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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

May 10, 1923

Front Page




The school year is drawing to a close and the activities of commencement time are almost with us. This year Elgin High will graduate a class of thirteen, seven girls and six boys. In the personnel of the class there is an unusual occurrence, as the daughter and two sons of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Gilson are members of the class and will graduate at the same time. The teachers, school associates and the members of the Alumni are all working in unison to make the closing days of high school life pleasant for the members of the class of ’23.


The class roll is as follows:  Mary Patterson, Bessie Chapman, Margaret Yenney, Edith Frieden, Cathryn Ogle, Harriet Mosby, Dorothy Gilson, Russell Peters, Freddie Klingman, Arthur Groth, George Gilson, Nicklaus Rennison, Donald Gilson.


Class Motto:  “Hitch Your Wagon to a Star.” 

 Class Colors:--Nile Green and Old rose.

Class Flower:  Pink Rose.


The calendar of the events for commencement week is:

May 25-Senior Class Picnic.

May 27-Baccalaureate Sermon, Rev. Deo. V. Butler, Baptist church, 3:15 o’clock p.m.

May 29—Class Play, “Forest Acres” Elgin Opera House, 8:30 p.m.

May 31—School Exhibit, at school, during afternoon.

May 31—alumni Reception and Banquet, Opera House, in evening

June 1—Commencement Address, Prof. D. Cram, of State Teachers’ College, Elgin Opera House 3:15 o’clock p.m.

Besides, the Juniors are planning a big day for the Seniors, but the date and the plans must still remain a secret.

With all these activities the closing week of High School life for the members of the Class of ’23 will be a busy and happy one. In after years the thought of commencement time will be a bright gem in memory’s wreath.

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May 24, 1923

Front Page


Announcement of Play listed below


May 31, 1923

Front Page




This is commencement week and the various activities of our school will be held at the appointed time.


Sunday evening when the spacious audience room of the Baptist church was filled to overflowing, saw the beginning of the exercises. The church auditorium had been appropriately decorated with lilacs and ferns and was appropriate for the “Lilac Time of Youth” for such was the occasion as the large audience had gathered in honor of the members of the class and to hear Rev. Butler of the M. E. church, deliver the baccalaureate sermon. At the given time the young people led by Rev. Butler and the teachers, marched down the center aisle of the church singing their processional hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers.” The class and teachers were seated in the center section while the High School Glee Club were seated in the side section.


The words as spoken by Rev. Butler proved he had made an exhaustive study of his subject. His remarks to the class contained wisdom, encouragement and advice. His was an address that fitted into the needs of everyday life, and showed God’s help was necessary in living lives that were good and clean and in getting the very best out of life. The services as a whole were impressive with two special musical numbers by the Glee Club and the audience joining in singing appropriate hymns. Geraldine Schori and Marie Mosby also pleased with a vocal duet. It was a fitting and impressive beginning for commencement week of 1923. The graduates are:  Mary Patterson, Margaret Yenney, Harriet Mosby, Edith Frieden, Dorothy Gilson, [fold; names obscured], Donald Gilson, Nicklaus Rennison, Freddie Klingman, Arthur Groth, Russell Peters, George Gilson.


Tuesday evening the class play, “Forest Acres,” was given in the opera house and although a heavy rain set in about an hour before time for the curtain to go up, the seating capacity of the house was comfortably filled and the evening was made more enjoyable by music furnished by the Illyria Orchestra. The play as given by the class of 1923 was one of the best that has ever delighted an Elgin audience. The cast was well balanced and the “make-ups” were especially good. There were no outstanding individual performers but each member of the class took the part assigned in a creditable manner. The large audience enjoyed the play from beginning to end and the young people, together with their coach Miss Florence Berg, deserve great credit for the pleasing manner in which “Forest Acres” was presented. Following is the cast:

Lemuel Crockett

Mrs. Crockett

Elizabeth Crockett

Hepsilbiah Crockett

Hiram Crockett

Franklyn Arthur

Miss Lucy Ruggles

Evelina Newcomb

Andy Hobbs

Jeffery Brixely

Elsie Brxley

Constance Loring


Donald Gilson, “A Miserly Farmer

Mary Patterson, His Wife

Harriet Mosby, His Daughter

Margaret Yenney, His Daughter

George Gilson, His Son

Nicklaus Rennison, A Business Man

Edith Frieden, A School Teacher

Fred Klingman, A Bashful Maid

Arthur Groth, A Country Boy

Russell Peters, A New Yorker

Dorothy Gilson, His Wife

Cathing Olge, Their Niece

Bessie Chapman, The Maid





~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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