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 December 11, 1941

Officers of W.S.C.S. Were Elected Dec. 3

At the group meeting of the W.S.C.S. held Wednesday, Dec 3, at the parsonage, a very fine talk was given by Dr. N. W. McGee of the U.I.U. faculty. A group of vocalists from the college, under the direction of Prof. Everett Hendericks, favored the company with Christmas Carols.

Election of officers for the ensuing year took place, resulting as follows:

Pres. Mrs. Howard Stranahan. Vice-pres. Mrs. K. G. Fox. Rec. Sec., Mrs. W. E. Heiserman. Cor. Sec., Mrs. E. A. Billings. Treas., Mrs. Paul Potter. Vice-Pres. of Local Service, Mrs. L. A. Wooldrdige. Vice-pres. of Missionary Education, Mrs. Margaret Collett.

Other officers, appointed by the president are:  Sec. of Literature and Publication, Mrs. J. D. Parker; Sec. of Supplies, Mrs. M. R. Baker; Sec. of Young Women's Work, Mrs. W. H.  Walker; Sec. of Spiritual Life, Mrs. F. B. Claxton.

Divisional meetings of the W. S. C. S., which will be held Wednesday, Dec. 17 are as follows:

Division 1 with Mrs. Beryl Thompson, with Mrs. W. E. Heiserman and Mrs. Howard Stranahan assistant hostesses. A 1 o'clock luncheon will be served. The price per plate is 25 cents. Bring your own table service. the program will include the review of the last chapters of the Mission Book.

Division 2 will meet with Mrs. Ina Logan at 2:30. Mrs. R. A. Swartz will review the final chapter of "Methodism's World Mission," by Henry P. Van Busen. Tea will be served.

Division 3 meets at 2:30 with Mrs. J. D. Parker, Mrs. R. R. Erion assistant hostess. Mrs. Ella Fussell will lead in devotionals and Mrs. C. R. Carpenter will review chapters of the book by Van Busen, which has been used in the study course. Tea will be served.

Division 4 will meet at 2:30 with Mrs. A. J. Fox and Mrs. W. R. Sperry as hostesses. Mrs. Lucie Wilson will be in charge of the lesson and Mrs. Mary Kelly will lead in devotionals.


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