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Fayette County Leader

March 14, 1918

Front Page 


Officers For the Coming Year Were Elected.

After the Red Cross meeting at the High School building Monday night, the Commercial club met and elected the following officers for the coming year. President, Dr. J. D. Parker; Vice President, A. J. Fox; Secretary, O. W. Stevenson; Treasurer, C. R. Carpenter. Dr. Parker who has served as president of the organization since its beginning was elected over his own protest and request that he be not re-elected. He stated that if elected his resignation would be in the hands of the club at the next meeting. The members felt that Dr. Parker's work had been so satisfactory that he should be continued in office and all present were certainly ready and willing to protest against the resignation of Dr. Parker. 

Mr. Walker, who has been vice-president of the club since its organization, state positively that he would not accept the office if re-elected and he earnestly protested against his re-election. He has served the club faithfully and well as vice-president adn to him is due a vote of tanks for his loyal service throughout the years he has been in office. Mrs. Walker's old place will be ably filled by Mrs. Fox who has ever been a worker and booster in Commercial Club activities.

O. W. Stevenson has served the club in the capacity of secretary from its beginning. He has taken the heaviest responsibilities and cheerfully done his bit and more than his bit in every public work which the club has undertaken. Mr. Carpenter who rarely, if ever, misses a Commercial Club meeting, was again re-elected as custodian of the money bags of the organization. 

The Commercial Club is indeed fortunate in having for its officers men who are willing to give so unstintingly of their time and of their money to public affairs, affairs which are the affairs of everybody and yet sometimes fail to secure the attention of anybody.

The bridge committee reported that no changes in the proposed new bridge across the Volga could be secured at this time as the Supervisors had other places for every dollar of available bridge money this year. 

The fuel committee reported that the County Fuel Administrator advised them not to be alarmed over the fuel situation at this time and Prof. Geiser, who is a member of the Fuel committee, reported that he had made estimates of the available supply of wood for a radius of five miles in and around Fayette and would present his report in written form at a later date.

The matter of the shortage of freight cars for the local shipping was taken up and a committee appointed to investigate shipping conditions from Fayette.  


~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham, MSOT, OTR


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