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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

March 6, 1930

Front Page



Wallace Peters has withdrawn from the race for the republican nomination of state representative from this county. He gives way to his neighbor Thore Thompson and this again puts the fight between Thompson and Byers. Robbins of Oelwein, was slated to run but so far has not made any announcement.

We understand Mr. Peters’ action was the result of a conference among Farm Bureau officials who felt that the race would be hopeless if it was a three-cornered fight and a poll was taken, giving Thompson preference.



March 13, 1930



Mr. and Mrs. George Howard entertained about forty friends at their home south of Elgin, Saturday evening. The evening was spent in playing cards. Prizes were given as follows:  mrs. Tommy Howard won first prize as high score and Tommy Howard received the low prize. Refreshments were served and all departing have had a good time. The guests were:  Mr. and Mrs. John Nydegger, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Brabham, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chapman, Walter Dennler and family, George Hyde and family, Lou Dennler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Enos Howard, Enos Howard, Reuben Howard and family, Henry Holzer and family, Louis Becker, and family Joe Peters and family, Phyllis Rowland, Celia Dennler and John Freitag.


March 20, 1930

Front page



The Elgin Echo, Elgin, Iowa.

Dear Editor:  Get this straight. The Farm Bureau endorses no candidate for office. The county agents draw a part of their “fodder” from Uncle Sam’s feed box and said Uncle gives them very emphatic orders to keep their fingers out of politics under penalty of losing their job. ‘Tis true that the Farm Bureau has the biggest lobby in the national capitol and there is a strong lobby at the seat of government of our own fair state, but during the four years that the writer has been director and they ear and a half secretary of the Farm Bureau, he has never heard a discussion about any candidate for office during a board meeting. The board discusses bills pending in congress that affect agriculture and sometimes send their views on said bills in the form of resolutions to congress.


I write this in defense of the Farm Bureau and the County Agents, for it is putting them in a bad light to let such a statement get abroad in a general way.

                              Respectfully yours, W. L. Peters, Secretary Fayette Co. Farm Bureau. 




Mrs. Ida Patterson entertained the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society at their regular monthly meeting March 14. The meeting was held at the Mrs. Patterson home.

Mrs. L. B. Carter was the program leader and devotions in charge of Mrs. N. M. Fritz. The devotional topic and program topic, were:  “The Unfinished Task.”  Mrs. J. D. Shaffer spoke on “The Untouched Areas in Chine,” and Mrs. Lana Henderson dealt likewise with the country of India. “Do You Know?” by Mrs. R. W. Muehlenthsler, and a “Mystery Box” by Mrs. Robt. Peters, closed the program




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