m. May McCully  4 May 1881 Greene Co IA (dau of D.B. McCully)
Children-  Iza L. (dau)
JOSEPH CHURDAN Sr. b. 25 April 1824 Cumberland Co England, son of John & Ann Churdan; (Res. Highland twp.)
m. Eliza Kennedy 13 Feb 1851 (b. England)
Children- Joseph Jr., Anna m. ___ Fouts, John, Jennie Eliza m. ___ Wilson,
Rosa Ellen m. ___ Robinson, Alfred Addison, and Robert Amos- d. 1856
EDMOND C. CLARK b. 17 June 1841 Broome Co NY, son of Jesse Clark; (Res.  Grand Junction); (Co. E, 32nd NY Inf.-Civil War)
m. Mary J. Bown 2 Jan 1864  (dau of William Bown)
Children- Gail B.
CHARLES L. CLEVELAND b. 23 Feb 1842 Chautauqua Co NY, son of Nathan & Emeline (Raveline) Cleveland
       (Res. Jackson twp.) Co. B, 124th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Wealthy A. Allen 2 Jan 1866 Kane Co IL (b. 25 Oct 1841 OH, dau of Levi Allen)
Children- Alta, Nellie, and Arthur
WILLIAM CLIPPERTON b. 15 Sept 1819 Eng., son of Austin & Annie Clipperton (Res. Highland twp.)
m. Jane Taylor (b. Sept 1830 Ire., dau of John & Mary Taylor)
Children- Eliza A., Margaret J.- dec'd, John, Neoma, Hannah, William, Margaret J., Mary, Thomas, Frank, and Henry
ISAAC CLOPTON b. 15 May 1829 Cass Co IL, son of David & Lavinia Clopton (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Nancy Ann Salmon 29 Nov 1850 Harrison Co MO (b. 22 March 1829 Hardin Co OH, dau of William & Mary Salmon)
Children- Clara-d. age 9 mo., Robert, David A., William d. age 21, Mary J. m. __ Millett,
Cynthia A. m. ___ Vader, Martha E. m. ___ Lyon, Sabra m. ___ Tyrall, Minnie m. ___ Stevens, Isaac, Marthall and Edmond D.
JOSEPH COCHRAN b. 20 Oct 1823 Ross Co OH, son of Hugh &amp; Jane (Myers) Cochran (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Margaret Camelin 5 March 1846 (b. Ross Co OH)
Children- Elizabeth Jane m. ___ Stephenson, Hugh Allen, Lafayette, Charles, Rhoda Ann m. ___ Powers &amp; d. 1877, two children d. in infancy
DAVID CONANT b. 6 April 1839 Lamoille Co VT, son of James A. & Louisa (Carter) Conant; (Res. Bristol twp.) Co. G, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry- Civil War
m. Alice M. Wilson  (dau of William &amp; Almira Wilson)
Children- Charles A., Almira L., Samuel E., Matthew A., Sarah May, Olive Myrtle and Kate B.
ROBERT CONNELL b.. 24 Sept 1834 Northumberland Co Eng., son of John Connell; (Res. Surry, Washington twp.)
m. Mary Black 3 Aug 1861 (dau of James Black)
Children- Elizabeth m. Charles Dorr, and Sarah
JOSEPH COOMBS b. 20 March 1820 Clark Co IN, son of Joseph & Rachel Coombs; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. (1) Delilah Wright (d. Sept 1847)
Children- Emily J. m. ___ Gray, William M., Netty m. ___ Tyler, and Martha m. ___ Flicks (Fleck)-d. Greene Co IA
m. (2) Amanda Wright 1849 IN (b. 16 Jan 1827 Putnam Co IN, dau of Isham Wright & cousin of his first wife, Delilah)
Children- Delilah d. age 7, David H., Malinda m. ___ Allstott, Joseph A. d. young,
Sarah Frances-dec'd,  Oliver H.-dec'd, Willis S.-dec'd, Clinton W., and George R.
FREEDOM P. COOPER b. 14 June 1847 Niagara, Can., son of Freedom Cooper; (Res. Rippey)
m. Margaret Ramsey 8 Jan 1875 (dau of John Ramsey of Boone Co IA)
Children- Charles, Martha, and two children dec'd
JOHN COPELAND b. 6 July 1832 Upper Canada, son of James Copeland (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Myrtilla Bridgeford 8 April 1858 (dau of Joshua Bridgeford)
Children- John E., Emory C., Anna M., and Guy d. age 6
SYDNEY J. COUNCILMAN b. 18 July 1838 Broome Co NY, son of Frederick Councilman; (Res. Grant twp.)
m. Angeline Winchell of Dubuque Co IA
Children- six children, one son and five daughters
JOHN T. COWAN b. 22 May 1842 Westmoreland Co PA, son of Alex T. Cowan; (Res. Paton); Co. K, 11th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Carrie Dodd 14 May 1868 (dau of Rev. Luther Dodd)
Children- L. Myrtle, Herbert A., Elmer, and Donald
JAMES CRABB b. 12 May 1823 Pickaway Co OH, son of John Crabb; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Phebe Adkins Nov 1841 (dau of Lewis Adkins)
Children- James A., William H., Jemima, Ellen, Grant, Jeannette, Phillip, and five children dec'd
LEWIS B. CRANDALL b. 31 Aug 1835 Chemung Co NY, son of Archibald & Betsey A. (Strait) Crandall; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Alena A. Boyer 18 March 1861 NY (dau of Thomas & Sarah (Griffith) Boyer)
Children-  James K., Lewis B., Mabel L., Nettie E., George W., & five children dec'd
WILLIAM M. CROW b. 20 Feb 1844 Warren Co IN, son of John & Medina (Mace) Crow (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Mary E. Jenks  1 Sept 1874 (dau of William C. Jenks)
Children- R. Ernest, Arthur M., and Hazel
WILLIAM G. CROWDER b. 18 Nov 1841 Can., son of Paul Crowder; (Res. Paton twp.)
m. Eliza C. Otto 10 Jan 1860 (b. Can., dau of Peter Otto)
Children- Frank W., George W., Sherman A. & Sheridan H. (twins), Louisa A., Fannie M., Ralph D., and Ross F. d. age 3
JOHN M. CULLY b. 20 Oct 1830 Huron Co OH, son of M. D. Cully; (Res. Jefferson)
m. (1) Sarah Ann Hamilton June 1852 Lancaster, NY
Children- Charley &amp; Will D.
m. (2) Hattie E. Beers  1 April 1864 (dau of Jesse Beers)
Children- four, all of whom died young
PROF. JOHN F. CURRAN b. 9 Sept 1841 Dublin, Ire., son of Timothy Curran; (Res. Angus) principal of the Angus schools
m. Jennie Cook 2 Aug 1867 (b. Fayette City, PA, dau of George B. Cook)
Children- Walter W. and J. Tyndall
JOHN DAVENPORT b. 13 June 1816 Tompkins Co NY, son of Aaron W. & Eleanor (King) Davenport; (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. (1) Lucretia Valentine in MI (b. NY, d. 1852)
Children- William H., Eleanor J. M. J.J. Haight, and three children dec'd
m. (2) Elizabeth Valentine 1854 (sister of Lucretia.  Elizabeth d. 1863)
Children- none listed
m. (3) Mrs. Phebe Ann Haight 1866 Greene Co IA (d. 16 Nov 1884 
Portland, OR)
Children- James R., Ettie, Emma, and Luella
Step-children- J.J. Haight who d. 1886 in TX
J. H. DAWSON b. near Wheeling, W. VA, (Res. Dawson twp.); Civil War- Co. not listed; wife not named (d. Jan 1882)
Children- none listed
GEORGE W. DAY b. 1844 Troy, NY, son of Joseph &amp; Eliza Day;(Res. Jefferson); Co. I, 12th Wisconsin Infantry- Civil War
m. Addie J. Wilson in Wisconsin (dau of William Wilson)
Children- Willie C., Nellie E., Rufus A., and Archie L.
JOHN J. DERRY b. 22 March 1848 Athens Co OH, son of John R. Derry; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Hannah A. Brown 7 May 1874 (b. 30 Nov 1856 Greene Co. IA, dau of Isaac H. Brown)
Children- Nelly M., Rena B., and Charles W.
HENRY W. DICKINSON b.Tompkins Co NY; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Anna Kilts  in Butler Co IA (dau of Christopher Kilts)
WILLIAM DICKINSON b. 7 June 1820 Muskingum Co OH, son of Eli & Edith (Gitbert) Dickinson (Res. Highland twp.)
m. Elizabeth Wine 28 April 1848 (b. 1822 VA, dau of John & Elizabeth (Vincil) Wine)
Children- Solomon S., Ellen V., Anna Laura m. Edward Wine, Harvey C. d. age 2, Caroline E. d. age 2, Howard D. d. age 26, leaving a wife & one child
GEORGE C. DILLAVOU b. 29 Aug 1850 Randolph Co IN, son of James Dillavou (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Lotta Chase 13 March 1879 (b. Canada, dau of Rev. John W. & Susan (Crawford) Chase)
Children- Mahlon J., Statten G., Ross L (d. age two), & Maud 
JAMES DILLAVOU b. 15 May 1825 Greene Co IA, son of John & Rebecca (Roberts) Dillavou (Res.  Kendrick twp.)
m. (1)  Margaret Coon  21 May 1848 (dau of John &Mary Coon)
Children- George, Elza, Rebecca, John, Mary, baby, & two deceased children
m. (2) Mrs. Nancy Morelan  14 Oct 1866 (b. Putnam Co IN, dau of William & Susan Beck); (widow of Jackson Morelan &amp; mother of 3 children- Evan, William & Jackson)
Children- Martha, Samuel, Henry, Ira, Amos, Anice, Stacy & Margaret (deceased) 
JOHN DINAN b. 1840 County Limerick, Ire., son of Thomas & Kate Dinan (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. Letitia Lynch at New Haven, CN (b. Co. Derry, Ireland)
Children- Thomas, John, Albert, Robert d. age 4
CHARLES M. DODGE b. Nov 1848 Lamoille Co VT, son of Charles Dodge (Res. Jefferson & Jackson twp.)
m. Ada A. Heward (dau of Charles Heward)
Children- Nina E. and Clara B.
WILLIAM DUNTERMAN b. 15 Nov 1849 Cook Co IL, son of  C. & M. (Erlman) Dunterman; (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Minnie Nurnberg (dau of Charles Nurnberg)
Children- Herman F., Henry W., Ida L. and Aleena L.
HENRY A. DWINNELL b. 1820 Worcester Co MA, son of Solomon Dwinnell; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Theda Humphrey in Lodi, WI (b. NY, dau of Jeffrey & Harriet Humphrey)
Children- none listed
G. G. EAGLESON b.1839 Harrison Co OH   Co. C, 126th Ohio Infantry- Civil War; (Res.  Not given- sheriff of Greene Co.)
m. Mary Jane Taggart in Ohio
Children- Nettie, Belle &amp; Clyde
ROBERT EASON b. 1838 Wooster, Wayne Co OH (Res. Scranton with farm in Jackson twp.); Co. B, 14th Iowa Infantry, 41st Iowa Infantry, 7th Iowa Cavalry, Qtmaster of 122nd Colored Infantry
m. Ellen Burke Johnson Co IA
Children- Frank A., Willis M. and Martha
CHRISTOPHER J. EDINBOROUGH b. 22 Sept 1839 London, Eng., son of Christopher Edinborough; (Res. Grand Junction); Co. C, 67th New York Infantry - Civil War
m. Carrie Lounsberry 4 April 1866
Children- Arthur W., Jessie M., Grant S., and one child dec'd
DANIEL EDWARDS b. 8 May 1829 Armstrong Co PA, son of Daniel & Mary Edwards; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Nancy Jane Tubbs 23 July 1855 Mercer Co PA (b. 29 July 1838 NY)
Children- Mary Ann m. ___ Mitchell, Timothy D., H. Orrisavilla, Etta May, Frederick, Eva, Flora, Jennie, Lulu, Eda, and Nellie d. age 5
SAMUEL ELLISON b. 4 April 1830 Sussex Co NJ, son of George Ellison (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Sarah E. Holmes 12 Feb 1865 (dau of John Holmes of Montgomery 
Co IA)
Children- Estella R., John M., Mary, Abigail B., and Elizabeth
WILLIAM A. ELMORE b. 11 Nov 1840 Union Co IN, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Beard) 
Elmore; (Res. Dawson twp.)
m. Kesiah Grifford 11 April 1863 (b. 14 Jan 1846 Preble Co OH, dau of Andrew & Sarah (Edgerton)Grifford)
Children- Minnie J. m. Isaac Benford, Edgar G. m. Mary Edgerton, Elvin C., Charlie B., Sarah E., and Anna P.
DANIEL EMBREE b. 14 Oct 1839 Vermillion Co IL, son of Joseph Embree; (Res. Grand Junction); Co. G, 15th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Aggie J. Johnston 6 Aug 1868
Children- Bertha
CHARLES ENFIELD (physician) (Res. Jefferson) First New York Volunteers - Civil War
m. Josephine Eldon-Children- none listed
CHARLES A. ENGLISH b. 1 Aug 1836 Clarion Co PA, son of Robert & Esther (Henry) English (Res. Highland twp.)
m. Mary A. Williams 27 Aug 1863 Clinton Co IA; (b. 1 May 1841 St. Charles, MO, dau of Thomas &amp; Elizabeth Williams)
Children- Edward N., Lulu T., Sarah G., Thomas M., Bruce H., Clyde A., and Elizabeth
J. R. ENGLISH b. 23 Aug 1826 PA, son of Robert & Hester English (Res. Churdan)
m. Jennie Ross 15 Nov 1849 (dau of Stewart & Jane Ross of Jackson Co PA)
Children- Esther m. ___ Smith, R.W., Alice m. ___ VanDusen, Mrs. C.A. French, Anna m. ___ Carr, Ida m. ___ Souder, Newton d. age 2
FRANK M. FERGUSON b. 8 Sept 1839 Kendall Co IL, son of Elijah & Lucinda (Sutton) Ferguson; (Res. Paton twp.)
m. Mary F. Weeks 1 Sept 1861 (dau of Gilbert Weeks) 
Children- Charles D., Edwin J., Frank L., Minnie M., James A., Myrtle A. and two dec'd
W. M. FERGUSON b. 29 July 1857 Harrison Co OH, son of Benjamin M. & Cynthia (Haskins) Ferguson; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Anna King 14 May 1884
Children- none listed
ZEBULON FERRIN b. 10 May 1829 Livingston Co NY, son of Zebulon & Lucy Belle (Wilson) Ferrin; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Martha Boydan 29 Dec 1864 Chicago, IL (b. 11 Aug 1838 NH, dau 
of Frederick & Vesta (Remmick) Boydan
Children- Viria Belle d. age two, Charles Z. d. age one, & Wilbur R. d. age five months
ALBERT H. FEY b. 23 Sept 1842 Schuylkill Co PA, son of William & Esther Fey; (Co. B, 105th IL Inf.-Civil War); (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. Violet Dreher (b. 27 Nov 1847 Schuylkill Co PA, dau of Israel & Hannah Dreher)
Children- Willard S., Elmer E., Mabel E., Oscar I., Blanche A. & Albert D.
JAMES W. FITZ b.. 1841 Muskingum Co OH; (Res. Bristol twp. & Jefferson); Co. A, 13th Iowa Infantry- Civil War
m. Ann E. LeGore 1866  (b. IN)
Children- Leone L., Ella J., Minnie B. and Irma
J. J. FITZPATRICK b. March 1841 Ire., son of Miles & Julia Fitzpatrick; ( Res. Cedar twp.)
m. Kate Ragan 3 Jan 1872 (dau of Michael & Margaret Ragan)
Children- Joseph, Charles-dec'd, Mary, John-dec'd,  and Lucy
P.M. FITZPATRICK b. 10 March 1844 Ireland, son of Miles & Julia Fitz Patrick; (Res. Cedar twp.)
m. Josephine Rhoads 9 Jan 1870 (b. OH, dau of Samuel Rhoads)
Children- Mattie, Nellie, Mary & Miles (twins), Charles, and Carl
GEORGE W. FLECK b. 1 Dec 1820 Franklin Co PA, son of Peter & Anna (Eberly) Fleck; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m.(1) Elizabeth Hedrick 1840 Richland Co OH (d. 24 June 1860)
Children- John, William, Cordova, Peter, Frank, Samuel-dec'd, and Annetta-dec'd
m. (2) Lenora Eamy  1863 (b. VT)
Children- George and Mary Ellen
EDWARD P. FORBES b. 5 July 1836 Lime, NH, son of Cyrus P. Forbes; (Res. Paton twp.) He d. 17 Feb 1879
m. Eleanor J. French  2 Dec 1868 (dau of Ebenezer P. French)
Children- Calvin J., Eugene L., and Bruce R.
JOHN M. FORBES b.. 5 April 1826 Camden Co NC, son of William & Catherine (Mandeville) Forbes; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Elizabeth Bell in NC (b. 1 Aug 1833 Camden Co NC)
Children- Rufus, Mary C., William, and Samuel
JAMES R. FORBES b. 12 April 1840 Chester Co PA, son of John & Anna (Robinson) Forbes; (Res. Hardin twp.); Construction Corps following Gen. Sherman- Civil War
m. Catherine Wilkinson  Jan 1866 (b. 14 Feb 1839, dau of Anthony & Anna Wilkinson of PA)
Children- Anna E.d. age 2 months, Lewis W., Edith R., and Charles A.
ISAAC W. FORD b. 27 Oct 1838 St. Lawrence Co NY, son of Rollin & Almira (Hogans) Ford; (Res. Junction twp.); Co. I, 2nd Iowa Cavalry - Civil War
m. Mary Reese 22 Sept 1861 (dau of Conrad Reese)
Children- Charles O. and Carrie E.
EDWARD W. FOY b. 1845 Co. Galway, Ire. (Res. Jefferson)
m. Addie Young (dau of Jacob Young)
Children- Nettie
FRANCIS M. FRANKLIN b. 1846 Muscatine, IA, son of William & Margaret (Brown) Franklin; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Anise Scott (dau of Samuel & Elizabeth Scott)
Children- William I., Vincent V., Eddie W. d. in infancy
WILLIAM A. FRANKLIN b. 1 Dec 1808 NC, son of John E. & Marian (Ashburn) Franklin; (Res.-not given)
m. Margaret Brown  (b. May 1811 TN, dau of William L. & Clara (Williams) Brown
Children- none listed
WILLIAM L. FRANKLIN b. 1 March 1839 Owen Co IN, son of William A. & Margaret (Brown) Franklin; (Res. Franklin twp.); Co. E, 39th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Consignee T. Roberts (b. 20 Feb 1852 KY, dau of George & Nancy Roberts)
Children- Lillie E., George W., and Halsie A.
FRANCIS A. FREE b. 20 Dec 1845 Parke Co IN, son of Samuel Free; (Res. Washington twp.); Co. I, 92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry- Civil War
 m. Margery A. McIntyre 23 Dec 1872
Children- Francis A., Hugh S., Samuel P., Alice L., Mary C., and Grace
SAMUEL FREE b. 9 June 1815 Pickaway Co OH, son of Adam & Sarah (Moorhead) Free; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Catherine Saxton 21 July 1836 (dau of George Saxton)
Children- Francis A., Samuel Q., John T., and seven children dec'd
S. QUINN  FREE b. 9 Nov 1847 Carroll Co IL, son of Samuel Free (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Elizabeth J. Gilliland 10 Sept 1871 (dau of Stephen W. Gilliland)
Children- Myron E., Katie R., Edna M., Blanche E., and James W.
EUGENIO K. FRENCH b. 3 Oct 1847 Onondaga Co NY, & d. 12 May 1884; (Res. Junction twp.) Co. F, 9th Illinois Cavalry - Civil War
m. (1) Austis M. Bradt 29 Dec 1870  (d. 10 Dec 1876)
Children- Ora V. and Albert J.
m. (2) Janette Havenhill 9 Jan 1879 (dau of Oliver Havenhill of LaSalle Co IL)
Children- Roscoe E., Oliver H., and Eugenio K.
EDWARD P. FRENCH b. 9 Sept 1838 Onondaga Co NY, son of E. V. P. Franch; (Res. Paton twp.)
m. Eleanor K. McFaarlane 26 June 1861 (b. Trumbull Co OH)
Children- Eugenio, Hettie, Clark, Mary, & one child deceased
GEORGE Y. FRENCH b. 23 April 1833 Livingston Co NY, son of Harley & Mary (Hall) French; (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Christina Sjoberg May 1864 (b. 24 Oct 1841 Swe., dau of Andes & Anna Sjoberg)
Children- Fred, Mamie, Ella, Jessie, and Etta
LEO FREUND b. 1846 Ger., came to U.S. 1863; (Res. Jefferson)
ISAAC WILLIAM  FRYMIER b. 6 Nov 1851 Cumberland Co PA, son of Isaac Frymier; (Res. Rippey)
m. Christina McIntyre 26 May 1875 (dau of Hugh McIntyre)
Children- Harry E. and Catherine
JOHN N. GALLUP b. 1 Sept 1829 Kent Co. RI, son of Nelson & Betsy (Farmer) Gallup; (Res. Hardin twp.); Co. E, 31st Illinois Infantry- Civil War
m. Happy K. Church 1849  (b. 23 April 1829 Griswell, CN)
Children- Francis Ebrel-dec'd, Edgar E., Hattie E.-dec'd, Josephus F., George H., Horace W. & John S. (twins, both dec'd)
J. B. GARLAND b. 25 Nov 1840 Boone Co KY, son of Ebenezer & Eliza (Hoshall) Garland (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Emma Hawkins  28 March 1860 (b. Mercer Co PA, dau of  John B. 
& Hetty (Smith) Hawkins)
Children - none listed
WARREN R. GARRETT b. 8 Sept 1852 Ulster Co NY, son of Marvin Garrett (Res. Paton)
m. Inez C. Griffin 14 Feb 1875 (dau of Asa Griffin of Grant Park, IL)
Children- Mabel and Ethel
E.W. GAYLORD Supt. of Standard Coal Works at Angus; (Res. Minneapolis, MN); no other information
ROBERT GIBSON b. 15 July 1835 Leicestershire, Eng., son of John Gibson; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. name not given  1 Sept 1866
Children- none listed
ARCHIBALD H. GILLILAND b. 5 Oct 1854 Boone Co IA, son of Archibald Gilliland (Res. Paton)
m. Martha E. Brown 11 April 1877 (dau of Thomas Brown)<br>
Children- Thomas W., Rosa May, Mary  B., Oliver G., & Charles H.
GEORGE M. GILLILAND b. 14 Sept 1859 Boone Co IA, son of Archibald & Mary (Henderson) Gilliland; (Res. Paton)
       Never married
GEORGE W. GILROY b. 2 Nov 1842 Clarke Co OH, son of James & Anna (Crawford) Gilroy; (Co. H, 10th Iowa Inf.- Civil War); (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Nancy A. Tucker 10 Nov 1867 Greene Co IA (b. 15 Sept 1832 
Boone Co IN, dau of Inskip & Dicey Tucker)
Children- Victor W., Ada A., & Floy W.
CALVIN GOODRICH b. 18 Oct 1817 Montgomery Co NY, son of Ebenezer & Elizabeth Goodrich; (Res. Scranton twp.) 
m. Grace E. Chapman 8 Sept 1872 Barry Co MI (dau of Ruluff Chapman)
Children- Floyd C., Zaidie V., Orlow L., Verdie H., Harris V., & Ivan P.
WASHINGTON GOODRICH b. 16 April 1838 Allegany Co NY, son of Ebenezer &amp; Elizabeth (Renry) Goodrich; (Res. Scranton twp.); Co. H, 13th Illinois Cavalry
m. Sarah Hedges 14 June 1864 Kendall Co IL (b. 29 June 1843 Orange, VT), dau of Erastus &amp; Sarah M. (Noble) Hedges
Children- Francis, and Nellie
ROBERT GOODWIN b. 23 Feb 1847 near Lith, Scot., son of Robert Goodwin; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Margaret Maxwell 25 Dec 1868 (b. Scot., dau of Thomas Maxwell)
Children- Thomas, Robert, William J., Daniel, Mary, Maggie, and Katie
HARVEY W. GRAHAM b. 19 Dec 1840 Athens Co OH, son of  William & Elizabeth (Camp) Graham; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Isabel VanBuskirk 21 May 1861 Adams Co IN
Children- Wilbert D., Annie, Elizabeth O. d. age 3, Lora B., Ella F., and Bertha E. 
A. J. GRAY b. 4 April 1828 Cuyahoga Co OH, son of William &amp; Clarissa (Porter) Gray (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Emily (Coombs) Lewis 19 Aug 1864 (dau of Joseph & Delilah (Wright) Coombs)
Children- Clarissa, Curtis E., Sarussa- dec'd, Joseph, Sanford, Albert, and Emma
JOHN GRAY b. 24  Dec 1833 Tioga Co PA, son of Lester W. & Diantha P. Gray; (Res. Jefferson); Co. K, 45th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Lucretia A. Smith in IL (b. Peoria Co IL)
Children- Ward, Wade, Percy, Lester d. age 20, Frank- dec'd, and  (1st) Percy- dec'd
WILLIAM R. GREENE b. 19 Dec 1832 Co. Down, Ire., son of Robert & Mary (Tweedie) Greene; (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Mary Elliott Dec 1850 (b. Ire., dau of Thomas & Margaret (Hill) Elliott)
Children- Robert, George G., Maggie, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Samuel E., William H. and Rose Alice
JOHN C. GREIF b. 5 Dec 1862 Hesse, Prussia, son of George Greif (Res. Dana) - no wife or children listed
WILLIAM R. GROVES b. 30 Sept 1845 England, son of Samuel & Rebecca Groves (Res. Highland twp.)
m. Marion Towers 29 May 1876 (b. 29 June 1861 WI, dau of James & Margaret Towers)
Children- Ransom W., Daisy R., Maggie May, and Susan D.
JOHN P. GULICK b. 18 Sept 1810 Northumberland Co PA, son of Abram Gulick; (Res. Grand Junction); Photo available; 16th NY Infantry- Civil War
m. Mary D. Kownover 29 Oct 1844 (b. Northumberland Co PA, dau of 
Richard L. Kownover)
Children- William B., Emma J., Charley M., Kate, Margaret M., Addie L., & two dec'd. Adopted child- Maude
D.B. HAIGHT b. 8 Dec 1831 Lenawee Co MI, son of Benjamin & Alma (Beech) 
Haight; (Res. Kendrick twp.);
m. Harriet A. Wood 11 April 1855 (b. NY, dau of Harry & Ann (Cure) Wood)
Children- Cynthia May m. ___ Hicks, W.N., and Adelbert M.
DR. JOHN B. HALL b. 13 March 1848 Rockingham Co VA, son of John Hall; (Res. Washington twp.); veterinary surgeon
m. Minerva A. Smith 28 Nov 1869 (dau of Thomas J. Smith)
Children- Ada A., Ida I., John T.W., Charles M., Frank, and Winnifred M.
PROF. HARRISON M. HAM b. 19 April 1845 Somerset Co ME (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Mary Merwin April 1869 (b. 4 Oct 1850 Columbia Co NY, dau of Asher & Elizabeth (Ham) Merwin
Children- Llewellyn, Ida May, and Mahlon K.
KINGMAN HAM b. 27 Aug 1812 Somerset Co ME, son of Daniel & Hannah (Starbird) Ham (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Elizabeth Magoon 30 April 1840 (b. 1 Feb 1817 ME, dau of  
Benjamin & Charlotte (Batty) Magoon) 
Children- Edwin, Harrison, and Caroline
GEORGE HANKS b.  18 Oct 1831 Yorkshire, Eng., son of George & Jane Hanks; (Res. Scranton twp.) 20th Infantry, English Army
m. Catharine Kane 20 July 1852 Montreal, Canada (b. Co. Cavan, Ire, dau of Patrick & Hornore (McManus) Kane
Children- eldest d. in infancy, George H., John L., William E. d. 1873 age 16, Francis D., Sarah J. m. William O. Maley,
Susan d. age 6, Martha d. age 18 mo., Martha E. and Elizabeth
GEORGE F. HANSON b. 8 Feb 1826 ME, son of  Silas & Hulda Hanson
       (Res. Scranton twp.  - he d.  1 Feb 1884)
m. Hannah Sherman 23 Nov 1848 Jones Co IA (b. 14 Feb 1830 Chautauqua Co NY, dau of Joshua & Mary Ann Sherman)
Children- Silas, Huldah m. R.S. Ervin, Avis, Ella, Sherman and Paul
ROBERT HANSON< b. 8 Oct 1851 Denmark, son of Hans & Botilde Hanson (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. Kirstone Marie Johnson 12 March 1884 (b. 1861 Denmark, dau of 
Hans Johnson)
Children- Robert R. and Botilde J.
E. HARDING b. 1 Oct 1820 Salem Co NJ, son of Thomas &Lydia Harding; (Res. Churdan)
m. (1) Elizabeth N. Zane  1841 (dau of Redman & Lydia Zane) (d. 1851 Philadelphia, PA)
Children-  three, all of whom died in infancy
       m. (2) A.C. Zane 1852  (dau of Redman & Lydia Zane)
Children- Harry, Charles F., Ella K., Clarence A., Lillian M. & Orville A. 
FRANKLIN HARMON b. 5 June 1853 Hardin Co IA, son of Lafayette Harmon (Res. Rippey)
m. Dora S. Hoover 2 Sept 1878 (dau of Samuel Hoover)
Children- Arthur, Edna, and Ralph
LAFAYETTE HARMON b. 21 July 1827 Richland Co OH, son of Horatio Harmon (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Catherine Barnes 5 June 1852 (dau of Joseph Barnes)
Children- Franklin E., Oscar L., Iva J., Della, Charles, Eugene , and Belle
OSCAR L. HARMON b. 17 Sept 1855 Polk Co IA, son of Lafayette Harmon (Res. Rippey)
m. Sarah R. Marsh 15 Nov 1881 (dau of Lambertis Marsh)
Children- Lura, Harry O., and Bertha
ALANSON C. HARRIS b. 12 Oct 1840 Genesee Co NY, son of Thomas & Fannie (Woodruff) 
Harris; (Res. Paton twp.); Co. A, 53rd Illinois Infantry & Co. I, 46th Illinois Inf.- Civil War, Co. C, 11th Illinois Inf., and Co. C, 10th Illinois Battalion
m. Olive G. Forbes 5 Aug 1868 (dau of Cyrus P. Forbes)
Children- Carlos F., Jessie E., Nina G., and George W. d. age 2
G. B. HATFIELD b. 9 May 1837 OH, son of S.H. & Sarah (Benson) Hatfield; (Res. Hardin twp.); Co. A, 28th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Elizabeth Sherve  March 1864 (b. 1 Jan 1843 LaFayette, IN, dau of J. M. & Eliza (Mereekal) Sherve
Children- Scott, Milton B., Demster D., Rhoda, and Jersey M.- d. 1877 age 13
JOHN C. HAUN b. 14 March 1839 Elgin Co, Ontario, Can., son of John Haun (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Emma G. Mack 9 May 1864 (dau of Sebra Mack)
Children- Clarence A., Lura E., and one child dec'd
A.M. HEAD b.24 May 1855 Highland Co OH, son of William M. & Margaret (Fernau) Head; (Res. Jefferson) 
m. Eva F. Child 5 Oct 1875
Children- Albert E., Bessie - dec'd, Pearl, and Hazel
JACOB HEATER b. 11 June 1809 Pickaway Co OH, son of Jacob Heater (Res. Washington twp.)  He died  18 June 1864.
m. (1) Catherine Ganoe  (d. Sept 1852)
Children- Mary J., Elizabeth, Martha, Jacob, William, & five dec'd children
m. (2)  Sarah A. McElroy 20 April 1853 (b. 20 March 1819 Lewis Co KY, dau of David & Mary McElroy)(her 1st marriage- husband not named, but 1 dau Mary C. m. Samuel Young)
Children- Mahala C., George W., Hettie A., and Eliza
HENRY B. HEATH b. 28 Aug 1844 Ogle Co IL, son of David Heath and Minerva (Webster) Heath; (Res. Hardin twp.); Co. H, 6th Iowa Cavalry - Civil War
m. Sarah Oliver  March 1873 (b. March 1846 PA, dau of William & Mary (Davey) Oliver)
Children- Annie, Lura, Henry E., James O., and Clarence H.
JOHN HEISEL b. 4 Aug 1847 Tazewell Co IL, son of John & Margaret Heisel (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Catherine Worner 10 March 1870 (dau of Jacob &amp; Mary Worner)
Children- Louis L., Emma M., Mary A., Clara E. d. age 3, and infant son unnamed
HORACE L. HENDERSON b. 18 March 1832 Oneida Co NY, son of F.W. & Ann Henderson (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Margaret M. Morris 1858 (b. 3 July 1837 Wayne Co NY, dau of William E. & Zabiah Morris)
Children- Mary m. Eli Roberts, Frank, Nettie, Henry, Reuben, Jesse, Earl, and Charles
JAMES A. HENDERSON b.1862 Johnson Co IA (Res. Jefferson) 
m. Eliza J. Fetzer
STEPHEN W. HERRON b. 15 Oct 1830 Pittsburg, PA, son of Samuel D. Herron; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Rebecca Kelly  in  May 1866 (dau of James D. Kelly)
Children- Sallie B., Effie D., William T., and James D. d. age 5
JAMES HIGGINS b. 18 March 1845 LaSalle Co IL, son of William Higgins; (Res. Junction twp.); Co. G, 39th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Jane Durkin 3 July 1872 (dau of John Durkin)
Children- Mary, William-dec'd, Ellen, John, Alice, and James
GEORGE C. HILLMAN b. 28 Jan 1847 Franklin Co MA, son of George & Alcuta (Coy) Hillman; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Dora T. Covell  7 Oct 1869 (dau of Lewis Covell of Franklin Co MA)
Children- L. Alice, Covell, and Edith C.
JAMES M. HOSHAW b. 27 March 1833 Shelby Co OH, son of Henry & Elizabeth (Shigley) Hoshaw; (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. (1)  (name not given) 2 Jan 1857 Shelby Co OH
Children- America, Araminta, Matilda & Martha
m. (2) Evaline Warrenburg  March 1868 (b. Nov 1840 Fayette Co OH, dau of George & Mary Warrenburg)
Children- James Henry
I. D. HOWARD b. 10 July 1834 Franklin Co MA;  (Res. Jefferson)
m. Eliza J. Kenney in Boone Co IA  (b. PA)
RICHARD L. HOWARD b. 12 Dec 1849 Stark Co OH, son of Lucius & Rose (Farwell) Howard (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Nettie Cooper 30 Nov 1871 (dau of Ludlow Cooper)
Children- William, Warner, and Carrie d. age 8
GEORGE A. HUFFMAN b. 17 April 1861 Medina Co OH, son of Jacob F. & Lydia (Vaughn) Huffman; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Lettie G. Miller 16 Dec 1886 (dau of Philo W. Miller)
Children- none listed
FRANCIS HUGHES b. 25 Dec 1825 Lanark Co, Ontario, Can., son of Owen Hughes; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Rebecca Avery 24 July 1848 (dau of Capt. Benjamin Avery)
Children- John, Mary, Frank, Joseph, Rebecca, Carrie, Rose, Ella, and five children deceased
FRANCIS J. HUGHES b. 1 March 1854 Llanark Co, Upper Canada, son of Francis Hughes; (Res.  Junction twp.)
m. Nettie B. McFarlin 9 Sept 1880 (dau of Abraham Y. McFarlin of Clinton Co IA
Children- Ethel, Mabel, & one deceased child
JAMES L. HUNT b. 22 May 1851 Stephenson Co IL, son of Elias H. Hunt; (Res. Paton)
m. Martha Pratt  26 July 1872 (b. 17 Sept 1852 Edwardsburg, MI, dau of I.S. Pratt)
Children- Abbie R. & Bertha P.
JONATHAN HUTCHINSON b. 1815 near Trenton, NJ, d. 1861; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Dorothy Burgess Dec 1839 (dau of Jacob Burgess)
Children- Barzilla B., Joseph W., Sabra J., Smith d. Civil War, Madison N. d. Civil War
JOHN INBODY b. 1844 Elkhart Co IN, son of Jacob & Susan Inbody (Res. Jefferson)
m. Mattie L. Shorey (b. Oswego Co NY, dau of Washington Shorey)
Children- James W.-d. in infancy, Charles E. d. age 10, Josie E., Nellie May, and two other children are dec'd
HENRY INFIELD b. 24 Nov 1840 Coshocton Co. OH, son of John Infield; (Res. Junction twp.); Co. I, 97th Ohio Infantry- Civil War
m. Josephine Kinsey  1 Dec 1871  (dau of Ulysses Kinsey)
Children- Minnie, Ida
CHARLES H. JACKSON b. 14 Dec 1832 Chittenden Co VT, son of Abram Jackson; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Annie E. Chaffee 18 Sept 1865 (b. OH)  (Co. F, 102nd Illinois Inf.- Civil War)
Children- E.H., Nellie, Frances & Maud May
G. W. JACKSON b. 13 March 1843 Crawford Co PA, son of Waterman & Sophia (Gunn) Jackson; (Res. Greenbrier twp.); 4th Battery, Indiana Volunteers, Civil War
m. Alice E. Marine  6 April 1869  (b. St. Joseph Co IN, dau of Ed C. & Parthena (McClean) Marine
Children- Archie A., Sybil Estelle, Clyde L., George M., O. P. Morton, Ralph, Merle, Percy M., Helen E. & Zylpha
N. D. JAQUES b. 17 July 1842 near Hamilton, Canada, son of Thomas & Margaret 
Jaques; (Res. Willow twp) not married
THOMAS JAQUES b. 30 Jan 1816 Westmoreland, Eng., son of John &amp; Dorothy (Dobson) Jaques; (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Margaret Bird 1 March 1841 in Can. (b. 29 Nov 1816 Cumberland Co Eng., dau of Robert & Ann (Jackson) Bird
Children- Nicholas, Esther, John, Thomas, William, Benjamin, Agnes, Nettie, and Margaret-dec'd
SAMUEL JAY b. 1827 Clinton Co OH, son of Alexander & Nancy (Spears) Jay (Res. Jefferson)
m. Elizabeth Mendenhall Greene Co OH (b. Greene Co OH 1855)
Children-  one son and five daughters, not named
CLARENCE L. JEFFRIES b. 29 Jan 1856 Jones Co IA, son of Martin Jeffries; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Emma Howe 22 April 1884 (dau of Rev. William R. Howe)
Children- Blondel
REV. S. E. JENKS b. 5 Sept 1818 Canandaigua, NY, son of Clark & Elizabeth Jenks (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Elizabeth Ann Carney  31 May 1845 (b. KY, dau of Andrew & Martha Carney)
Children- Sarah Jane, Daniel Jefferson, Albert Ensign, Andrew Clark, Edmond Riley, Martha Zuba, Emery Lincoln, Harriet Augusta &amp; Lillian Josephine
WILLIAM F. JEWETT b. 7 Aug 1855 MA, son of James Jewett (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Rebecca Hughes 28 May 1875 (dau of Francis Hughes)
Children- Lottie and Alvin
DAVID B. JOHN b. 23 May 1842 Tyler Co WV, son of David John (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Martha J. Smith 15 May 1864 (dau of Thomas J. Smith)
Children- Hannah E., Daily E., Mary L., William L., Sarepta A., Clara A., Leonard W., Stella E., David S., and Nettie A. 
JOHN B. JOHN b. 24 Nov 1839 Tyler Co W.VA, son of  David John; (Res. Washington twp.); Co. H, 10th Iowa Infantry- Civil War
m. Asenath (Crumley) Brown 9 Oct 1864 (dau of Isaac Crumley); m. (1) to Isaac H. Brown who d. in Civil War-  4 children, one living- Hannah A. Brown)
Children- Isaac - dec'd, Eva Alma, and William B.
AMOS JOHNSON b. 23 Feb 1842 Delaware Co OH; (Co. I, 4th Ohio Inf., Civil War) (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. (1) Hattie Elliott  (d. Jan 1874)  
m. (2) Rachel McBurney (b. 1849 Can)
Children- Addie V., Rodney E. (1st wife), George, May, Eura J.
DAVID E. JOHNSON b. 7 March 1839 St. Lawrence Co NY, son of Thomas Johnson (Res. Rippey); Co. B, 25th Illinois Infantry- Civil War
m. Sarah Ann Mercer 31 Oct 1863 (b. Spring Green, WI)
Children- John B., Robert K., and Cora Belle d. age 3
EMMERSON JOHNSON b. 14 Aug 1845 Delaware Co OH, son of Adam & Sarah Johnson (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. Cenith Jones 1873  (b. 5 Oct 1848 IN, dau of Thomas & Jane (Tatun) Jones)
Children- none
EPHRAIM JOHNSON b. 15 March 1826 Washington Co PA, son of Aaron Johnson (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Martha Curran  15 May 1851
Children- S. Wesley, Sarah E. m. J.P. Law, William A., Edgar A. and Lillie L.
I. H. JOHNSON b. 24 June 1836 Champaign Co OH, son of Isaac & Sarah Johnson; (Res. Kendrick twp.); Co. I, 26th Iowa Infantry &amp; Co. E, l7th Regiment, Vet. Res. Corps-Civil War
m. Mary Kimball 30 Nov 1860 Clinton Co IA (b. Cedar Co IA, dau of Horace & Rachel Kimball)
Children- Ella Rosella, John Jasper, & Mary Viola,  William P.-deceased, Elmer- deceased
JESSE JOHNSON b. Jan 1835 Delaware Co OH; (Res. Bristol twp.); Co. A, 51st Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Mary A. Denny 25 Feb 1864 (b. 8 March 1843 Delaware Co OH, dau of John & Sarah Denny)
Children- Elfa S., Clara d. age 12, Jessie F., Emma, and Harold
JAMES B. JOHNSON b. 21 Jan 1844 Toronto, Can., son of Oliver Johnson; (Res. Grand Junction); Co. G, 49th New York Infantry - Civil War
m. Ella S. Siegenthaler 6 Oct 1864 (dau of Alfred J. Siegenthaler of Wooster, OH)
Children- Minnie, Maude, Georgia, Annie, Gertie, and Edward
JOHN F. JOHNSON b. 5 Sept 1852 Winnebago Co IL, son of Peter Johnson  (Res. not given)
m. Katie Wise 29 Nov 1877 (dau of Samuel & Rebecca Wise)
Children- Samuel F.
JOSEPH JOHNSON b. 21 July 1827 Lancashire, Eng., son of James &amp; Helen (Latus) Johnson; (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Ann Hodson ca 1844
Children- James, Richard, Francis, and Helen
S. WESLEY JOHNSON b. 25 Nov 1852 Perry Co OH, son of Ephraim Johnson (Res. Rippey)
m. Harriet Parrish 10 Jan 1878 (dau of Watson Parrish)
Children- Nellie C., three others deceased
EDGAR W. JONES b. 10 May 1848 Cass Co MI, son of Oscar & Caroline (Wheeler) Jones; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Florenda A. Witherell 19 May 1869 (b. 19 Dec 1848, dau of Theodore & Adeline (Flanders) Witherell
       Children- Lena D., Fred M., Myrtie L. & Clyde L.
H. J. JONES b. 24 Oct 1836 Chautauqua Co NY, son of Benjamin & Sophia (Baker) Jones; (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Mrs. Angeline Buck  (Brock) 3 July 1870
Children- Benjamin, Pleasant, Charley, Dora, and Ida- dec'd
Step-children- Caroline, Lovina, Hiram, Jennette, Mary, Allen, Martha, and Samuel Buck (Brock)
JOSIAH JONES b. 19 Nov 1833 NH, son of Samuel & Miriam Jones (Res. Jackson twp.) unmarried
D. KELLER b. 20 April 1847 Oswego Co NY (Res. Rippey)
m. Flora Fuller 29 Dec 1867 (dau of Timothy Fuller)
Children- Bertha, and one child dec'd
CHARLES KELLEY b. 25 May 1833 near Huntington, Can. East, son of James Kelley; (Res. Grand Junction); Co. A, 52nd Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Maria Weeks 19 March 1867 (dau of Gilbert Weeks)
Children- Charles J., James R., Lettie E., Elma D., Bessie L. and Mary F.
HENRY W. KELLOGG b.14 Jan 1840 DeKalb Co IL, son of Jesse C. Kellogg; (Res. Grant twp.); Co. A, 105th Illinois Infantry-Civil War
m. (1) Maggie Countryman 1865  (d. 29 Jan 1873)
Children- Jessie and Hiram
m. (2) Samantha Kingsley
Children- Bertha and Henry
G. B. KENDALL b. 1834 Chautauqua Co NY, son of Elam Kendall; (Res. Jefferson); Co. K, 127th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Annie Keenan in IL
Children- Lawrence B., Fred C., and Glenn W.
HENRY  KETTELL b. 21 Aug 1840 Buckinghamshire, Eng., son of Joseph & Elizabeth Kettell; (Res. Grand Junction)
m.(1)  Josephine M. Deming 28 Nov 1867 (dau of George Deming). She d. 30 Sept 1880
Children-  William H., Laura E., and one child dec'd
m. (2) Diantha C. Peninger Dec. 1881 (dau of Joseph Peninger)
Children- Edwin Blaine 
ULYSSES B. KINSEY b. 13 June 1822 Lancaster Co PA, son of Samuel & Susannah (Beam) Kinsey; (Res.  Junction twp.)
m. Matilda Draper  1 Feb 1844  (dau of James & Elizabeth Draper)
Children- Leander B., Sarah J., Mary I, James U & Edgar L.
JAMES C. KINSMAN b. 14 March 1849 Westmoreland Co PA, son of Asher & Sarah (McDowell) Kinsman; (Res.  Bristol twp.)
m. Hester Listerbarger 10 Feb 1873 (dau of John & Maria Listerbarger)
Children-  Charles G., Robert E., Roy S., John Guy, and George W.
M. W. KIONS (Kious) b. 23 May 1835 Montgomery Co IN, son of Nathan & Martha (Wilson) 
m. (not given)  (Res. Kendrick twp.)  
Children- Josephine D., Silas G. & Adam Lewis
ALBERY  KNOWLES b. 8 June 1814 Gibson Co IN, son of James & Anna (Reed) Knowles; (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Sarah R. Smith 17 Feb 1836 (b. 26 Oct 1819 Adair Co KY, dau of Andrew & Ezna Smith)
Children- Martha Ann, Ezna, Margaret E., Mary F., David E., William L., Morton,  and
dec'd children-Hiram H., Nancy J., Augusta C., Thomas B., James F., Delaney J. and one unnamed child
AUGUSTUS  KOENIG b. 15 March 1828 Mecklenburg, Ger., son of Peter & Sophie Koenig; (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. Sophia Brockmiller 8 Nov 1851 Madison, WI (b. 25 May 1834 Prussia, Ger.)
Children- William, George d. in infancy, Charles, Augustus, Otto, Henry, Emma, Louis, Eida, Ella, Mary, Albert, and Lilly
AUGUST F. KRAUSE b. 29 Sept 1852 Prussia, Ger., son of Carl &amp; Wilhelmine (Martain) Krause (Res. Willow twp.)
m.(1)  Mary Hagan 15 Nov 1878 (b. 12 Aug 1862 Warren Co IA)
Children- Lena R. d. in infancy
m. (2) Belle Shaw 26 Feb 1882 (b. 29 Aug 1864 IA, dau of John B. & Amanda (Sharts) Shaw
Children- Earle A., John Clarence, unnamed infant
C. W. KRAUSE b. 27 Oct 1849 Prussia, son of Carl & Wilhelmena Krause (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Jennie Wright 22 Sept 1864 (dau of Joseph Wright of Dane Co WI)
Children- Arthur, Grace, Myrtle, and dec'd child Willie
GEORGE W. KUDER b. 15 June 1832 Columbia Co PA, son of George & Sarah (Morris) Kuder (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Isabelle Brock  18 Feb 1851 (b. 13 June 1840 Boone Co IN, dau of Allen & Lavina (Cocks) Brock)
Children- Madison M., Arabelle, Jennette G., Melissa, and George Franklin
G. G. LAWRENCE b. 1844 Cleveland, OH; (Res. Jefferson) Came to Poweshiek Co IA with parents in 1854
WILLIAM LEE b. 11 May 1816 Harrison Co OH, son of John Lee; (Res. Washington twp)
m. Martha McLain 1849  (dau of Alanson McLain)
Children- Henry, John, Emma, Daniel & Delbert D.  (William d. age 22, 2 other deceased)
FRANCIS LIBIS b. 15 Dec 1835 OH, son of B. & C. Libis of OH (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Jennie Bellinger 15 May 1866 Cedar Co IA (dau of David & Catherine Bellinger)
Children- Orvada
DUNCAN M. LILLEY b. 4 July 1844 Lanarkshire, Scot., son of Robert Lilley (Res. Surry, Washington twp.)
m. Nancy J. Sweney 11 June 1875 (dau of James Sweney of Wis.)
Children- Martha R., Ellen, James M., William D., and George L.
J. J. LINN b. 6 Aug 1845 Perry Co PA, son of John & Jane Linn; (Res. Kendrick twp.);
Co. I, 133rd Pennsylvania Infantry, Co. C, 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry & Independent State Cavalry of PA - Civil War
m. Margery Dickey Feb 1869 (b. Jackson Co IA, dau of David & Nancy Dickey)
Children- Lura, Jane, Charles, Clarence, Eva, Mary, Etta, and Anna
MASON LINN b. 26 Nov 1826 Butler Co OH, son of Joseph & Nancy (Watson) Linn; (Res. Kendrick twp)
m. Rebecca Kyle Nov 1848 (b. Knox Co OH, dau of Henry & Nancy (Haskins) Kyle)
Children- Mansfield, William Wesley d. age 9 mo., & Nancy Ellen
W. S. LINN b. 5 April 1843 Perry Co PA, son of John & Jane (McKinzie) Linn; (Res. Kendrick twp.); Co. I, 133rd Pennsylvania Infantry - Civil War Co. C, 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry
HARLAN N. LIVERMORE b. 26 July 1850 VT, son of N. & Mary (Chapin) Livermore (Res. Dawson twp.)
m. Julia E. Dunham 23 Sept 1872 (b. 17 June 1849 ME, dau of John & Tempa Dunham)
Children- none listed
WILLIAM B. LIVINGSTON Jr. b. 25 April 1836 Belmont Co OH; (Res. Churdan); Co. G,  116th OH Infantry - Civil War
m. Jennie G. Ganett 24 Oct 1859 (b. 3 March 1838 Muskingum Co OH, dau of J.M. & Mary Ganett)
Children- Eldora m. R.T. West, and William A.
ELI  L. LLOYD b. 24 My 1858 LaSalle Co IL, son of Abraham & Margaret (Boyce) Lloyd (Res. Surry, Washington twp.)
m. Sarah Williams 4 April 1881 (b. 9 April 1859 Wales, dau of Thomas Williams of Rock Island Co IL)
Children- none listed.
CHARLES LONG b. 8 Sept 1846 Randolph Co IL, son of James & Sarah Long (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Ellen Ballah 16 Nov 1868 Noble Co IN (b. 18 Aug 1850 Franklin Co OH, dau of Mrs. Sarah Ballah)
Children- Orton O.
DR. JAMES C. LOVEJOY b. 24 June 1819 Orange Co VT, son of ___ & Jemima (Kingsbury) Lovejoy; (Res. Washington twp.); medical doctor
m. Emeline Bunnell 4 July 1847 (dau of Isaac Bunnell)
Children- Arthur C., Walter, Halsey E., Owen, Albert, James, Frederick, Victor, Lillie E. &amp; 3 dec'd
DR. OSCAR W. LOWERY b. 22 April 1845 Lee Co IA, son of Fredrick B. & Catharine (Jolly) Lowery; (Res. Grand Junction); physician & surgeon; Co. I, 6th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Anne E. Ross at Olivet, IA (b. 2 Nov 1847 Mahaska Co IA, dau of Nimrod Ross)
Children- Fred Ross, Cordelia Ingaba, John Russell, Catherine Fox, and William Oliver
ROBERT A. LOWRY b. 24 Sept 1859 Oswego, IL, son of Hiram S. Lowry (d. 1863 Civil War); (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Anna A. Keeler 24 Sept 1883 (b. Stephenson Co IL, dau of James F. Keeler)
Children- Chester H. and Orlo C.
REV. GEORGE N. LUCCOCK b. 31 March 1857 Guernsey Co OH, son of Samuel W. Luccock; (Res. Grand Junction); pastor of Presbyterian church
m. Emma Bingham 3 Sept 1882 (dau of Lemuel R. Bingham of Emmet Co IA)
Children- Tracy D. and Jane T.
GEORGE LUNNON b. 25 Dec 1843 Buckinghamshire, Eng., son of George & Ann (Jenkins) Lunnon; (Res. Franklin twp.); Co. B, 22nd Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Emily Smith 15 Aug 1879 (b. Horicon, MO, dau of Abner & Sarah Smith) She d. 1 Jan 1880.
Children- Sarah Jane, William, and Laura Ann
JERRY L. LYON b. 8 Sept 1856 Stark Co IL, son of Laten S. Lyon; (Res. Rippey)
m. Flora C. Gilmer 24 Nov 1880 (dau of Calvin A. Gilmer of Canton, IL)
Children- Laten G., Onslow, and Lena
THEODORE LYONS b. 24 Dec 1830 London, Eng., son of Thomas Lyons; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Ellen McDonnell  Aug 1852 Dalston, Eng.
Children- Mary m. Henry Baldwick, Lillie m. Frank M. Parker, and 
four children dec'd
ARTEMUS J. MACK b. 12 July 1856 Boone Co IL; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. May Smith  2 March 1880 (dau of Richard Smith)
Children- Laura B., Gertrude J., Spencer A., and Artemus R.
WILLARD MACK b. 21 April 1826 Stanstead, Canada, son of Sebie Mack (Res. Junction twp.)
m.(1)  Laura Smith 15 Oct 1850 (dau of Frederick Smith)
Children- Sohronia J., Mary A., Alice F., Artemus J., Elizabeth L.- deceased, Ella N., Lovilla L., & Emma L.
       m. (2) Hattie Munn  Thanksgiving Day 1873 (dau of Thomas Munn of 
Topeka, KS)
Children- Edgar H., &amp; Daniel G.
m. (3) Jennie Peake  27 Sept 1881 (dau of Loami Peake)
Children- Lucy E. & John W.
REV. JOSEPH MANNING b. 7 April 1824 Wayne Co IN, son of Thomas Manning; (Res. Jefferson); minister, Methodist Episcopal church
m. Jane Bonebrake 1846 Preble Co OH (dau of George & Eliza (Adams) Bonebrake)
Children- Orlando H., Jennie m. Alfred A. Kearney, George B., and May L.
PAUL C. MANTZ b. 25 Feb 1833 Perry Co OH, son of Sebastian & Mary (Mohler) Mantz (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Mrs. Margaret Hamilton 12 July 1857 (widow of Joseph Hamilton & dau of Jacob B. Rittgers)
Children- Philip S. m. Ruth Simons, Mary m. Oliver B. Armstrong, &  three children dec'd
Step-children- Reuben- dec'd, Catherine m. Clark Kester, and Jacob  (all Hamiltons)
EMANUEL MARKER b. 12 Sept 1845 Darke Co OH, son of Martin & Margaret (Weaver) Marker; (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. Eliza A. Meller Nov 1872 (b. 8 Oct 1851 Darke Co OH, dau of John J. & Nancy Meller)
Children- Harvey M., Crawford E., Dennis L. d. 1885, and Florence A
AUGUST MARQUART b. 17 May 1846 Prussia, son of John P. Marquart; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Christina Zellhoefer 17 Aug 1868 (dau of George Zellhoefer)
Children- William, Lizzie, Jessie, George, John, and Leola
SAMUEL S. MARTIN b. 24 Nov 1853 Perry Co OH, son of Thomas B. Martin; (Res. Junction twp.)
       m. Annie White  7 Nov 1875 (b. WI, dau of John White)
Children-  John W., Olive M., Edith D. and Samuel
THOMAS B. MARTIN b. 12 March 1825 St. Mary=92s Co, MD, son of Thomas Martin (Res. Junction twp.); Co. C, 39th Ohio Infantry - Civil War
m. Susan Storer 3 Dec 1846 (b. PA, dau of Richard Storer)
Children- Robert G., Mary J., Samuel S., Hannah, Sarah I., & two deceased children
THOMAS W. MARTIN b. 27 Sept 1850 Birmingham, Eng., son of Frederick Martin (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Carrie Petrie 18 Dec 1877 (dau of Jacob Petrie of Sac Co IA)
Children- Thomas F., Fannie M., and Myrtle
JOHN R. MATHEWS b. 13 Sept 1853 Linn Co IA, son of William & Rosanna Mathews (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Elizabeth Lichtebarger 14 March 1876  (b. 12 Feb. 1851 Linn Co IA, dau of John & Maria Lichtebarger)
Children- Lillie, Edith, and Nellie
ISAAC  J. MATTESON b. 20 Aug 1855 Kane Co IL (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Idell Powell 10 Sept 1874 (dau of Henry Powell)
Children- Guy and Clarence
STEPHEN C. MAYNARD b. 20 Feb 1846 Bradford Co PA, son of William E. Maynard; (Res. Grand Junction)
       m. Carrie E. Miller 25 June 1876 (dau of Philo W. Miller)
Children- Claudius W. and Elsie L.
WILLIAM A. McALLISTER b. 1845 Greene Co OH, son of James H. &Susanna McAllister; (Res. Grant twp.); Co. G, 16th Iowa Infantry- Civil War
m. Mary Ann Wagner  Iowa Co IA (b. OH)
Children- Alice
JOHN McCARTHY b. 1843 Rochester, NY, son of Jeremiah McCarthy (Res. Jefferson)
m. M. F. Blackwell in Illinois
Children- adopted son Fred
WILLIAM L. McCRORY b. 21 Oct 1843 Washington Co OH, son of James McCrory (Res. Rippey)
m. Mary M. Holmes 20 March 1873 (dau of John Holmes of Mercer Co IL)
Children- Edna, Della, John J., Anna, Alice, and Clara
GEORGE B. McCULLY b. 1859 Scott Co IA, son of Daniel B. & Elizabeth (Smith) McCully (Res. Jefferson)
m. Ida V. Hozad (b. Newton, Jasper Co IA)
Children- Daniel C.
WILLIAM McDONALD b. 6 May 1832 near Inverness, Scot., son of Donald & Mary (McPherson) McDonald; (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. Katy Brady 1870 OH (dau of Samuel Brady)
Children- John, Ann Eliza, Daniel, Ella May, William, and Nelson
MARSHALL B. McDUFFIE b.1842 Schoharie Co NY; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Sophia B. Warner 1876 Nunda, NY (dau of L.B. Warner)
Children- Duncan, Lewis, Robert, Charles , & William
JOHN McKAY b. 13 Jan 1843 Scot., son of Walter McKay (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Mary Gold 2 Jan 1864<br>
Children- Katie, Mary, John, Andrew, and four children dec'd
WILLIAM A. J. McNAUGHT b.10 July 1830 Owen Co IN, son of John & Jane (McKnight) McNaught; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Nancy M. Abrell 2 Jan 1852 Owen Co IN (b. 16 Oct 1830 Owen Co IN, dau of L.C. & S. Abrell)
Children- Aurelia T. m. ___ Crocker, Julia E. m. ___ Jones, Nannie J., Connell, Mant, Sarah G., Minnie Maud,
James B. - dec'd, John L.-dec'd, William A.-dec'd, Mary-dec'd, & Connor-dec'd (twin of Connell)
CHARLES B. MECUM b. 25 Aug 1822 Springfield, MA, son of James & Julia (Dewey) Mecum; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Frances E. Richards 22 Nov 1854 (b. 1 July 1835 Westminster, VT, dau of Luther A. & Mary (Page) Richards
Children- William F., Leroy H., Cora A., Edwin W., Maude F., and three are dec'd
b.Somersetshire, Eng.; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. (1) James Symes 1843 in Eng. (he d. 1876)
Children- Georgina, Alfred W., Harris J., Henrietta, Albert B., and Grant d. age 14
m. (2) Robert Merrill 1881 (now supt. of bridge carpenters on railroad)
CHARLEY G. METZGER b. 1 Nov 1836 Baden, Ger., son of Jacob Metzger (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Carrie J. Richter 19 Nov 1872 (dau of Charles Richter)
Children- William F., Charley E., Sarah T., Frank E., Theresa M., and Guy A.
PHILIP MEYER b. 26 Nov 1837 Alsace, France (now Ger.) son of Andrew Meyer (Res. Junction twp.) Co. A, 112th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Sarah Luther 20 June 1860 (b. Lake Co IL, dau of Peter Luther)
Children- Clara J.- dec'd, Edward P., and Luther G.
R. W. MILLER b. 15 Feb 1837 Franklin Co OH, son of J.C. & Margaret (McKinstry) Miller; (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Anna Eliza Mooney 4 Nov 1857 (b. Cumberland Co PA, dau of Frederick & Margaret (McWilliams) Mooney)
Children- Clarence E., Ida M., and Ada M.
THERON A. MILLETT b. 1844 Lenawee Co MI, son of Alexander Millett (Res. Grant twp.)
m. Mary A. Simmonds 1870 (b. 1849 Lewanee Co MI, dau of Stephen & Ann Simmonds)
Children- Erwin, Alma, Herbert, & Amy
JACOB  J. MISH b. 26 June 1834 Franklin Co PA, son of Jacob Mish; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Sarah Morris  Oct 1854 (dau of Moses Morris)
Children- none listed
RICHARD C. MOORE b. 1833 Co. Meath, Ire., son of John &amp; Marcella Moore (Res. 
Scranton twp.)
m. Rosanna Cassilly  1860 Cincinnati, OH (b. Co. Armagh, Ire.)
Children- Edward, Thomas, Alice, and Mary
ROBERT P. MORDEN b. 16 May 1841 London, Canada, son of John & Mary (Parkinson) Morden; (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Elizabeth Dier  4 Dec 1865 Livingston Co MI (b. 17 Jan 1843 
Livingston Co MI, dau of Philip & Anna (Shotwell) Dier)
Children- Byron, Lena, Orrie, Roy, & one deceased
DAVID J. MORRIS b. 8 Oct 1851 Trumbull Co OH, son of David D. Morris; (Res. Angus)
m. Martha A. Evans 30 Dec 1875 Trumbull Co OH (dau of Evan T. Evans)
Children- Hayden, Thaddeus, and two children dec'd
JAMES E. MOSS b. 21 Oct 1843 Champlain, NY, son of James & Sarah (Moore) Moss; (Res. Kendrick twp.); Co. E, 36th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Susan A. Powers 25 Oct 1867 (dau of N.H. & Catherine (Hart) Powers)
Children- Frances L., Laura A., and Jennie P.
ROBERT MUIR b. 1 April 1858 Dumbartonshire, Scot., son of Robert Muir (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Margaret Welch  1 Aug 1881 (dau of John Welch)
Children- Maggie D., Robert N., and John W.
GEORGE W. MUNN b. 1 June 1849 Oneida Co NY, son of George & Jane (Gibbs) Munn; (Res. Jackson twp.) 
m. Maria S. Chamberlin 13 Oct 1870 (b. 13 Oct 1847 Pittsfield, MA, dau of Griffin & Maria (Sheldon) Chamberlin.  
Children- Luella
HENRY R. MYERS b. 21 Jan 1839 Tuscarawas Co OH, son of Berlin & Mary (Ross) Myers; (Res. Grant twp.); Co. H, 10th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Mary C. Hall
Children- none listed
ALVIN M. NEAL b. 10 July 1846 Wapello Co IA, son of Robert & Elizabeth (Pierce) Neal; (Res. Angus, Washington twp.); Co. F, 40th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Catherine Jones 18 Nov 1865 (b. 29 Jan 1842 Wales, dau of Henry D. & Ann (Davis) Jones)
Children- William T., Arthur M., and Francis O.
R. W. NEARY b. 14 Feb 1840 Nova Scotia, son of Henry & Mary Neary (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. Anna Bishop 26 April 1870 (b. 1848 Nova Scotia, dau of Allen & Rebecca Bishop)
Children- George W., Ervin R.
SWAN NELSON b.  29 Oct 1861 Christianstadt, Swe., son of John Anderson (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Annie Anderson 25 March 1885 (dau of Anders Erickson of Sweden)
Children- Elver
NATHANIEL G. NOYES b. 3 May 1849 Hampshire, Eng. (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. Anna Harker 26 July 1871 (b. 22 Oct 1851 Lafayette Co WI, dau of Simon &amp; Jane Harker)
Children- Mark
JOHN NUGENT b. 24 April 1832 Co. Kilkenny, Ire., son of Garrett Nugent (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Hannah Barrett 9 April 1861 (dau of John Barrett of Will Co IL)
Children- Garrett, Julia, Margaret, Catherine, John, Richard, Mary, Ellen, William, Edward, and one child dec'd
JOHN O'CONNOR b. about 1816 Co. Clare, Ire. (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Margaret Eyras in Ire. (dau of Lawrence Eyras)
Children- Mary, Annie, Michael, John, Margaret, Eliza, and four dec'd children
GEORGE M. ODELL b. 9 Sept 1848 Boston, MA, son of James S. Odell; (Res. Paton)
m. Mrs. Adaline Walden 1868
Children- Clara and Nellie
Step-children- Hannibal Walden
J. K. OLDS b. 12 Sept 1854  Morgan Co IN, son of Jared Olds; (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Minerva A. West 12 Sept 1877 (dau of Thomas J. West)
Children- Jennie B., Myrtle M. and Eva M.
RICHARD OLIVE b. Manchester, England , son of John & Margaret Olive; a physician; (Res. Scranton)
m. Elizabeth Kenney (b. Manchester, England)
Children- three sons & six daughters living,  two sons deceased- none are named
B.F. OSBORN b. 17 July 1854 Westville, IN, son of William Osborn (Res. Rippey)
m. Mittie Shelton 17 May 1876 (dau of George P. Shelton)
Children- William S., Winnie, and Wayne
JOHN OSBORNE b. 1844 Cornwall, England, son of Robert Osborne; (Res. Scranton)
m. Elizabeth A. Baker (dau of John U. Baker)
EVERETT  T. OXLEY b. 22 Dec 1852 Linn Co IA, son of James M. Oxley (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Elizabeth Cornell  Nov 1875 (dau of James D. Cornell)
Children- Edgar F., Nellie L., Mabel A., Herman, and Florence R.
DR. CASTANUS B. PARK b. 14 Dec 1834 Grafton, VT, son of Castanus B. Park; (Res. Grand Junction); physician & banker;
16th VT Inf. &amp; 1st Vt. Heavy Artillery-Civil War
m. Nancy D. Carlton 3 July 1856 (b. Andover, VT, dau of Joseph Carlton)
Children- Jennie M., William L. d. 1886, and one child d. in infancy
O. W. PARK b. Windsor Co VT, son of Thomas &amp; Lucinda Park (Res. Jefferson)
m. (1) Lydia Jane Arnold (d. Dane Co WI)
m. (2) Mrs. Lucia M. Stone (b. 1821 Orange Co VT, dau of Samuel Chamberlain)
Children- Ada m. Edwin Williams, Ella L. m. William T. Anderson, and Frank L.
Step-children- Charles H., Crawford, and Genevieve Stone
WESLEY R. PARK b. 28 Sept 1832 Windsor Co VT, son of Thomas K. Park; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Calista D. Hazeltine 18 Nov 1855 (dau of Orrin B. Hazeltine of Dane Co WI)
Children- Agnes M. m.William G. Rugg
JAMES PARKER b. 4 Oct 1829 Lincolnshire, Eng., son of William & Martha (Bernard) Parker; (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Phoebe Ann Hern 2 April 1855 (b. 28 Jan 1838 Devonshire, Eng., dau of John & Phoebe (Bowers) Hern)
Children- Alfred and George H.
FREMONT H. PARMENTER b. 22 Feb 1856 Weston, VT, son of Horace & Lucinda (Carlton) Parmenter; (Res. Grand Junction)
       m. Hattie Hadley 19 Feb 1882 (b. Windham Co VT, dau of George Hadley)
Children- none listed
WILLIAM S. PAUL b. 26 July 1843 Linn Co IA, son of Jonathan & Dorcas Paul (Res. Scranton twp.)
       m. Susan Campbell 20 Dec 1877 Greene Co IA (b. 20 Dec 1849 Linn Co IA)
Children- Rachel D., Thomas T., Myrtie E. d. age five years
WILLIAM H. PERKINS b. 17 Feb 1852 Wales, son of John Perkins; (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Jane Morgan Sept 1881 (dau of Thomas Morgan)
Children- Janett, John, and Edith
WILLIAM H. PERKINS b. 30 Oct 1838 Berkshire Co MA, son of William & Eliza (Hathaway) Perkins; (Res. Scranton);
Co. B, 10th Massachusetts Infantry- Civil War & First NY Light Artillery, Battery A.
       No wife or children listed
MARTIN PETERSON b. 28 Jan 1840 Denmark, son of Peter & Karie Peterson  (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. Hannah Peterson 1864 (b. 2 March 1840 Denmark, dau of Jacob Peterson)
Children- Charles, Albert ( Peter & Mary, Eleanora, Nora, Edwin, Sanford all deceased)
JOHN E. PETTIT b. 10 Aug 1848 Columbiana Co OH, son of Andrew &amp; Mary (Elliott) Pettit; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Mary Peddicord 22 Sept 1882 (b. Winnebago Co IL, dau of John Peddicord)
Children- Estella and Charles
E. P. PHELPS b. 1849 Lorain Co OH (Res. Scranton)
m. L.E. Rininger (b. Seneca Co OH)
Children- Mabel, Edna, Raymond, and Homer
WILLIAM H. PIERCE b. 21 Dec 1847 Dane Co WI, son of Nelson Pierce; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Amelia J. Burk 22 Sept 1877 (dau of Allen Burk)
Children- Fred A.

HARVEY POTTER b. 17 July 1834 Lewis Co NY, son of Chester &amp; Dinah (Miller) Potter; (Res. Jefferson)
Co. H, 105th Illinois Inf - Civil War
m. Mary L. Price 24 Aug 1862 (b. Illinois)
Children- none listed
JOHN QUAYLE b. 7 Jan 1840 Isle of Man, son of William & Mary (Christian) Quayle; (Res. Franklin twp.); Co. K, 11th Illinois Cavalry- Civil War
m. Elizabeth M. Cain 6 March 1869 (b. Isle of Man, dau of John & Jane Cain)
Children- Mary Jane, Fanny Bell, Walter Ed., Cora A., and Fred A.
MICHAEL JOSEPH QUIRK b. 29 Nov 1838 Vicksburg, MS, son of Edwin & Joanna (Shane) Quirk;  (Res. Grand Junction); Catholic priest
ALBERT F. RAVER b. 15 Feb 1838 Germany  (came with parents from Hamburg in 1853) (Res. Jefferson)
m. (1) Lydia Ayres (b. 25 Feb 1839 Eng., dau of Charles Ayres, & d. 1875)
Children- Charlie, May, Lydia & Bartie
m. (2) Bessie Wilson (b. Aug 1847 Eng.)
Children- Violet & Claude
JOHN W. RAY b. 25 March 1853 Durham Co. Eng., son of Thomas Ray; (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
       m. Mary E. Irwin 22 May 1880 (dau of Robert Irwin of Cable, IL)
Children- William Elmer
THOMAS B. REECE b. 1838 Miami Co OH, son of George & Mary (Deeter) Reece; (Res. Formerly Jefferson- Thomas d. 2 Feb 1887)
m. Elizabeth Ingling (dau of William Ingling)
Children- George W., Emma, Lewis, Sankey, Florence and Moody
J. M. REEDER b. 5 May 1839 MO, son of William & Nancy (Morris) Reeder (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Elizabeth Neeley 7 June 1858 (b. Philadelphia, PA, dau of William & Margery (Moffitt) Neeley
Children- Edward, Ella, Emma, Ellis, Hattie, George, and William
GEORGE W. REESE b. 1 March 1840 Oswego Co NY, son of Conrad & Persis Reese; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Caroline S. Bonniuell 14 Dec 1870 (b. Ozaukee Co WI, dau of Charles Bonniuell)
Children- none listed
L. B. REMICK b. 1834 Franklin Co ME (Res. Jefferson)
m. (1) Helen G. Day in IL (b. ME, d. ?)
Children- Georgiana
m. (2) Sophia Mott (b. NY)
Children- Nellie, Mary S., and Fay
WILLIAM H. RENNER b. 16 March 1861 Jefferson Co WI, son of William Renner; (Res. Grand Junction)
WILLIAM RENNER b. 28 June 1829 Baden, Ger., son of Casper Renner; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Jane Rickemann 22 Nov 1854 (dau of Charles L.Rickemann)
Children- Sarah J., George W., William H., and Charles L.
PATRICK REYNOLDS b. Co. Monahan, Ire., son of Terrence Reynolds (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Mary A. Kane 17 Oct 1876 (b. Lower Canada, dau of Patrick Kane)
Children- none listed
TERRENCE REYNOLDS b. 17 Oct 1823 Co. Monaghan, Ire., son of Terrence Reynolds (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Alice Hughs 2 Aug 1856 (b. Co. Monaghan, Ire)
Children- Mary J., Florence, Margaret A., Charles E., Walter d. age 2
JUSTUS M. RHOADS b. 8 April 1845 Ashtabula Co OH, son of F.W. Rhoads; (Res. Jefferson) Co. E, 47th Iowa Infantry- Civil War
m. Augusta E. Hemingway  3 Feb. 1867  (b. PA, dau of Nathan Hemingway)
Children- Fred H., Charles G.,  Jennie M., Frank P., & Justus A.
SAMUEL RHOAD b. 27 June 1806 Highland Co OH, son of Phillip & Mary Magdalene 
(Wendel) Rhoad; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Martha McCurdy  5 July 1835 (b. Beaver Co PA, dau of Hugh & Martha (McAllister) McCurdy)
Children- Andrew, Josephine m. P.M. Fitzpatrick, Hannah m. J.C. Beaman, Martha, & four dec'd
COLUMBUS RICE b. 8 June 1852 Fountain Co IN, son of Francis Rice; (Res. Surry, Washington twp.); unmarried
FRANCIS T. RICE b. 15 Aug 1819 Athens Co OH, son of Henry Rice (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Martha J. Kiplinger 13 May 1849 (dau of Jacob Kiplinger)
Children- Columbus, Margaret, Eveline, Isabelle, Charles, Aaron, William, and James
JOHN RICE b. 17 Sept 1833 Schuyler Co IL, m. Mrs. Martha Brown 17 May 1863 (dau of Jacob Guinn, & widow of Wade Brown)
Children- Agnes, Minnie, Lester, and John
Step-children- three, all dec'd
MATTHEW RICHARDSON b. 24 June 1842 Westmoreland Co, Eng., son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Waters) Richardson; (Res. Hardin twp.) 
m. Mary Ann Craig March 1870 (b. 17 Feb 1849 Stanhope Wardale, Durhamshire, Eng., dau of Francis & Jane Craig)
Children- Joseph F., Elizabeth J., Margaret A., George W., Charles L.- dec'd, Marietta, Matthew T.
MELVILLE H. RICHARDSON b. 4 Sept 1834 St. Lawrence Co NY, son of Anson & Polly (Southworth) Richardson;
Co. K, 142nd NY Infantry- Civil War; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m.(1)  Nancy Pitt  Oct. 1859  (b. 27 Oct 1834 St. Lawrence Co NY, dau of William & Jane Pitt)
Children- Adell b. 1862 m. (2) Sally Eister  2 May 1878 (b. 8 Aug 1841 Northumberland Co PA, dau of Samuel & Elizabeth Eister)
Children- adopted dau Lona, daughter of Aaron Hanson
JOSEPH H. RIDLE b. 7 July 1814 Crawford Co PA, son of Peter Ridle; (Res. Washington twp.)
m.(1) Angeline Buck 8 April 1841 Fulton Co IL (dau of Daniel Buck)
Children- Harriet, Charles M., Henrietta, Miles D. &amp; Joseph A.  (Aaron killed in Civil War, 2 others deceased)
m. (2) Mary Bennett 2 Oct 1858 (dau of Jeremiah Bennett)
Children- Olive, Mary  (one other is deceased)
EDWARD H. RILEY b. 1 Jan 1846 New York City,  son of Patrick Riley; (Res. Washington twp.); Co. K, 112th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Catherine Beers 4 Oct 1864 (dau of Ephraim Beers)
Children- Hazel E., Burdette, Jessamine, Edward P., Myrtle I., Harry Claude, Max, &amp; two dec'd
ELHANAN RINEHART b. 10 Feb 1815 Washington Co. PA, son of Mathias Rinehart (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Margaret Correy 16 Jan 1840 (b. Scioto Co OH, dau of William Correy)
Children-  Angeline m. (1) Mark York (2) William C. Elder, Matilda, Louisa m. Alvin S. Gilliland, William A.,  Amanda -dec'd  m. James H. Carter, two other children dec'd
L. I. RITCHIE b. 22 Sept 1824 OH, son of George &amp; Margaret Ritchie (Res. Cedar twp.)
m. Margaret Ann Stephenson 14 April 1853 IN (b. 4 Aug 1833 IN, dau of James & Mary Stephenson)
Children- Mary E., William, Margaret E., Adeliza, Rosetta & Rosanna (twins - Rosetta d. age 11), Ever A d. age 5, and R. Pearl
HENRY C. RITTGERS b. 6 May 1849 Fairfield Co OH, son of Jacob B. & Esther (Patterson) Rittgers; (Res. Surry, Washington twp.)
m. Louesa J. Edwards 25 Dec 1872 (dau of James &amp; Emma Edwards)
Children- William H., Emma Irene, John A., Lilly Madaline, Harry E., Perry &amp; Percy (twins)-dec'd
SAMUEL R. RITTGERS b. 26 April 1857 Polk Co IA, son of Jacob B. Rittgers (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Mary A. Fry  6 April 1879 (dau of Samuel Fry)
Children- Almeda C. and Burton A.
F. E. ROBBINS b. 1842 Oswego Co NY, son of Phillip Robbins (Res. Jefferson)
m. Anna R. Butler (b. MD)
Children- Minnie, Florence, Frank & Anna  (Olive D. died in infancy)
ELI ROBERTS b. 22 Jan 1852 Greene Co IA, son of Thomas & Mary Roberts;  (Res.- not given- proprietor of Eureka Mills on N. Coon River)
m. Mary E. Henderson 25 July 1884 (dau of H.L. Henderson)
Children- Earl
ROLAND ROBERTS b. 1840 Wales, son of J.H. Roberts; (Res. Jefferson)
m. C. M. Ballard
Children- Hugh B., Bessie C., and Gertie
THOMAS ROBERTS b. 5 May 1823 North Wales, son of Thomas & Mary Roberts; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Mary Myrick 7 Oct 1847 Polk Co IA (b. OH & d. 7 May 1882)
Children- Benjamin F., Eli, Edward N.-dec'd, Sarah A. m. ___  Brackett, Samuel, Mary Elizabeth- d. Age 4, Lydia C., Martha J. m. Will Forbes, William Warren, and Carrie Belle
REV. WILLIAM ROBERTS b. 9 Nov 1832 Wayne Co IN, son of Thomas Roberts; (Res. Dawson twp.)
m. Elizabeth Rue  31 Aug 1853 (b. 25 Aug 1837 Wayne Co IN, dau of 
Henry & Rebecca (Tallbert) Rue
       Children- Lindley H., Albert B., John H., Annie M. m. Charles Walker, Emma L. m. William Edgerton. One child deceased
GEORGE ROBINSON b.26 April 1840 NY, son of Ezekiel & Catherine (Bushman) Robinson; (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Almira Townsend  1 Jan 1866  (b. 21 Feb 1841 NY, dau of E. & Julia (Jones) Townsend)
Children- Agnes, Edith, Delbert J.- deceased, & Herbert W.
ISAAC E. ROBINSON b. 11 Oct 1836 Cayuga Co NY, son of Ezekiel & Catherine (Bushman) Robinson; (Res. Franklin twp.); Co. B, 7th Illinois Cavalry- Civil War
m Flora Davis (b. Van Wert Co OH, dau of Isaac & Catherine Davis)
Children- Ira, Ella, Pearl, Leonard, Alphonso, Lillie, and Almira
JONATHAN ROBINSON b. 3 Sept 1842 Cayuga Co NY, son of Ezekiel & Catherine Robinson; (Res. Cooper); Co. K, 15th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. (1) Uranee Wight 14 Dec 1865 (b. NY, dau of Stephen Wight & d. 1875)
Children- Ellsworth, Della May, and Frank
m. (2) Harriet S. Lawton  4 July 1876 (dau of Philip & Janet (Galt) Lawton)
Children- Orrie and Arthur
WILLIAM G. ROBY b. 14 Feb 1832 Utica, NY, son of Silas Roby; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Elsie Brockway 4 March 1856 (dau of Freeman Brockway)
Children- Charles, Nellie, William, Orville, Minnie, Frank d. age 14,  two others dec'd
HENRY D. ROGERS b. 7 June 1824 PA, son of Daniel & Elizabeth (Fitz) Rogers; (Res. Highland twp.)
m. Lucinda K. McRoberts, dau of Michael & Mary McRoberts
Adopted dau- Mrs. W.O. Stott
P. ROOT b. March 1845 Huron Co OH, son of John L. &amp; Maria (Clinton) Root; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Ella F. Wayne at Northfield, MN (b. WI) 
Children- Hattie L., Margie, Jessie, Mary, Horace L.-dec'd, and infant son-dec'd
FRANCIS ROSA b.22 Aug 1822 Cayuga Co NY, son of Henry & Mary (Hawkins) Rosa; (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Mary Fitts 1859 (b. Linn Co IA, dau of Thomas & Charlotte (Bruner) Fitts)
Children- Loren C. and Oliver M.
JAMES A. ROWLES b. 20 March 1850 Meigs Co OH, son of Hezekiah Rowles; (Res. Paton) 
       m. Nellie E. Elkins 8 April 1875
Children- Edna I.- dec'd, Jessie E. and Mary L.
CALEB RUSSELL b. 9 April 1822 Caledonia Co VT, son of David Russell; (Res. Paton twp.) 
m. (1) Orendoro Corey Sept 1842 (dau of Samuel Corey)
Children- Nelson S., Normand, Orendoro M., Mariette, Elizabeth, Jasper and Jennie
m. (2) Mrs. Ann Pike 10 May 1885. Her children- Hattie, Philena, 
Alvira, Lucy, John, James, Elnora, Isolia, & Betsey J. d. age 34
J. J. RUSSELL b. 1830 Franklin Co MA; (Res. Jefferson); Co. B, 13th Illijois Infantry - Civil War
m. Mary McDuffie  Oct. 1868 (b. NY) Children- Helen
NORMAN F. RUSSELL b. 9 Aug 1844 Boone Co IL, son of Caleb Russell; (Res. Junction twp.); Co. I, 26th Iowa Infantry- Civil War
m. Lucy Pike 18 May 1867 (dau of Abram Pike)
Children- Nellie F., Nelson L. and Clarence R. Clarence Grubbs, son of Mrs. Russell's dec'd sister, also raised by the Russells 
SAMUEL S. RUTTER b. 5 March 1852 Lancaster Co PA, son of Jonathan Rutter (Res. Dana)
m. Altha Chipman 4 Jan 1883 (dau of Ansel Chipman of Kankakee Co IL) 
Children- Fred C. and Gilbert E.
JAMES SANDERS b. 25 Dec 1829 South Wales, son of  James Sanders (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Ann Downey 2 May 1856 in England (dau of John Downey)
Children- William T., James, Harry, Annie m. Clem Edson, Charley, Lillie, May, Rosa, and one dec'd
MILTON C. SAYERS b. 7 Jan 1844 Miami Co OH, son of Thomas & Margaret (French) Sayers (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Henrietta Jones 22 Sept 1867 (b. 15 Oct 1845 Bureau Co IL, dau of Samuel & Miriam Jones
Children- Milton C. & Samuel J.
W. S. SCHERMERHORN b. 1833 Deerfield, Oneida Co NY , son of Evert & Margaret (Smith) 
Schermerhorn; Surgeon in 16th Wis. Inf.- Civil War; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Jane Loomis in New York  (b. Frankfort, Herkimer Co NY)
Children- Hattie m. L.L. Smullin, George, Grace & Mary
REESE G. SEAMAN b. 1 June 1844  Clinton Co OH, son of W.D. Seaman; (Res. Bristol twp.); Co. F, 88th Ohio Infantry - Civil War
m. Hattie Capps 23 April 1874 Adair Co MO (dau of Henry Capps)
Children- Henry W., Jonah V., James D., Nellie, and Edith
WILLIAM P. SEAMAN b. 23 Dec 1839 Springfield, IL, son of John & Jane (Broadwell) Seaman; (Res. Jackson twp.); Co. C, 11th Missouri Infantry - Civil War
m. (1) Amanda Seaman 1869 (dau of Isaac Seaman.  She d. 1871)
Children- Maggie Stella
m. (2) Sarah Capps (dau of Henry Capps)
Children- Florence, Bertha, Charles, and William
WILLIAM J. SEMMONS b. 4 Oct 1860 Cornwall, Eng., son of William Semmons (Res. Angus, 
Washington twp.)
m. Jennie Clayton 1 Oct 1885 (dau of James D. Clayton)
Children- Harry G.
AMON F. SHANNON b. 18 Oct 1848 Seneca Co OH, son of James & Amanda (Fairchild) Shannon; (Res.  Cedar twp.)
m. Sarah E. Barrett 18 Oct 1868 (b. Feb 1845 Guernsey Co OH, dau of Benjamin & Viola Barrett)
Children- Mary, & Ada
JOEL SHAW b. 27 Sept 1838 Butler Co OH, son of Joel & Mariam Shaw; (Res. Dawson twp.); Co. H, 76th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Livia Griffin 25 Sept 1867 (dau of Asa & Margaret (Schultz) Griffin)
Children- Charles J., Hester I., Mary A., Medford A., and Edith M.
WILLIAM SHEARMAN b. 6 Nov 1841 Lincolnshire, Eng., son of Matthew & Maria Shearman; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Elizabeth Holden 25 March 1873 Rock Island, IL (dau of Joseph Holden)
Children- William and Archie
DR. JOHN M. SHERMAN b. 8 May 1851 Switzerland Co IN, son of Haven Sherman; (Res. Paton); physician
m. Mary E. Burdette 19 Sept 1875 (dau of Joseph Burdette)
Children- Bertie A., Lemont A., and Joseph Guy
HORACE  SHIPMAN b. March 1828 Hartford, CT; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Susan Warren in CT (b. Hartford Co CT)
Children- none listed
JAMES SHREVE b. 12 Oct 1819 Brown Co OH, son of Caleb & Anna (Slack) Shreve (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Hester Ann (Argo) Shutter 8 Apr 1841 (b. Pickaway Co OH, dau of Alexander & Esther Argo)
Children- William H.H., Caleb Alexander, Nancy Armilda, Hannah Mary, Sarah Catherine, and Julia Ann
AARON SMITH b. 5 Sept 1851 Cook Co IL, son of Leonard & Mary (Shockey) Smith; (Res. Paton twp.)
m. Kate Will 29 April 1885 (dau of Christian Will)
Children- Della E.
JAMES W. SMITH b. 14 Nov 1839 DeWitt Co IL, son of Pleasant & Jane (Upton) Smith: (Res.  Grant twp.)
m. Susan A. Bell 30 May 1865 Sigourney, IA ( b. 1843 Westmoreland 
Co PA, dau of Watson Bell)
Children- nine children, seven sons & two daughters
PARDON ALONZO SMITH b. 1 Sept 1840 Ogle Co IL, son of Pardon & Jane (Maby) Smith; (Res. Scranton); 8th Iowa Volunteer Infantry- Civil War
       m. R. L. Alger 9 Feb 1865 (of Clinton Co IA)
Children- Lowrie, Arthur A., Claude D., Edith G., Mary Pearl, and Orrin Leo
ANTON SMITTLE b. 29 March 1825 Nassau, Ger., son of Anton Smittle; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Philipena Reichel 14 Nov 1847 Milwaukee, WI (dau of John Reichel)
Children- Charley, Pouise, Jacob, Catherine, Bina, Elizabeth, Mary, and Anton
JACOB A. SMITTLE b. 6 July 1850 Washington Co WI, son of Anton Smittle (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Eve Heisel 30 Nov 1870
Children- William J., Jacob M., Anton, Mary M., and one dec'd
GEORGE W. STATES b. 17 April 1850 Fairfield Co OH, son of Emanuel States (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Jennie Harman 26 Feb 1881 (b. 1860 Upper Canada)
Children- Burton J.
JAMES M. STEELE b. 24 June 1834 Bedford Co PA, son of Solomon & Fanny (Metzgar) Steele; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Hannah Maria Lower 1858 Muscatine Co IA (b. 1 Feb 1836 
Huntingdon Co PA, dau of Henry & Hannah (Steele) Lower)
Children- Marion L., Fanny, Harriet S., & Charley
W. R. STEVENS b. MA (Res. Grant twp.); 38th Ohio Infantry - Civil War
m. Editha Lord in IL (b. IL)
Children- one adopted son, not named
WILLIAM STEVENS b. 12 Feb 1823 Oswego Co NY, son of Joel & Margaret (Tannery) Stevens; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Mary  E. Carnrite  Jan 1844 (b. 7 Jan 1823  NY, dau of Peter & Annie E. Carnrite)
Children- Letta A.M.  m. George Gymer, Lillie O. m. John E. Dodge, Mariette A. m. Jay Barker, Williard S., Cora A. m. Miner Steele,
William H. and Carrie E., Laura A. m. Hugh McGeary & d. 1886, Effie M. d. 1874 age 7, Caroline E. d. 1848 age 2, Ernest E. d. 1864 age 11 days
MRS. LETITIA J. STEWARD b. 21 Aug 1842 Hancock Co OH, dau of William H. & Rebecca (Keys) Harrison; (Res. Grand Junction)
m. William Steward 14 Sept 1862 Jones Co IA (b. 31 July 1842 OH, son of Spencer Steward). William in Co. B, 9th Iowa Infantry- Civil War &  d. 5 July 1864 of typhoid fever
Children- Benjamin F.
EDWIN B. STILLMAN b. 4 Oct 1838 New Haven, CT; (Res. Jefferson)
m. Lizzie Bowman 1862 Royalton, VT
Children- Frank, Paul E., Lulu d. 1885
REV. LYMAN  STILSON b. 29 Jan 1805 Delaware Co NY now dec'd; (Res. Jefferson) missionary in Burma
m. (1) Lucretia Brownson (d. Aug 1851)
Children- dau m. ___ Turrill, N.P., Sarah L., and Miner T.- d. 1856
m.(2) M.A. Paine  Dec 1853 Nunda, NY (d. 30 Mar 1857)
m. (3) H.E.T. Wright 15 July 1858 (was a missionary)
Children- Charlie Lyman -d. 1883, and Edwin Parker - d. 1879
LEVI STOCKWELL b. 20 Jan 1826 Hadley, MA, son of Daniel & Mary (Gale) Stockwell; (Res. Hardin twp.)
m. Lydia Judd 15 April 1851 (b. Hampshire Co MA, dau of Simeon & Lydia (Day) Judd)
Children- Mary A., Harriet B., and William
PERRY C. STREAM b.27 March 1837 Licking Co OH, son of Elias & Mary Ann Stream; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Annie Langdon 18 Dec 1865 Linn Co. IA (dau of Luther Langdon)
Children- Thomas, Charles, Perry, Harry, and Mattie
WILLIAM C. STREAM b. 14 April 1834 Licking Co OH, son of Eli & Mary (Waters) Stream; 
(Res. Bristol twp.); Co. G, 24th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. (1) Mary Mathews 24 Dec 1868  (d. 5 Oct 1880)
Children- Maggie, Laura - d. 1886, Harvey, Orrin, Cora, Willie - d. age 8 days
m. (2) Rebecca (DeLong) Cairns 3 Oct 1881 (widow of Alexander Cairns)
Children- Maud Luella
Children of Rebecca & Alex Cairns- Ernest, and dec'd children Nellie, Mattie & Zonia
WILSON STREAM b. 10 April 1848 Licking Co OH, son of Elias & Mary Ann Stream; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Ophelia West 1 Jan 1878 (dau of Mrms. Rose West)
Children- Elsie Bell, Ida E., and Chauncey E.
WILLIAM STROUD b. Oct 1810 Oxfordshire, Eng., son of John & Catherine (Harris) Stroud; (Res. Willow twp.)
m. Mary Gunn 17 Jan 1833 (b. Aug 1810, dau of Thomas & Charlotta (Bolton) Gunn)
Children- Thomas, John, Charlotta, Lucy, Mary Ann, William, Jane, 
Catherine d. age 25, & dec'd infant
CHARLES H. SUYDAM b. 13 Jan 1837 Butler Co OH, son of Mathew Suydam; (Res. Rippey);   Co. E, 103rd Illinois Infantry- Civil War
m. Charlotte L. Cochrane  20 Jan 1864 (dau of John Cochrane)
Children- none listed
JOHN H. SWARTZENDRUVER b. 13 May 1827 MD, son of Christian Swartzendruver; d. 7 Aug 1881; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Mary Hurst 10 Nov 1858 Jackson Co IA (dau of John Hurst)
Children- Almeda m. James M. Scott, Elizabeth m. Harry Ebbles, John A., Amos M., Anna M., Albert H., Emma F., and Charles A.
JAMES H. TALLMAN b. Canal Winchester, OH, son of John Tallman; (Res. Paton twp.); Co. E, 31st Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. Landora J. Ristine 31 Dec 1868 (dau of John Ristine)
Children- Wilbur M., Gertie P. , and James O.
SAMUEL  M. TAYLOR b. 25 March 1838 Champaign Co IL, son of Joshua & Nancy (More) Taylor; (Res. Grant twp.) 
m. Mrs. Frances Correy (dau of Joseph Collins)
Children- Rosettie C. and Nancy A.
m. Ann Elizabeth Tilton (b. 1851 OH, dau of David Tilton)
Children- Samuel M., William Arthur, and Ariel Adolphus
THOMAS M. TERRILL b. 18 May 1850 Ohio Co WVa, son of Daniel & Tabitha (Hemphill) Terrill; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Lydia M. Hill 6 Nov 1879 (dau of John Hill)
Children- Katie M., Otis W., Geneva I., and William D.
JOHN R. THOMAS b. 7 April 1849 Wales, son of John T. Thomas (Res. Angus, Washington twp.) - unmarried
LEWIS B. THOMAS b. 26 Nov 1833 Luzerne Co PA, son of Benjamin D. Thomas; (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Mary M. Jones 25 Dec 1862 (dau of Thomas T. Jones)
Children- Harvey L., Ira B., Albert E., Orville, Edna M., Lewis J. , and three children dec'd
C. W. THOMPSON b. 26 April 1840 Westmoreland Co PA, son of James & Jane (Park) Thompson; (Res. Kendrick twp.); Co. A, 13th Iowa Infantry- Civil War
m. Matilda Latimer 12 Aug 1866 (b. IN)
Children- Maggie Belle, Josie A., Charlie W., Pleasie, Henry S., Lizzie, and infant son unnamed
GEORGE W. THOMPSON b.1850 Jackson Co IN, son of James H. & Ann Thompson; (Res. Grant twp.)
m. Ella Meath in IL (dau of Thomas &amp; Anna Meath)
Children - Harry-d. age 16 months, Blanche, May, Albert, Augusta, 
Anna, Ellen, Paul d. age 7
LINDEN S. THOMPSON b. 20 July 1839 NC, son of Berry & Mary Thompson&nbsp; (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. A. Gibson 17 Feb 1859 Des Moines, IA (b. 9 Aug 1842 Delaware Co IN, dau of Elisha & Betsey Gibson)
Children- John Wesley, Nathan E., Betsey A., William E., Edith A., Levi W., Calista J. -d. age 14, Julia Ann d. age 7, Joseph d. early childhood, 
Sarah E. & Mary L. d. early childhood
WILLIAM A. THOMPSON b. 1837 Richland Co OH, son of John Thompson; (Res. Grant twp.)
m. (1) Martha J. Wright (b. Lee Co IA, d. 11 Aug 1879)
Children- August C., Mary I., William H., and Bessie Centennial
m. (2) Matilda (Nuterfee) Richardson (dau of Golston S. Nuterfee)
       Children- none listed
JAMES THORNTON b. 1815 OH; (Res. Grant twp.)
m. Jane Parker  in MI (b. 1825 OH)
Children- Jesse, Mary Ann m. Charles Mattison, J. Parker, Lydia, Nathan, James, and George
ISOM TOLIVER b. 29 July 1814 Ashe Co. NC, son of John & Anna Toliver;  (Res. 
Bristol twp.)
m. Matilda Reynolds 1836 Owen Co IN<br>
Children - 11, four sons & one daughter died before age 21; John H., Gillum S., Jacob M., James C., Doctor R., Tarry J. (fem.) & Isom M.
JAMES TOWERS b. 3 May 1839 Scot., son of Walter & Jane (Watson) Towers; (Res. Highland twp.)
m. Margaret Wilson 1862 in WI (b. 20 July 1840 Scot., dau of John & Marion Wilson)
Children- Marion Blanch, John, James R., Walter, David W., Francis Harvey d. 1874, Lewis Watson, and Margaret Jane
H. A. TURRILL b. 1839 Livingston Co NY, son of J.G. Turrill; (Res. Jefferson); Co. G, 211th Pennsylvania Infantry - Civil War
m. Mary E. Stilson 14 April 1868 Nunda, NY (b. 1843 Burmah, dau of Rev. Lyman Stilson)
Children- Gardner L., Mary L., Boyd D. d. 1874 in infancy, and Willie
I. N. VADER b. 1822 Genesee Co NY, son of Jacob & Elizabeth Vader; (Res.  Kendrick twp.); First Battalion, New York Sharpshooters- Civil War
m. (1) Lodema Rider 1842 (b. Vt., dau of Benjamin Rider.  She d. 12 April 1882)
Children- Martin, Jacob, Daniel, Frank, Palmer, Elizabeth, and Sylvia
m. (2) Mrs. Maryette Kingsbury 20 Aug 1882 (b. Cattaraugus Co NY, dau of Ira & Sarah (Wickson) Rice)
Children- none listed
JOHN W. VADER b. 1859 Henry Co IL (Res. Scranton)
m. Cynthia A. Clopton 15 Jan 1880 Greene Co IA (b. 1855 Greene Co IA, dau of Isaac Clopton) 
Children- Leo C. and Clara B.
THOMAS W. VANCE b. 14 Feb 1837 Adams Co OH, son of Wilson & Sarah Ann (Kincade) Vance (Res. Bristol twp.) Co. I, 91st Ohio Infantry- Civil War
m. Arabel Jarvis 26 Feb 1860 (b. 13 Jan 1841 Adams Co OH)
Children- Martha W. m. H.E. Jones & d. 1880, Mary Emma, James E., Charles W., John R. and Thomas K.
WILLIAM H. VEST b. 21 Aug 1851 Highland Co OH, son of Peter M. Vest (Res. Dana)
m. Isabel Garey 3 July 1873 (dau of Tipton G)
Children- Virginia, Peter, Edith, Theodore, and two dec'd children
HORACE WALRAD b. 10 Sept 1844 DeKalb Co IL, son of Daniel &amp; Ann (Mullen) Walrad (Res. Kendrick twp.) Co. B, 55th Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Mary Marinda Jane Mowry 4 June 1874 (b. OH, dau of P.W. & Miranda (Morgan) Mowry
Children- Daniel Irven and Walter M. Waland Walrad
CHARLES WALTON b. 6 Feb 1859 Toronto, Can., son of John Walton (Res. Paton)
m. Anna L. Marker  7 Oct 1883 (dau of Martin V. Marker)
Children- Irene Blanche d. age 14 months
ELIAS S. WARD b. 6 Sept 1841 NJ, son of Benjamin & Harriet Ward; (Res. Greenbrier twp.); Co. D, 52nd Illinois Infantry - Civil War
m. Phebe Bedford 31 Oct 1866 (b. MI, dau of Peter & Caroline (Cole) Bedford)
Children- Fiianta J., Clayton, E., Cora E., Edna M. Minnie Ette-dec., and Nettie May- dec.
DR. SAMUEL E. WARNER b. Erie Co NY  - a dentist; (Res. Jefferson)
GEORGE WATSON b. 11 Nov 1850 Durham Co. Eng., son of Robert Watson (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Fannie Furness summer 1873 McKeesport, PA (b. Eng., dau of John Furness)
Children- John, Grace, and Amzi- dec'd
CHARLES W. WAY b. 14 May 1822 New London Co. CN, son of Daniel M. & Catherine (Woodworth) Way; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Chastine Clemens 13 March 1849 Lamoille Co VT (b. 21 July 1823 
Lamoille Co VT, dau of Lewis & Lucy Clemens)
Children- Nellie m. F.M. McClure, and Nettie M.
GEORGE A. WEATHERSON b. 18 Aug 1854 OH, son of Luke Weatherson; (Res. Junction twp.)
m. Mary Gunn 31 Jan 1882 (dau of Charles Gunn)
Children-  Huldah, dec'd]
JAMES H. WEATHERSON b. 3 March 1858 Jackson Co IA, son of Luke & Nancy (Higley) Weatherson; (Res. Junction twp.) 
m. Bettie J. Colby  3 March 1880 (dau of Charles Colby)
Children- Charles A., Delia B., Luvia M. & one deceased child
ALFRED C. WELLS b. 25 April 1844 Scott Co IA; (Res. Dawson twp.); served 4 years in Civil War - Co. not listed
m. Eliza McCully 11 April 1868 (b. 25 July 1845 PA, dau of James & Jane McCully)
Children- Charles E.
DANIEL WESSLING b. 17 Nov 1855 Northfield, Cook Co IL, son of Henry Wessling; (Res. Paton twp.)
       m. Julia A. Rockenbach 3 June 1880 (dau of Philip Rockenbach)
Children- Clarence L., Della I., Mamie M. and D. Raymond
DR. BENJAMIN F. WEST b. 22 April 1858 Crawfordsville, IN, son of Thomas J. West; (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Mary Graham 12 Sept 1881 (dau of Nathan Graham)
Children- Harold, Wilson W. d. of burns
MILO B. WESTERVELT b. 8 Dec 1856 Franklin Co OH, son of James & Kate (Knox) Westervelt
m. Rose Diemer 12 Sept 1883 (b. 12 Sept 1860 Wayne Co, IA, dau of 
John & Sarah Diemer)
Children- Alanson K. &amp; Milo B. (Res. Bristol twp.)
JOHN P. WHERRY b. 23 Feb 1835 Guernsey Co OH, son of John & Catherine (Bonnell) Wherry; (Res. Cedar twp.)
m. Lucinda E. Coon 24 Dec 1862 Jones Co IA (b. 1 July 1844, dau of S. & M. Coon)
Children- Dora A., Elmer E., Ellen J., Ida H., and Emma A.
OLIVER J. WHITE b. 1830 Berkshire Co MA , son of Jedediah White; (Photo available); (Res. Jefferson)
m. Sarah Ann Stiles 1861 Greene Co. IA (dau of Job Stiles)
Children- Volney d. age 13 months, Ed Grant, Fred C., Elsie E., Osa R. & Harley A.
SAMUEL WHITESIDE b. 30 Oct 1840 Toronto, Can., son of William Whiteside; (Res. Junction twp.); Co. L, First Colorado Cavalry- Civil War
m. Sarah Follett 7 Oct 1873 (dau of Daniel Follett)
Children- George, William, Samuel, Clarence, & Kate
GEORGE W. WIANT b. 2 Dec 1846 Tuscarawas Co OH, son of Andrew Jesse Wiant; (Res. Washington twp.); (Photo available)  Co. C, 189th Ohio Infantry- Civil War
m. Louisa A. Potts 26 Feb 1871 (dau of Jesse P. Potts)
Children- Cora Emeline, and two other dec'd.
S. W. WIGGINS b. 10 March 1844 Stephenson Co IL, son of Levi & Betsey (Morton) Wiggins; (Res. Cooper)  Co. K, 16th Wisconsin Infantry - Civil War
m.(1) Frances Cleveland 1869
Children- Edith and Ellen Frances
m. (2) Mary O. Smith 1881
Children- Elsie, Walter, and Ethel
MARION WIGHT b.17 May 1837 Allegany Co NY, son of Zial & Caroline (VanBuren) Wight; (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Clara White (dau of Stephen &amp; Hannah (Felt) White)
Children- Louisa, Samuel, & Mary
JOHN WILKINSON b. 1839 Holmes Co OH; (Res. Jefferson); Co. K, 11th Iowa Infantry - Civil War
m. (1) Margaret Neeley Cedar Co IA (d. Sept 1880 Greene Co IA)
Children- seven, five of whom are living
m. (2) Viola (Marquand) Schnebly
CHRISTIAN WILL b. 7 Jan 1822 Berne, Ger., son of Nicholas Will; (Res. Paton twp.)
m. Elizabeth Terfler 7 June 1854 (dau of Adam Terfler)<br>
Children- Nicholas, George, John, John B., Kate, Christian, and Emma
JOHN D. WILLIAMS b.  1 March 1853 Mahoning Co OH, son of David Williams; (Res. Angus, Washington twp.)
m. Mary Powell 11 Sept 1875 (dau of James R. Powell of Panora)
Children- Clyde, Jennie, Harry and Eva M.
M. WILLIAMS b. 12 March 1838 Washington Co NY, son of Benjamin & Ann (Hopkins) Williams; (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Elizabeth McMurray 29 Jan 1861 (b. Washington Co NY, dau of 
Robert & Elizabeth (McFadden) McMurray
Children- Chester M. and R. B.
J. B. WILLIAMSON b. 17 July 1846 Jones Co IA, son of John & Sarah (Boyd) Williamson; (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Josie Clark  2 Jan 1877 (b. PA, dau of William Clark)  She d. 22 June 1881
Children- Miranda E. and Herbert H.
JAMES J. WILLIAMSON b. 31 Jan 1843 Madison Co OH, son of James Williamson; (Res. Washington twp.)
m. Elizabeth Greene 25 Sept 1866 (dau of Joseph Greene)
Children- Lura, Olive, James G., Martha, Ellen, Marshall, and four children dec'd
JOHN WILSON b. 29 July 1848 Henry Co IA, son of John & Mary (Thomas) Wilson; (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Evaline Hockett 29 Nov 1873 (b. Henry Co IA, dau of Nathan & Elizabeth (Cook) Hockett)
Children- John Ralph, Nathan Herbert, Mary Eva, and Walter Alfred
SAMUEL E. WILSON b. 13 Jan 1841 Grafton Co NH, son of William & Almira Wilson; (Res. Bristol twp.); Co. H, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry - Civil War
m. Mrs. Amy Standish 23 May 1867 Richland Co WI (b. 4 April 1843 - Iowa Co WI)
Children- Harold E., Elmer I., and dec'd children John, Jessie and Abbie
WILLIAM WILSON b. 1813 Grafton Co NH, son of Daniel & Rebecca Wilson; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Almira Everett in NH (b. 1814 Hanover, NH)
Children- Samuel, Nathaniel H., Daniel W., Sarah m. Thomas Woodard, M.D. Starring, Alice m. Daniel Conant, Addie m. George W. Day, and Rufus A.
BENJAMIN WINKELMAN b. 17 Aug 1818 Canton Berne, Switz., son of Benjamin & Catherine Winkelman; (Res. Grant twp.)
m. (1) Margaret Phoner (Panager) 1843 Cincinnati, OH (b. Ger., d. 1854 IL)
Children- Catherine, John, and Fred
m. (2) Angeline Bush Feb. 1855 (b. March 1824)
Children- James, Susan, Martha, and William Sherman, & dec'd children Mary m. James Ganoe, & Ella d. 1885
ROBERT WOOD b.20 June 1830 Rutland Co VT, son of Samuel S. & Eliza (Niles) Wood; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. Samantha J. Briggs (b. 30 June 1831 VT, dau of Caleb & Alsina Briggs)
Children- Edmund S., Elmer A., Fidelia D. m. H.C. Parker, Elias R., & Lillie May m. William Kinsman
BURCH G. WOODS b. 27 July 1859 Adams Co OH, son of Isaac Woods; (Res. Surry, Washington twp.)
m. Eliza Mansell 8 Feb 1883 (dau of John Mansell)
Children- Clara and Lucy
CHARLES A. WOODS b. 18 Aug 1843 OH, son of Thomas & Mary A. (Latta) Woods
m. Mary H. Potts May 1863  (b. 3 Nov 1846 Pittsburg, PA, dau of David & Mary (Patterson) Potts; (Res. Franklin twp.)
Children- Minnie, Charles, John, Harry, Cora, Maud , & Ethel
ERVIN WRIGHT b. 27 June 1831 Putnam Co IN, son of Elijah & Susannah Wright; (Res. Jackson twp.)
m. Delilah M. Beck 26 Aug 1849 Putnam Co IN (b. 30 Oct 1827 Washington Co IN, dau of William & Susannah Beck)
Children- William S., John H., Louise J. m. ___ McClurg, Hester Ann m. ___ Tomson, Sarah F. m. ___ Raaz, and Ervin O.
Dec'd are Wilson M., Nathan M., Julia E., Rosetta A. and three children d. in infancy
GEORGE W. WRIGHT b. 27 Sept 1827 Oneida Co NY, son of Aaron & Catharine Wright; (Res. Bristol twp.)
m. ___ (DeLong ) Gass  (b. 3 Feb 1837, dau of Henry & Martha 
(Matheny) DeLong & widow of Jackson Gass)
Children- Henry, Sarah Catherine m. James Marble, James M., Martin M., Lucy C. & Martha Ann
WILLIAM YATES b. 24 Dec 1818 Stokes Co NC, son of William & Martha (Durham) Yates    (Res. Kendrick twp.)
m. Louisa Brock 6 June 1844 (b. TN, dau of Allen & Sarah (Johnson) Brock)
Children- Sarah L., Nancy E., Lydia A., Clara A.; and Mary E., Laura E., Martha Jane, Clarinda, and unnamed baby- all dec.
FELIX W. YOUNG b. 1823 KY (Res. Bristol twp.) Father-in-law of Edward Buchmiller (above) - no other information
HENRY A. YOUNGMAN b. 28 Oct 1820 Union Co PA, son of Elias Youngman (Res. Grand Junction) 
m. Sarah Okes 12 Oct 1843 (b. Lycoming Co PA, dau of Joseph Oakes)
Children- Elias P., Joseph O., Mary A., Elmira, and four children dec.
WILSON D. ZAVITZ b. 13 Sept 1846 Ontario, Can., son of George & Jeanette (Hann) Zavitz (Res. Junction twp.) - unmarried
HILLBURN ZEITLER b. 13 June 1837 PA, son of John &amp; Mary (Schloneker) Zeitler        (Res. Hardin twp.) Co. A, 5th Iowa Infantry- Civil War
m. Catherine Brown  16 Feb 1865 (b. 30 Aug 1840 OH, dau of William & Susan (Ellis) Brown)
Children- none listed
A. ZELLER b. 13 Nov 1835 Montgomery Co NY, son of Nicholas Zeller (Res. Franklin twp.)
m. Fidelia Lathrop 17 April 1867 (dau of Carlos &amp; Tamerson (Kilbourn) Lathrop) 
Children- Willard and Wilbur, twins
JAMES ZELLER b. 23 Dec 1822 Montgomery Co NY, son of Nicholas & Catherine (Reed) Zeller (Res. Greenbrier twp.)
m. Sally Ann Dillinbeck 6 March 1845 (b. Montgomery Co NY, dau of 
Jonas & Eva (Walrod) Dillinbeck
Children- Oscar, Lafayette, Homer A., Nancy A. d. age 23, Mary C. d. age 3, James Henry d. age 13 months, and John A. d. age 15 months
REV. GEORGE ZELLHOEFER b. 1 April 1818 Byren, Ger.    d. 17 June 1885  Grand Junction, IA (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Fredrica Tartsch Oct. 1848 (dau of Gottlieb Tartsch)
Children- Christina, William, John, George, August, Mary, Emma, Caroline, Edward, Sarah, and One child dec.
WILLIAM F. ZELLHOEFER b. 22 Sept 1851 Jefferson Co WI, son of George &amp; Frederica (Tartsch)Zellhoefer<br> (Res. Grand Junction)
m. Ellen A. Thompson 26 Dec 1875 (dau of John Thompson)<br>
Children- Guy W., Bertha, and Forrest
STEPHEN ZIMMERMAN b. 6 Nov 1847 Columbia Co PA, son of Christian  & Sarah (Gearhart) Zimmerman (Res. Scranton twp.)
m. Elizabeth Wood 24 Oct 1872 (b. 16 Feb 1854 NY)
Children- Effie Helen, Medora V.- d. age 18 mo., Maud Jessie, Lee 
Wood- d. age 5, Homer Warren and infant son not named 

Source: Biographical and Historical Record of Greene and Carroll Counties, Iowa, Lewis Publishing Company, 1887.

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