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December 6, 1951



Mrs. A. J. Fox and her sister, Mrs. Jake Collier, left for Mrs. Collier's home in Olympia, Washington. Mrs. Collier and Mrs. Jennie Smith of Hawkeye had been spending three weeks in the home of Mrs. A. J. Fox. 


Shakespeare Club Met Thursday 

The members of the Shakespeare Club met last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. A. Richards. Mrs. George Brown gave a book review "Inuk" by Roger bulliard.


The next meeting will be held December 13 at the home of Mrs. A. J. Fox. Mrs. W. A. Richards will have charge of the program. The meeting will be a Christmas silver tea. The speical funds of the club will go to the children's home for Christmas gifts for the children.


December 20, 1951 


Shakespeare Club Hears Reviews of Two Books of Oelwein, Miss Florence Ritchie of Westgate, and Mrs. Charles Holmes of West Union were present from out-of-town. The club was invited to meet with Mrs. Vern Rowland in March 1953.


Twelve members of the Shakespeare club met with Mrs. A. J. Fox Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. W. A. Richards gave a book review "The Hickory Limb" by A. C. McCarthan. Mrs. George Brown also gave a book review "Dates by Doors" by Doris Killmore. Refreshments were served after a brief business meeting. The next meeting will be held January 3 at the home of Mrs. V. T. Smith.


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