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Alumni & Ex-students
of Iowa State College
Ames, Iowa

~contributed by S. Ferrall

Aldrich, Leon E.

Class of 1914, Bachelor of Science in Agronomy Dows

Allison, Chas. J.

Ex-student Hampton

Barney, Fayette C.

Class of 1914, Bachelor of Science in Dairy Hampton

Hunt, Jno. M.

Ex-student, 1909 Ackley

Loveland, Irving E.

Class of 1914, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Dows

Mack, Geo. H.

Class of 1908 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Hampton

Mallory, A.E.

Ex-student, 1909 Hampton

Reeve, Emily A.

Class of 1883, Bachelor of Science Hampton

Robinson, Ella nee French

Class of 1896, Bachelor of Science Hampton

Rosengren, M.W.

Ex-student Ackley

Rust, Heike A.

Ex-student Sheffield

Scantleberry, E.C.

Ex-student, 1907 Hampton

Wood, Arthur L.

Class of 1902, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Hampton


~source: The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
~transcriber notes:
1) Ex-students were not defined. I believe they were students who attended and would have graduated with the indicated graduating class, had they finished.
2) Addresses given were those known in 1914, not at the time of graduation. Researchers may find others from Franklin co. who had moved by 1914 by browsing the full list of names: Visit the Iowa History Project for the full list of Alumni & Ex-students



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