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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

July 9, 1931



The Shaffer drum corps organized sixty years ago by J. D. Shaffer, who has his original drum sticks, came in for much praise on its appearance on our streets Friday morning. While not Civil War veterans, their music very closely resembles that which the Journal editors were wont to hear in the south in the days from ’61 to ’64, when they came north to Lansing. The personnel and instrumentation of the organization is as follows:  J. D. Shaffer, Elgin, snare drum; R. H. Peters, Elgin, fife; F. M. Balwin, Hazelton, fife; M.A. Klingman, Wadena, base drum; Dr. Roy DeSart, Elgin, snare drum. Messrs Klingman and Shaffer assisted the Oelwein drum corps which appeared here Thursday, and both bands were brought over by the Journal’s old time friend, J. W. Dwyer of Oelwein.—Lansing Journal.





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