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April 5, 1951

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Red Cross Quota short Nearly $100.00

March is designated as Red Cross month and Mrs. Fox with her corps of workers has been attempting to raise a quota of $450 for the town of Fayette and Westfield towndhip. To date there is a shortage of nearly $100. Bad weather and roads have been a handicap. In an appeal to the to the people for help in making the quota Mrs. Fox said:

"If you are one of those who haven't been contact or if you've decided you should contribute more why not see me or leave the money at the bank this week? do you want the man in uniform or the victim of disaster to feel you are not baking him? Surley this territory can raise '$450."


April 19, 1951

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First Methodist Church

Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Electa Circle of W.S.C.S. meets in the home of Mrs. A. J. Fox with Miss Harriet Ranney serving as a hostess.


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