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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

August 5, 1926

Front Page


Illyria’s Community Day Play



William Webster, owner of Meadowbrook Farm Guy Ernest
Seth Wilson, his nearest neighbor  Harold Storng
“Aunt Mary” Webster, William’s sister Zella King
Patricia Webster, a farmer’s daughter with a college education Cathryn Ogle

John Matthews, sometimes an English Lord, but more often an     Agricultural college graduate

Thomas Thoman
Mary Jane Stokes, a friend of Patricia’s Martha Dennler
Dan Dickson, proprietor of the village drug store Arthur Chapman
Hiram Hutchins, a man who don’t like work Kenneth Medberry
Hulda Hutchins, who looks after Hiram Ella Peters


All three acts of the play are scenes in the sitting room of Meadowbrook Farm. A plot, which Patty overhears, and its outcome, is the theme of this present day rural comedy.


Friday, August 13,   8 p.m.



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Auguat 19, 1926

Front Page




Illyria’s two big days are over but the memories of such good times will last a long time. Friday was up to standard of former Community Days and despite the rain at supper time, was highly successful. All who had a part are to be congratulated on the way the affairs of the day were carried out. We cannot detail the events suffice to say that the sports, the afternoon program and the music and play and food were all that one could wish to make an enjoyable and profitable day.


The services Sunday seemed to strike a responsive chord in the minds and hearts of the Illyria people. The morning services and the evening were good but particular interest centered around the afternoon program which was in the nature of a homecoming of former residents. After special music by the Illyria orchestra, Glen MacKellar, Mrs. D. V. Butler, and Mrs. John Ocker, a history of the Illyria church was read by Mary A. Foxwell. A prophecy of the church twenty-five years hence was read by Helen Rothlisberger and then an original article about “The Lighthouse on the Hill,” was read by Aulden Peters. [fold in paper]. . .Brief talks were then given by Mrs. Emmelien Whitford, of Fayette, Thos. Richards of West Union, Rev. Jasper Moore of Wadena, Marion Baldwin of Hazelton, and Rev. D. V. Butler of Lamont. The male chorus sang two selections and Aulden Peters gave a solo on his musical saw, after which an appropriate hymn and benediction ended the first homecoming.  A vote was taken to continue this custom next year on the Sunday following community day.




~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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