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The West Union Gazette
West Union, Fayette Co., Iowa
Thursday, 26 Aug 1887
Page 4 column two - five


Soldiers Reunion.

An immense success was the 6th annual reunion of the veteran soldiers of this county, held at Fayette last Thursday, Friday and Saturday (19-20-21 Aug). It was a success in every particular -- in point of numbers and enjoyment, in interest and enthusiasm, in management and weather. Not to have been there, must ever be a source of regret to every old soldier of the county who has a comrade friend to tell, "Of hair-breadth scapes, 1' th' imminent deadly breach,"  to which he was subjected.

Thursday was given over largely to preparation. By the courtesy of Henry Howard Post, at Strawberry Point, eight good tents were added to the association tents and private canvass, making a tented field of about twenty, giving the grounds the appearance of a genuine camp of old.

Friday was the day of importance, and from all the country round there early gathered blue coats and their families, coming by single teams, by Post and communities, until by ten o'clock a vast throng had assembled. The exercises on the stand were opened with drum corps music, followed by prayer by Rev. Burgess, an address of welcome by the mayor, Maj. Merrill, responded to by Milo Sherman. Greeting old friends, visiting and preparations for dinner succeeded, and then the enjoyment continued till 2 o'clock, when Commander Grannis gathered the crowd about him and begun the exercises of the afternoon with an announcement of a telegram from General Tuttle, stating that he bad been taken sick while on the way, and would not be able to get there. Disappointing as this was to almost every one, Henry Grannis and his aides were equal to the emergency, and with speeches from L.L. Ainsworth, Capt. Green, Gen. Sherman, Rev. Coleman and Dr. Robinson, that vast audience was entertained and held before the stand till supper time.

At 7:30 the campfires were lit, and were only fairly blazing when a shower seemed determined to extinguish the flames of eloquence and the audience. But returning stars restored joy and confidence, and talks and tales and songs and laughter prevailed for two hours or more. Speeches were made by Dr. Babcock, of New Hampton, M.P. Mills, of Cedar Rapids, besides those of our home boys, such as L.L., "Scotty," et al. The music was led by Erwin Comstock, good old army songs in which the audience joined heartily in the chorus.

At 10 o'clock occurred the bombardment of Vicksburg, a beautiful pyrotechnic display, composed of roman candles, rockets and booming cannon, the last in charge of Charley Gager.

Then the ladies of Warner W.R.C. served a palatable supper of coffee, sandwiches and doughnuts, and at a late hour silence brooded over the camp.

About the time the weary men, women and children of this tented field were catching their first naps their dreaming took forms of battle and siege or of rumbling thunder, as the occurrences of the evening may have suggested to their minds. But they were soon rudely awakened by the incessant beating of drums and other torturing instruments in the hands of ghostly musicians. Perambulating the camp and gathering recruits as they went, this noisy multitude made night hideous, till they tired of the seance, when they meandered into the darkness. Unfortunately only their persons were obscured by the night, for distance lent no enchantment to the melody of their lays. Whether they call it a serenade or a charavari matters not, they disposed of it among the drowsy denizens of the town, and were only driven to shelter by the approaching dawn.

Next morning Prof. Hurd appeared on the ground wearing his usual smile and a plug hat, dressed in the dignity that becomes one occupying the social and commercial positions he does. At once a detail was made for his arrest, and he was arraigned before a drumhead court martial, charged with a disturbance of the peace of the camp, inciting to mutiny and other like heinous offences. He only escaped the severest penalty of martial law by pleading the alien act, claiming to be a citizen of Canada and beyond the jurisdiction of the court. While the judge advocate was pondering this stickler the Prof, made good his plea by vanishing into thin air. This affair demonstrated that Dan Wilbur had missed his calling in choosing agriculture instead of law.

Forming a hollow square the Association proceeded to transact the business of this reunion.
Maynard was chosen as the place of next meeting.
Officers were elected as follows:
E.D. Godfrey Commander-in-Chief
J.A. Stevens Lieutenant Commander
E.B. Snedigar Adjuant
A. Goldbury Quartermaster

With a vote of thanks to the retiring officers for their labors in making this reunion so successful; thanks and cheers to the people of Fayette for their generous welcome and kindly treatment; and an expression of thanks to the trustees of the U.I.U. for their many acts of liberality, the association adjourned.

Just prior to adjournment a motion was carried to follow the example of the veterans of Clayton county, and through the various Grand Army Posts of the county, under direction of Commander Godfrey, a date be fixed sometime next winter for each Post to hold a campfire, the proceeds to be used for the purchase of tents.

The goodbyes were then said, and Johnny went marching home.

The following is a complete list of those who registered, and as the number exceeds that of last year so we hope next year's encampment will exceed this:
Dewey, Frank Co. F, 3d Iowa inf   Jones, Charles Co. F, 27 Iowa inf
Colbert, R.H. Co. H, 14 Wis inf   Auger, C.D. Co. F, 3 Iowa inf
Osgood, J. S. Co. K, 6 Ohio cav   McNeely,  F. Co. D, 4 Ill cav
Goldsberry, A.E. Co. E, 127 Ill inf   Barnes, H. Co. K, 95 Ill inf
Barden, G.R. Co. G, 15 Ill inf   Palmer, David Co. D, 2 Wis inf
Crawford, A.F. Co. G, Iowa cav   Fortney, A.H. Co. H, 68 Ohio inf
Snedigar, E.B. Co. D 21 Iowa inf   Mears, J.O. Co. B, 75 Ill inf
Conrad, G.W. Co. I, 52 Ill inf   Clark, Chas. Co. M, 17 Ill cav
Godfrey, E D. Co. C, 9 Iowa inf   Talcott, L.D. Co. F, 1 Mo eng
Barnes Orrin Co. G, 95 Ill inf   Thompson E Co.  K, 1 Wis heavy art.
Deckard, W.H. Co. I, 51 Ohio inf   Conrad, James Co. D, 40 Iowa inf
Stevens, J.A. Co. L, 8 Ill cav   Benson, H.H. Co. A, 1 Wis cav
Maynard, S.J. Co. C, 6 Iowa cav   Mackey, H.V. Co. F, 12 Iowa inf
Malvin, W.V. Co. E, 5 Iowa cav      

Schriver, Geo. Co.  B, 16 Penn cav   Groat, Thomas Co.  B, 23 Ky inf
Potter, G. S. Co.  E, 100 NY inf   Mitchell, L.E. Co.  E, 5 Cal inf
Warner, W.S. Co.  B, 21 Iowa inf   Ambler, R.C. Co.  A 10 Minn inf
Piranger, G. Co.  C, 102 NY inf   Addie, A. Co.  I, 38 Wis inf
Bingham, J. W. Co.  C, 6 Iowa cav   Foster, G. A. Co.  E, 4 Penn cav
Wiltsey, J. P. Co.  A, 112 NY inf   Averil, F. Co.  C, 10 U S inf
Wandle, A. Co.  F, 12 Iowa inf   Hill, Geo. C. Co.  F, 9 Iowa inf
Taylar, Wm. Co.  D, Ill Penn inf   Rawson, J.D. Co.  F, 38 Iowa inf
Antwine, J. Co.  F, 3 Iowa inf   Osborn, O. C. Co.  K, 4G Ill inf
Kidder, N. Co.  G, 64 N Y inf      

Hennig, G.E. Co.  A, 9 Wis inf  Yawser, John Co.  A, 38 Iowa inf
Lyon, W.A. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf   Crawford, A. Co.  A, 32 Ohio inf
Gleason E, Co.  C, 22 Wis inf   Hart, Dennis Co.  A, 38 Iowa inf
Schricker, J. H. Co.  D, 16 Iowa inf   Scofleld, P.D. Co.  E, 22 Wis inf
Hidinger, W. Co.  D, 9 Iowa inf   Troub, John Co.  D, 30 Ind inf
Parrott, James P.   1 Iowa bat   Frisbie, B.R. Co.  K, 46 Ill inf
Cook, J.W. Co.  A, 7 Ind cav   Fitch, G.W. Co.  D,  62 Penn inf
Finch, B.W. Co.  G, 38 Iowa inf   Patterson, T.F. Co.  D,  87 Ill inf
Barr, R.A. Co.  A, 127 Ill inf   Gilbert, G.W. Co.  D, 11 Ill Inf
Doty, Andrew Co.  G, 38 Iowa Inf   George, Edward Co.  D, 4 Ohio inf
Stewart, James Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf   Thatcher, S.A. Co.  K, 16 Wis inf
Waymau, T.C. Co.  A, 38 Iowa inf   Thatcher, A.H. Co.  G, 51 Wis inf
Ainsworth, L.L. Co. C 6 Iowa cav   Lang, M.O. Co.  C, 6 Iowa cav
Smith, D.O. Co. G, 38 Iowa inf   Bunion, L. Co.  G, 38 Iowa inf
Searles, L. M. Co. D, 75 N Y inf   Gilbert, Mark Co.  E, 9 Iowa cav
Hall, D.H. Co.  I, 8 Wis inf   Robinson, S.E. Co.  F, 3 Iowa inf
Searles, J.J. Co.  I, 93 N Y inf   Ober, Andrew Co.  B, 3 Wis cav
Graham, Jas. Co. 1 Wis bat   Green, Thos. Co.  F, 7 Iowa cav
Williams R D. Co.  C, 12 Iowa mf   Pierce, W.N. Co.  H, 18 Iowa inf
Gunsalus, A.C. Co.  F, 9 Iowa inf   Cook, John Co.  F, 38 Iowa inf
Talmadge, W. E. Co.  B, 7 Iowa inf   Lisher, James Co.  B, 16 U.S. inf
Weaver, John Co.  G, 38 Iowa inf Shaw, E.B. Co.  G, 21 Ohio inf
Talmadge, C. H. Co.  I, 3 Iowa inf   Wombocher, Justice Co.  G, 67 Penn inf
Stirk, C. Co.  F, 3 Iowa inf   Fox, G.W. Co.  A, 14 Virginia inf
Gurdy, S. G. Co.  F, 3 Iowa inf   Kinsey, Wm. Co.  A, 38 Iowa inf
Lakin, J.H. Co.  F, 3 Iowa inf   Detrick, J.M. Co.  E, 9 Iowa cav
Lakin, J.H. Co.  F, 3 Iowa inf   Detrick, C.A. Co.  A, 33 Iowa inf
Holmes, James Co.  C, 6 Iowa cav   Stall, A. Co.  G, 43 Ohio inf
Knight, J.W. Co.  H, 38 Iowa inf   While, Amos Co.  H, 18 Iowa inf
Wetherbee, J.M. Co.  D, 83 HI inf   Nevitier, Lewis Co.  A, 8 Ill inf
Berkey, J.J. Co.  A, 38 Iowa inf   Middlestadt, F. Co.  C, 6 Iowa cav
Sanborn, E.M. Co.  B, 41 Ohio   Richmond, H. Co.  E, 46 Wis inf
Kreamer, Ed A.  steward 46 Iowa inf   Barrett, A.R. Co.  C, 6 Iowa cav

Bunney, W.H. Co.  G, 13 Wis inf   Johnson, V. Co.  H, 8 Wis inf
Stafford, W.D.  Co.  C, 6 Iowa cav   Goddard, A.L. Co.  D, 38 Iowa inf
Walters, Nathan Co.  I, 12 Ill cav   DeLong, F.C. Co.  D, 38 Iowa inf
Johnson, N.R. Co.  I, 9 Iowa inf   Sweet, S. Co.  A, 74 Ill inf
Burlson, N.O. Co.  A, 1 NY light art.   Blanchard, T.D. Co.  G, 31 Wis inf
Ives, A. Co.  F, 38 Iowa inf   Shook, C. Co.  E, 9 Iowa cav

Grannis, H.J. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf   Rogers, Dan Co.  F,  3 Iowa inf
Wilber, C.H. Co.  H, 15 Iowa inf   Boyce, Sam Co.  B,  2 Wis cav
Barden, A. Co.  7 Maine bat   Livermore, John Co.  F,  67 Penn inf
Dorman, J.M. Co.  E, 3 N Y cav   Waste, Thomas Co.  A,  3 Wis cav
Woods, P.R. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf   Carter, F.M. Co.  F, 18 Wis inf
Dennis, Julius Co.  M, 11 Mo cav   Bray, H. Co.  K,  3 Wis inf
Luce Samuel Co.  E, 3i Iowa inf   Whitely,  Fred Co.  F,  3 Iowa inf
Hurd, H.E. Co.  I, 137 Ill inf   Wing, M. Co.  B, 32 Wis inf
Mathews, Amos Co.  G, 106 NY inf   Francisco, F. Co.  F, 33 Wis inf
Hildreth, M.M. Co.  E, 12 Wis inf   Burgess C. Co.  I,  38 Iowa inf
Rodrick, F.H. Co.  D, 12 Ill cav   Hubbel, Mark Co.  C, 6 Iowa cav
Garrison, D. Co.  A, 46 Ill inf   Parker C C surgeon 12 Iowa inf
Barden, J. Co.  K, 11 Maine inf   Coffinger, J.M. Co.  E,  75 NY inf
Brown, Col. A. Co.  3 Iowa inf   Fairchild, M. Co.  D, 43 Wis inf
Finch, G.B. Co.  A, 4 Wis cav   Speers, Robert Co.  H, 105 Penn inf
Falkner, J.T. Co.  F, 1 NY marines   Sherwood, A.S. Co.  C, 132 Ill inf
McComb, J. Co.  G, 16 NY cav   Bailey H M. Co.  E, 27 Iowa inf
Merrill, J. Co.   I, 27 Ill inf   Rogers, Eli Co.  E, 10 Minn inf
McNaul, James Co.  G, 30 Wis inf   Rhoads, John Co.  E, 9 Iowa cav
Whitely, Geo. Co.  C,  6 Iowa cav   Penhollow, H. Penn Buck Tails
Lee, E. Co.  K,  3 NY inf   Alexander, D. surgeon 16 Iowa inf
Phelen, John Co.  K, 57 Ill inf   Parsons Geo. Co.  G, 35 Wis inf
Killerlain Tim Co.  K, 40 Wis inf   Lane Chas. Co.  F,  42  Wis inf
Latimer, R.Z. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf   Follett Chas. Co.  C, 13 NY heavy art.
Fuller, E. Co.  E,  9 Iowa inf   Bedell H.C. Co.  F,  65 NY inf
Lewis A E Co.  D, 4 Iowa inf      
Knapp, C.H. Co.  I, 16 Wis inf   Bogart, F. Co.  A, 153 Ill inf
Gager, C.M. Co.  L 2 Ill light art   Gardner, E.A. Co.  F, 33 Wis inf
Wilbur, D.W. Co.  A, 4 Wis cav Burreil, J. Co.  A,  38 Iowa inf
Cummings, Tom Co.  B, 28 Wis inf   Henderson, A.W. Co.  A,  80 N Y inf
Hill, N.A. Co.   I, 2 Ill light art Barnhart, W.H. Co.  H, 32 Wis inf
Sible, A.J. Co.  H, 112 Ill inf      
Howe, W.H. Co.  A, 38 Iowa inf   Gager, J.T. Co.  B, 105 Ill inf
Holton, Miles Co.  F, 9 Iowa inf   Stowell,  C.G. Co.  C, 38 Iowa inf
Baker, G.A. Co.  H,  5 NY cav   Lawrence, J. Co.  A,  47 Iowa inf
Rees, E.J. Co.  G,  5 Ill inf   Earnshaw, James Co.  E, 127 Ill inf
Sargent, P.W. Co.  E,  9 Iowa cav   Hill, J. Co.  H 92 Ill inf
Woodrins, P.W. Co.  H,  37 Ill inf   Ross, L.A.K. Co.  H,  40 Ind inf
Pattison, I. Co.  H,  105 N Y inf Jenson, F.W. Co.  A,  13 Ill cav
Bell, W.C. Co.  C,  13 Wis inf   Bell, A. Co.  C,  95 Ill inf
Young, R.J. Co.  F,  1 Iowa cav      
Murry, G.M. Co.  F,  38 Iowa inf   Donaldson, James Co.  E,  9 Ill cav
Lewis, Charles Co.  G,  13 Ill inf   Schreck,  David Co.  E, 12 Iowa cav
Spears, N.H. Co.  C,  12 Iowa inf   Conrad, J.E. Co.  E,  9 Iowa cav
Bond, E. Co.  H,  17 Ill cav   Latimer, G.H. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf
Smith, James Co.  C,  3 Iowa cav      
Allen, A.D. Co.  F, 1 Iowa cav      

Doland, John Co.  G, 38 Iowa inf   Lewis, T.D. Co.  C,  38 U S inf
McGee, Wm. Co.  E,  7 Iowa cav   Smith, Chancy Co.  G, 38 Iowa inf
Rogers, N.V. Co.  I,  18 NY cav   Smith, Chancy  Mex. War 9 US reg inf
Pritchard, Thos. Co.  E, 39 Penn inf      
Tripp, D.M. Co.  A, 16 Iowa inf   Crow, A. Co. H, 38 lowa inf
Culbertson, M.E. Co.  K, 199 Penn inf   Osgood, L.K. Co. G, 38 Iowa inf, Elgin
Mattock, W.M. Co.  H, 38 Iowa inf   Hartwell, F.G. Co. F, 6 Iowa inf, Lamont
Oelson, Emerick Co. E 9 Iowa cav   Everson, Oley Co. H 15 Wis inf
Pringle, Robert Co. E 9 Iowa cav   Blodgett, O.B. Co. D 46 Iowa inf
Ketchum, P.R. Co.  C, 12 Iowa mf   Guptill, F.E. Co. E 7 Minn. inf, Eldorado
Thompson, R.F. Co.  H, 8 Wis inf   Helms R.W. Co. H, 1 US sharpshooter, Brainard
Hanley, Riley Co.  I,  44 Wis inf   Fleming, Wm. Co. H 38 Iowa inf, Chas City
Brown, E.M. Co.  A, 1 Mich art   Green, H.H. Capt,  Co.  I, 2 Iowa inf, Epwoith
Stimson, Frank Co.  M, 10 Penn inf Reed, D.W. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf, Waukon
Lawrence, John Co.  I, 9 Iowa inf, Navan   Staddon, Jas. D. Co.  E, 9 Iowa cav, Marion
Moats, A.P. Co. 38 Iowa Inf, Scotch Grove Comstock, G.E. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf, Manchester
Clouse, A.H. Co.  C, 38 Iowa inf, Lawler   Day, Geo., Col. Co. 91 Ill inf, Manchester
Babcock, A. Co.  F, 38 Iowa inf, New Hampton   Mills, Mace Co.  M, 12 Ill cav, Cedar Rapids
Heath, C.H. Co.  E, 23 Wis inf, New Hampton   Wattlos C.H. Co.  C, 48 Wis inf, Postville
Butts, A.J. Co.  F,  6 Iowa cav, Hardin   Blessing, Wm. Co. E, 9 Iowa cav, Mt Vernon
McCarthey, J.E. Co.  C, 13 Iowa inf   Perry, Oscar Co.  A, 13 Iowa inf
Cooley, G. Co.  D, 21. Iowa inf   Moin, F.W. Co.  C, 12 Iowa inf
Little, A.T. Co.  A, 16 Iowa inf      
Farrand, O.L. Co.  A,  66 Ill inf   Watenpaugh, M.F. Co.  K,  15 Ill cav
Hammeter, Geo. Co.  C,  43 Wis inf   Spears, O.G. Co.  F,  38 Iowa inf
Swaeter, Wm. Co.  B, 42 Ill inf   Barnard, G.V. Co.  E,  95 Ill inf
Redder, R.W. Co.  C, 38 Iowa inf   Box, M.E. Co.  F, 48 Iowa inf
Sherman, Milo L. Co. I,  52 Ill inf   Benedict, M.R. Co.  F,  9 Iowa inf

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