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Fairfield School, Fairfield Township


Source and Informational Background


Designed For

Recording The Attendance, Punctuality And Deportment
Of Each Pupil Belonging To The School


Latest And Improved Edition

Entered According To Act Of Congress,

In The Year 1861 By O. Adams, In The Clerk's Office Of The District Court, 

Of The United States, For The Northern District Of Illinois

Rockford, ILL,

Published By Adams & Blackmer, 1862


Manufactured by Culver, Page & Hoyne, Blank Book Manufacturers and Stationers,
128 and 130 Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois




The Adams' School Register is for Fairfield School in Fairfield Township, near the extinct town of Taylorsville near present-day Arlington.


A little history of the location and discover of this register.

For additional information on the please visit the "Saga of Taylorsville".


I wish now to explain how this old record came into my possession. In Iowa living about 6 miles from old Taylorsville I have three cousins who buy old furniture and other antiques. In some old boxes left of the Geo Doan estate was found this register. I was in Iowa at the home of these cousins and they kindly let me have this book because I saw my fatherís name in it. Geo Doan was school director many years. His belongings had been kept intact by his daughter Carrie Doan and at her death some things were purchased by the Crawford bros., Ross, Jim & Bill.

                                                                                                                Charles L. Robbins, 1946


The original register is very fragile and is now in the possession of Dale Robbins. Dale would like to donate the document to an interested party such as the West Union Historical Society. If you are interested please contact: dale_robbins@hotmail.com.


It should also be noted that the original register is not indexed. The alphabetical surname index was transcribed and prepared by Dale Robinson.

~ contributed by Dale D. Robbins, Dale_robbins@hotmail.com

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