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December 19, 1946


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Many People Attend L.P.A. Christmas Tea


The Christmas Tea at the home of Pres. and Mrs. V. T. Smith, sponsored by the L.P.A. was attended by more than a hundred ladies and gentlemen, which is proof of the popularity of the events planned by the association.


The president's home was beautifully decorated with wags, sprays and wreaths, which were made of pine, evergreen, holly, and autumn leaves, each artistic for holiday decoration. Those were made by Misses Amy Leigh and Margaret Paine and were sold to add to the receipts of the day.


The program in the afternoon consisted of a violin solo by Prof.  Louis Molloy, accompanied by a group of carols sung by U.I.U. students under the direction of Duane Kos. Carolers were Zelda Brockmeyer, Carol Reed, helen Louise Knos, Gladys Burnett, Oliver Yelland, Bill McGregor, Edmund Busta [?], Allen Bramello, Lucille Knos.


In the evening Prof. Parten presented on the piano a gorup of favorite selections, appropriate to the Yuletide season, and a brass sextette played several old famliar hymns. Sextette musicians were Robert Andreas, Gordon Luedike, Ed Busta, Phil Cole, Janet Page, Patricia Aulwes [?].


At the table, lovely in Christmas attire, hot mulled fruit juice and doughnuts were served. Mrs. F. A. Kiel and Mrs. Artie Bray poured during the afternoon and Mrs. C. R. Carpenter in the evening.


Mrs. E. A. Billings was door hostess and Mrs. A. J. Fox was in charge of the selling. there were a number of out of town guests. --MERRY CHRISTMAS--


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