"Fremont County, Iowa; Look-up Volunteers"

Fremont County, Iowa

Look-up Volunteers

When requesting a look-up, please remember, look-up volunteers are trying to help you. Be specific, please be polite. Volunteers are hard to come by. Please remember to say "Thank You" for the volunteer doing their best to assist you.

If you request a photocopy and mailing, remember to reimburse the Lookup Volunteer for the cost of copying and mailing your record to you. DON'T expect them to automatically do it for you for free. 
Thank You.

Resource Volunteer
Fremont County Cemetery Record Book"; 1982, printed by the Fremont County Historical Society
    Penny Stewart
Fremont County Database of Early Residents"; Held by Terry Girardot
    Terry Girardot
A Biographical History of Fremont and Mills Counties, Iowa, 1901
    Karyn Techau
Our Service Folk, Tabor, Iowa; Compiled by United Service Women of America
    Karyn Techau
Tabor College (1866-1927); including yearbooks, catalogs, newspapers, & student/faculty records
    Harry Wilkins, Tabor Historical Society
Fremont County Historical & Genealogical Society, has a variety of resources. $25 donation.
    Sandra Bengtson
Who's Who in Iowa, Iowa Press Association, Des Moines, Iowa; 1940 "Index"
    Mona Knight
Willing to help with genealogy research on Fremont county relatives
    Bob Jenkins

If you have any Fremont County reference material to share, please contact the Fremont County Coordinator to have your name and reference added to our list of volunteers. It will really be appreciated. Thank You.

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