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West Union Gazette


06 May 1898 - Pg. 1

"Fayette - This week we have two weddings. On Tuesday, at the home of the bride, John Nolan and Ella Crim were united in marriage. Wednesday afternoon Carrie Mitchell and Ross Finney were made one and went to their future home at Randalia where Mr. Finney lately established a grocery store."

"Born to Dr. Conrad and wife, Thursday, April 28, a daughter."

"Fairfield - L. Meisgier is the proud papa of a bouncing baby boy."

"Married - Roy Kimball and Nellie Kohler. The young people are well and favorably known."


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13 May 1898 - Pg. 4

"Married, at West Union, May 11, by J. J. Berkey, J. P., Frank Jones, of Auburn, and Lottie Augir, of Maynard."

"Married, Monday evening, at the M. E. parsonage, by Rev. Gammons, Mr. Schuyler Barnhouse and Miss Grace Cullins. May they live long and prosper is the Gazette's wish."

"Married, at West Union, Iowa, May 7th, 1898, by J. J. Berkey, J. P., James L. Bartlett and Mary Burnside, both of Brainard, this county."


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20 May 1898

"Fayette - A perfect bicycle furor has struck Fayette this spring. There were already a great many in town, but the new ones run the number into the hundreds. Two dealers had a lively business. There are also several tandems, and their possibilities are just becoming appreciated by the young people."

Page 4

"Mr. O. A. McFarland was very agreeably surprised Wednesday by the arrival of his uncle R. W. McFarland from Oklahoma whom he had not seen for 19 years. R. W. McFarland served three years in the Union Army during the Civil War and participated in many of the hardest battles. At Dallas, Ga., May 25, '64 he lost his left leg in battle. After the war he removed to Fayette county, Iowa, where he resided for 10 years at Waucoma and West Union. For the past nineteen years he has resided in Kansas and Oklahoma. It is needless to say that his relatives and many friends in this and Fayette county will be very glad to see him. - New Hampton Gazette"

"Vivian Pearl Bishop, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bishop of Elkader was born Friday, May 67th and died Tuesday, May 10th. Funeral services occurred at the family residence on the 11th inst."


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27 May 1898 - Pg. 1

"A list of veterans buried in local cemeteries whose
graves will be decorated for Memorial Day.

War of 1812 - West Union Cemetery

J. W. Foster Enoch Baldwin
H. F. Smith Joseph Chilton
Lawrence Rosier (my G-G-G Grandfather)

Civil War - West Union Cemetery

Louis Mevelier - Co. A 8 Ill Inf. Wm. Cox - Co. F. 3 Iowa Inf.
A. P. White - Co. G 38 Iowa Inf. J. L. Sawyer - Co. F. 3 Iowa Inf.
E. M. Owens - Co. E. 10 Minn Inf. J. S. Brewer - Co. F 7 Iowa Cav.
W. S. Hand - Co. F 4 Minn Inf. A. C. Smith - Co. F 9 Iowa Inf.
F. H. Folsom - Co. ? 7 Minn Inf. J. M. Detrick - Co. E 9 Iowa Cav.
W. E. Talmadge - Co. B 7 Iowa Inf. E. M. Howell - Co. I 77 Ill Inf.
R. A. Bishop - Co. K. 37 Iowa Inf. C. L. Loomis - Co. C 6 Iowa Cav.
G. B. Parker - Co. ? 5 Iowa Cav. T. V. Bogart - Co. ? 3 Wis Cav
A. W. Davis - Co. G 38 Iowa Inf. Isaac Wells - Co. F. 3 Iowa Inf.
Daniel Cowle - Co. A 1 Ohio Art. Lewis Armstrong - Co. H 38 Iowa Inf.
Milo Lacy - Co F 7 Iowa Cav. Miles Riley - Co. F 9 Iowa Inf.
D. P. Campbell - Co F 3 Iowa Inf. & Co. F. 38 Ia Inf. James Stewart - Co. C 12 Iowa Inf.
S. G. Linnell - Co. E 9 Iowa Cav. Jacob Swank - Co. F. 3 Iowa Inf.
H. Clements - Co. F 38 Iowa Inf. G. H. Miller - Co. F 3 Iowa Inf.
Chas. Wilbur - Co. ? 9 Iowa Inf. E. R. Zeigler - in a Penn Reg.
J. C. Smith - Co. F 38 Iowa Inf. M. Abbott - not known
J. B. Finch - Co. K 37 Iowa Inf. R. McMullen - Co. G 38 Iowa Inf.
O. C. Taylor - Co. L 1st N.Y. Art. E. N. Phillips - Co. H 18 Iowa Inf.

Civil War - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Justin Wombacher - Co. G 67 Penn. Inf. Joseph Rideneour - Co. I 18 Iowa Inf.
James Bloomfield - Co. I 48 Ind. Inf. Jessie Butler - Co. A 38 Iowa Inf.
Wash Bloomfield - not known J. B. Hobson - USN - Florida War

Civil War - Catholic Cemetery - Dennis Hart Co. A 38 Iowa Inf."

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