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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

June 15, 1922

Front Page


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. . .June 20, at the Fair Grounds in West Union. The stunt program begins at 11:00 o’clock prompt. The dinner will be at 12:00 o’clock, the program at 1:30 o’clock and this will be immediately followed by the Elgin-Illyria ball game. The final feature will be the return base ball game of the Monona Sunday school girls with the Elgin girls which was played at Monona last Wednesday. Following is the program for the day: 

Boy’s [sic] 100 yd. dash for all 75c and 50c

Boy’s [sic] 50 yd. dash under 16 years 50c and 25.

Boy’s [sic] 25 yd. dash under 9 years 25c and 15c

Girl’s [sic] 50 yd. dash for all 75c and 50c

Girl’s [sic] 50 yd dash under 16 years 50c and 25c.

Girls’ 25 yrd dash under  years 25c and 15c

Married men 100 yd. dash 50c and 25c

Married ladies’ 50 yd dash 50c and 25c

Potato race 60c and 30c

Three legged race $1.20 and 60cx

Sac race 60c and 30c


Ball game between Elgin Sunday school and Illyria Sunday school.

Base ball game, Monona vs Elgin girls. Base ball goes to winners.

Community Singing. . .”America” “Bringing in the Sheaves.”

Reading, Earl Rothlisberger

Male Quartette

Rec. “Tit for Tat”, Serene Yack

Reading, Aulden Peters

Rec. “A Puzzler”,  Reuben Lehman

Song, “Those Evening Bells”

Rec.,  Leo Rothlisberger

Male Quartette

Soldier’s Drill, Seven Boys

Reading, Ernestine Schori

Community Song 

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Illyria Items

The rural 8th grade graduation exercises were held at the church Monday evening and the program was much enjoyed by those present. The graduates were all from Mary Foxwell’s and Ina Robert’s [sic] schools with exception of one. The names are as follows:  Florence Gehring, Grace Foxwell, Aulden Peters, Allen Schneider, Delbert Chapman, Leo Rothlisberger and Earl Rothlisberger. The graduates gave a program and speeches were made by Co. Supt. Breckner, Rev. Hillman and Prof. Evans of Elgin.




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