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March 8, 1945 


A chapter of the Order of De Molay was instituted here. Twenty-one members of the New Hampton Order and seven members of the advisory council came to help get the organization started. Twenty-two young men formed Orion chapter. They were Robert Fox, Arthur Carpenter, Fred Lyford, John Lyford, Eugene Harvey, Arthur Robinson, Marcus Baker, John Carvey, Lowell Pinch, Harold Watkins, Howard Hartman, Edward Robinson, Maynard Baker, Charles Huffman [Hoffman?] Foryst Wells, Clifford Holtzman, Norman Clothier, Earle Pattison, Lester Spatcher, Edwward Ashbaugh, Winfield Fawcett, Guy Bennington.


~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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