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February 4, 1937

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"Voice of Fayette, Iowa" Hour Is the Bread Room Feature for Wednesday, Feb. 10, 6:30

By John D. Clinton

Michael McElroy of WMT is bringing Howdy Roberts, Paul Handel and an engineer with microphone, speakers, amplifiers and all equipment to see to it that Fayette Fathers and Sons have everything that goes to make a broadcast around the roast beef at the 1937 Father and Son Banquet. The ladies are providing eats, mikes and aerials for all around the room. And if you have any dep questions that should be answered over this program, get them to the coaches and Austin Fox as they this week end call upon you to be sure your reservations are made at this latest in man-feeds in Fayette. the coaches always need a few fathers extra to see to it that both basket ball and quads are down at the tables. And if that does not provide all sons needed. Scoutmaster Clinton will get you a good two-legged plate-cleaner, guaranteed to equal the rate of jack Sprat and wife combined. And when 6:30 comes on next Wednesday, Feb. 10, at the church atop the hill, down goes that double line of Fayette men for roast-beef, radio-broadcast, and all the trimmings. Yes, 80 cents covers two plates. 

~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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