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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

September 6, 1917

Front Page


Fayette, Aug. 31: The allied temperance forces of Fayette county met at the Methodist Church in West Union and organized for the campaign, to push the prohibition constitution amendment, which will be voted upon October 15. Rev. Gillett of the Baptist church of Oelwein was elected temporary chairman, and A.A. charter of Fayette temporary secretary. The plan of the allied temperance committee of Iowa was adopted. Dr. J. W. Dickman of Fayette was elected chairman; E. E. Day of Fayette secretary; Thomas Smith of Oelwein, treasurer; Carl Evans of West Union, vice chairman. The following committeemen were chosen for each precinct represented and other are to be appointed by executive committee:  J. J. McNaul, Center township; C. H. H. Jalhorlm, Clermont; F. J. Ressler Fayette; John Matthews, Dover township; W. L. Peters, Illyria township; C. H. Knoss, Jefferson township;  F. W. Stevenson, Oelwein, first ward; Thomas Smith, Oelwein second ward; Fred Howe, Oelwein, third ward; E. C. Belt, Oelwein, fourth ward; J. D. Shaffer, Pleasant Valley township; F. C. Turner, Smithfield township; Henry George Union township; T. W. Potter Westfield township; E. H. Estey, West Union; first ward; Frank Morrison, West Union, second ward; W. H. Beal, west Union, third ward.

Each township is expected to select their own local executive committee. The one great object of this meeting was to warn the temperance people that they must wake up. Let every voter who has any interest in the young people of Iowa, go to the polls October 15 and vote for prohibition. If every county does as Fayette county is doing, the state would stay dry.

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September 27, 1917 




To all Fayette County citizens who are opposed to saloons:

We people of Iowa reengaged in a contest that will end only two weeks form [sic] next Monday, to decide whether the saloon can come back to this state.


If you want to raise your families in a saloonless state, go to the polls on Oct. 15 and vote “yes” on the prohibitory amendment.


It is true we have prohibition by statute, but that can be repealed by any legislature. Fifteen states having prohibition by statute have lost it later, some of them more than once. Iowa has lost prohibition that way twice.


Thirteen states have prohibition by constitutional amendment. Those states are secure against a return of the saloon. That surety is what we want for Iowa. We don’t want the constant menace of the saloon trying to return, and prevented only by a law which can be repealed at any time.


Just as sure as the prohibitory amendment is defeated on Oct. 15 , so surely will the liquor men go before the next legislature and demand the repeal of the prohibitory law on the ground that the people have voted against prohibition. And once the saloon has got back into the state, it will be harder than ever to put it out again.


The saloon stands condemned before the world as a law breaker, an injury to health, an injury to morals, an injury to labor, an injury to business, a needless burden on a nation that ought to save all its strength and food and money with which to win a great war. Saloons will do Iowa no good but lots of harm.


If you don’t saloons but are too careless to go to the polls to vote “yes” on Monday, Oct. 15, you will be casting half a vote for the return of saloons to Iowa.


Let us wake up, do our duty, remember to go to the polls, Oct. 15, and vote “yes” on the prohibitory amendment, so as to keep the salons out of Iowa forever, and enable us to carry on our business and raise our families in a state that has no saloons.


Signed by the Fayette county committee in favor of the prohibitory constitutional amendment:

J. W. Dickman, chairman, Fayette

Carl Evans, vice-Chairman, West Union

e. E. Day, secretary, Fayette

Thomas Smith, treasurer, Oelwein

Dave Musser, Auburn township

Vern Eggleson, Banks township

H. H. Foot, Bethel township

J. J. McNaul, Center township

C. H. H. Jortholm, Clermont township

John Mathews, Dover township

W. H. Stone, Eden township

d. B. Allen, Fairfield township

F. J. Ressler, Fayette

Adam Ritchie, Fremont township

F. O. Hillman, Harlan township

W. L. Peters, Illyria township

Chris Knos, Jefferson township

F. W. Stephenson, Oelwein 1st ward

Thomas Smith, Oelwein 2nd ward

Fred Howe, Oelwein 3rd ward

E. C. Belt, Oelwein, 4th ward

Dan Stohr, Oran township

J. D. Shaffer, Pleasant Valley township

A. C. Anderson, Putnam township

Thaddeus Derflinger, Scott township

F. C. Turner, Smithfield township

Henry George, Union township

T. W. Potter, Westfield township

E. H. Estey, West Union 1st ward

Frank Morrison, West Union 2nd ward

Walter Beall, West Union 3rd ward

John G. Bopp, Windsor township

Allen Foster, Arlington.



~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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