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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

May 8, 1930


 Elgin Local News

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peters went to Waverly Sunday morning to visit with an aunt of the latter. When they arrived they found that Mrs. Peters’ aunt had died the preceding day. They remained over until Monday evening when they returned home.


Illyria Church News

Next Sunday evening the following program will be presented promptly at 8 o’clock.

Welcome, Chrystol and Corinne Wenger

Mother’s Day, Helen Dennler

We’re Little, Gerald Frieden and Earl Medberry

My Mother, Florence Ogle

Mother, Nona Kerr

Like Me, Marjorie Hanson

Grandmother Dear and Me, Clarence Doty

I’m Glad for Mother’s Day, Betty Wenger

Her Holiday, Glen Yearous and Junior Klingman

Vocal Solo, La Fonda Hermen

The Mother Bird,  Hazel Howard

Our Mothers, Jerome Yearous

Musical Reading, Leone Kerr

The Bravest Battle, Marie Dennler

Before it is Too Late, Darlene Yearous

Pantomime, “Jesus Lover of my Soul” acted by Norma Robbins, sung by S. H. Foxwell, I. F. Shaffer, W. L. Peters and Fred Rothlisberger

Because She is a Mother, Coranel Rothlisberger

Reading, La Fonda Shaffer

Pantomime, “Lead Kindly Light” acted by Alice Hanson, sung by Mrs. Martha chapman, Mrs. Andrew Yearous, J. M. Shaffer, Mrs. W. L. Peters, Mrs. I. F. Shaffer, Mrs. Fred, Walter and Chas. Rothlisberger.


“Mothers of Men,” a service in son, story and pantomime. Reader, Walter Rothlisberger.


 Those in pantomime are, Viola Foxwell, Mrs. Lawrence McKellar, Gerald Frieden, Gerald Shaffer, Geraldine Yearous, Opal Dennler, Howard Shaffer. Those in different music numbers are, Ruth Roethlisberger, Helen Rothlisberger, Ella Peters, Mrs. I. F. Shaffer, Mrs. W. L. Peters, Mrs. Chas. Rothlisberger, Clarence Thoman, Reynold Strong, Earl and Otis Rothlisberger.


Prayer and benediction


Wadena News

A banquet was given Saturday evening with the following program.

Director, Mr. Lawenberg. Property manager, Mr. Schroyer. Director of the chorus, Miss Nelson.

Welcome, Dorothy Wood

Response, Ivan Moore

The Pirate, Homer Kuhnes

The Pessimist, Orvin Thompson

The Historian, Dale Broughton

The Reporter, Glen Stannard

The Optimist, Glen Stannard

A Friend Indeed, Ella Peters

The Man with the Hoe, James Davis

The Seer, Rita Kennedy

Miss Pattee, Richard Jones and Marjorie Ernst, were called on for short talks.

Toast master, Mr. Swanson.




May 15, 1930

Elgin Local News


A. M. Weibel and two sons, William and Harold, R. P. Strauch and W. C. Follett drove to Oelwein Tuesday evening to hear Gov. Hammill who spoke before a farm bureau meeting of Jefferson township.


Wallace Peters, of Illyria, was another who attended from this locality.


The Senior class is preparing a play to be presented the fore part of the week. The title is, “College Cut-Ups” and the characters are as follows:

Tom Swain, Mat Dwyer

Charles Bradshaw, Ivan Moore

Mildred Cummings, Bessie Voshell

 Frank Zoo Short, Homer Kuhens

Francis Mitchell, Fred Klingman

Donald “Bashful” Dixon, Mervin Schroeder

Mary Keen, Ruth Smith

Mrs. Cleo Hungerford, Gertrude Kelly

Elsie Martin, Marjorie Ernst

Ichabod Crane Bunker, Orvin Thompson

Henry “Styleplus” Lowell, Woodrow Leonhart

Geraldine “Jerry” Beck, Gladys Voshell

Andy “Red” Cooper, Dale Broughton

Betty Parker, Ella Peters

Hiram Parker, Richard Jones

Taxi Driver, Wilder Mattocks

Toby Parker, Francis Whittenbaugh

Vera Cruz, movie Queen, Unknown

Mrs. Evelyn Van Tyne, Osta Anderson

“Soup and Fish” Cohen, Kenneth Haldwin

Lem Bennett, Tillman Thompson

Roberta Vinton, Lucille Raftis

Frank Short Sr.,  John Faye

Act 1—Hungerford Hall, a college boarding house near the campus of Lexington college. Late in October.

Act 2—Entrance to college auditorium ball room where the “Freshie Glee” is being held same evening.

Act 3—Same as act 2 a little later the same evening.

Director—Miss Monsen.



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