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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

April 2, 1925

Front Page


A Hen Catching Ford


Wallace Peters drove to town Tuesday, parked his car along the curbing and went into the store to do his trading. When he got ready to start for home and cranked his car, he heard a chicken squawk and upon investigating found a hen wedged along the left side of the engine right above the steering gear. The poor old hen was somewhat battered but still had a lot of fight left when Mr. Peters removed her from under the hood. It was a mystery to how she got there but he supposed that he had run over her along the road and in some way the hen was thrown up by the wheel and lodged under the hood. The car was a Ford, of course, and therefore this freak occurrence did not create much surprise. It opens a new field for the Ford and might be used with profit by some not as honest as Mr. Peters.




~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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