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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

December 7, 1905 


The awarding of premiums in Berg's corn contest came off Monday afternoon and drew quite a bunch of farmers to town. In all there were fifty-three exhibits and they were all good ones. It would be hard to get a better bunch of seed corn together than this lot of corn makes. 

The judges, Hon. J. D. Shaffer, J.I. Phillips and H. S. Groth, went over all the corn and picked out what they considered the three best  lots of twelve ears each. When the tag number on the corn was announced and the name looked up it was found that Chester Peake had been awarded 1st and 3rd and that R. H. [Robert Henry] Peters was winner of 2nd place. Strange as it may seem all three of these lots of corn came out of the same field. Mr. Peake works for Mr. Peters and the corn was selected while they were husking. The seed from which the corn came that was awarded the prizes in our contest has a history and nobody should feel badly because they could not win against it. During the year of the World's Fair in Chicago Mr. Peters was working a farm near Elkader, and had a field of excellent corn. One day a gentleman came to him and proposed that they send some to the exhibit at Chicago, Mr. Peters agreed, the corn was selected, sent to Chicago and placed in the World's Fair contest where it was awarded the gold medal. Year after year Mr. Peters has continued to raise this same corn and he claims it is much better now than when it was awarded the gold medal at Chicago. 

After the prizes had been awarded Hon. J. D. Shaffer gave an interesting and instructive talk regarding the raising of good corn, how to tell good seed corn and what constituted the best grades. His listeners were benefitted and enjoyed his talk. 

Mr. Berg deserves credit for getting up this contest and it is hoped that many more of a like character may be held here. 


~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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