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April 19, 1928


Local News


The Shakespeare club met with Mrs. A. J. Fox Thursday afternoon. Roll call, Iowa. The "Silver Cord" was read by Mrs. Kerwin, Mrs. Lyford, Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Deming. Election of officers results as follows:  president, Mrs. C. R. Carpenter; vice-president, Mrs. A. J. Fox; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. O. W. Stevenson; corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. E. Dorman. 


April 26, 1928


Front Page


Put on Annual Play Before Crowded House Last Friday Night.

Almost a record-breaking audience greeted the Senior class of U.I.U. last Friday night in the gymnasium when they presented their play, "The Ship." The play was somewhat sad, being based on the conflict of two stubborn wills, possessed by a ship-building father and his son, who refused to following in the footsteps of his parent in the ship-building enterprise.

Giving in, at last, to his father's demand that a Thurlow should accompany the finest product of the yeards on its first voyage, the son was drowned when the ship was sunk, and thus the father was made to realize the emptiness of victory in a selfish desire. This saddening note of tragedy was in a measure offset by the excellent work of the cast in its presentation. The class of 1928 may well feel proud of its representatives in the Thespian field.

Kenneth Rawson took the part, of the obdurate father and Vaytard Hurmence appeared as the equally resolute son. Both were excellent. Wilma Finch and Marion Humiston as the wife and daughter of the elder Thurlow completed the family circle with skill, and the part of the grandmother was well played by Grace Miller, who really starred in her character. Robert Fox was a realistic soldier, Fred Lyford was good as a friend and lover, and Naomi Smith did well in the part of a maid.

The cast will undoubtedly meet with a most cordial reception when the play is repeated at commencement time.

The Juniors, as usual, presented a take-off on the Senior characteristics as a curtain-raiser, and met with the usual success which a pleased audience accords such performances. 


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