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"The Price of Our Heritage"


In memory of the

Heroic Dead of the

168th Infantry




Forward: Dedicated to the Gold Star Mothers of America
 1. Chaplain Winfred E. Robb  (author) Photo
Chapter I: History of the Old Third Iowa
 1. General James Rush Lincoln, Colonel, 3rd Iowa 1900 to 1909
 2. Colonel John C. Loper, Colonel, 3rd Iowa from 1897 until November 1899
 3. Old Iowa Third in camp at Presidio, California Summer of 1898
 4. First Lieutenant Ernest R. Bennett, 51st Iowa Volunteers, 1898
Chapter II: Organization
 1. Colonel Ernest R. Bennett, Colonel commanding 168th Infantry
 2. Colonel Mathew A. Tinley, Colonel, 168th Infantry, September 1918
 3. Views going over     
 4. Honor Roll of Boys who Died Going Over, Page 26-37
Chapter III: First Hitch up in Lorraine
 1. Our First "Hitch" Up in Lorraine
 2. Scenes in Lorraine
 3. Another Page of Lorraine Views
 4. Honor Roll, Battle of Alsace Lorraine, Page 46-101
Chapter IV: Champagne Defense
 1. Scenes in Champagne
 2. "On Ne Passe Pass"
 3. Effects of Boche Shelling -- Champagne
 4. Honor Roll, Those who Fell in Champagne, Page 117-153
Chapter V: Chateau- Thierry Drive 
 1. "Up by Chateau Thierry"
 2. Around Chateau Theirry
 3. Honor Roll, The Awful Toll of Chateau Thierry, Page 161-275
Chapter VI: Reducing the St. Mihiel Salient
Chapter VII: Argonne Offensive
Chapter VIII: Drive to Sedan
Chapter IX: Occupation of the Rhine
Chapter X: Our Reception in Iowa