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May 8, 1930



May session of the Town Council met in the Town Hall at 7:30 P.M., May 5, 1930, Mayor F. A. Hoyt presiding. Councilmen present:  Hartman, Hettler, Carter, Billins and Fox. Minutes at last meeting read and approved.

Motion made by Hettler and sec. by Fox that Town turn the band levy of $184.11 over to the Bank Treasurer. Roll call, all voted yes.

Motion made by Fox, sec. by Hartman that the motion made on April 7 for operating a pool and billard hall shall not be granted. Is hereby rescinded. Roll call; Hartman yes, Hettler no, Carter yes, Billings no, Fox yes. Motion Carried. 

Motion made by Carter, seconded by Fox that J. F. Berndt be granted a license to operate a pool and billard hall in the town of Fayette to March 15, 1931. Roll call: Hartman yes, Hettler no, Carter yes, Billings no, Fox yes. Motion carried. 

Motion made by Carter, seconded by Hartman that all pool and billard halls shall be operated under the call of the state laws of Iowa. Motion carried.

No action taken on the electric light ordinance.

The following bills were paid:

O. W. Stevenson, attorey fee              $ 20.00

H. E. Paul, gas                                          5.75

A. W. Whitford, material                         75.00

Sam McElree, St. Com.                        102.50 

Armstrong Paving Products Inc.        99.08    

A. A. Bailey, salary, helper                    50.75

Fayette Co. Leader, printing                    6.01

Fitch Payne, salary, sign                       20.58

E. A. Runsell, Ford                                 35.00

Pittsburgh Motor Co., rep. meters          22.12

Central States, April lights                   100.15

Central States, April pumping                49.25

C. W. Knight, culverts, scraper, hdw.  163.90

F. B. Claxton, band levy                      184.11

A. Schessler, labor                                  2.50

Motion made and seconded that the above bills be allowed as read. Motion carried.


Moved and carried that the Clerk be authorized to draw warrants on Town Tres. for separate amounts. Roll call, all voted yes.


By motion meeting adjourned subject to the call of the Mayor.   F. A. HOYT, Mayor,    FITCH PAYNE, Town Clerk.




May 15, 1930 Front Page



Third Annual Day Hits Highest Mark With Attendants from Forty-One Classes


Young Hi-School-Senior-America headquartered at Fayette Monday when Senior Day number 3 brought 690 seniors, with 40 school officials, from forty-one Iowa towns. The first Senior Day, in 1928, with movies, airplane and sunshine, brought 500 seniors from 34 towns, and was the biggest thing anticipated. But this year, the merchants pledged money to buy 700 Eskimo pies with the idea that 200 were for U.I.U. students, but when enrollment of visitors at noon Monday topped 600, eating-clubs at U.I.U. were instructed to run as usual. 'T'was lucky. The student council prepared 700 sandwiches, $12 worth of pork and beans, 40 ounces of sweet pickles and 60 dozen cookies. They were allowed $50 from the Fayette publicity funds and the CCC's (Clyde cushion's Caterers) did it all for $58, spending the last six for paper spooks and plates.


Besides the round plates as souvenirs, another cardboard circle was created this year in fan-form. The Leader office furnished a new college seal cut 7 inches in diameter. These had to be cut out after printing, but KARL FOX, getting over his broken legs, was just in time for the occasion. He cut out over 200 and the balance was distributed between church and campus groups. Then the seal was mounted on a stick and presented to the Seniors at lunch. All together they sat at 5 o'clock lunch on the campus singing "The More We Get Together." They were led by the superintendents of visiting schools formed into a glee club and led by the tones of Irving Mirick's banjo. Every time the word "more" was reached in the song, the fans were shot arm's length into the air.


Long distance honors were close be [lost in fold]. . .Supt. Kirk Sperry started with the whole class at 3 o'clock in the morning, and Miss Helen Kelly, who had to detour from Pocahontas and arrive with a car of seniors speedometering 215 miles. Both these guiding spirits are U.I.U. graduates and the next fatherest were too-Harry Krug with his Garrison class and Don Magnuson with the Morley seniors. In fact, all the home effort at Fayette received a real support from alumni in the field that made the day what it was. 


Towns sending over 20 were Oelwein 63, West Union 45, Lamont and Sumner each 33, Postville 29, Arlington 26, Guttenberg and Tripoli, each 23, Wadena 22, and Hawkeye 21. Completing the list of 41 towns came Alpha, Aurora, Calmar, Chester, Clermont, Edgewood, Elgin, Elma, Fayette, Ft. Atkinson, Fredericksburg, Garnavillo, Garrison, Greeley, Hazleton, Lansing, Ledyard, McGregor, Marquette, Morley, Oneida, Oran, Ossian, Plainfield, Pocahontas, Randalia, Stanley, Volga City, Waterville, and Waucoma.


The program went on schedule thru Fete and Conert, Paly and Game, and just as the 6 o'clock whistle blew, the hundreds seated on the campus arse and stuck their fans in the windows of the scores of cars and began the trek back home.


The indoor events packed the auditorium beyond capacity and as admission to these was planned to be by guest ticket first, those in charge thank the townspeople for their courtesy in giving up seats to the visiting friends. 

~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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