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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 778~




Among the most respected and honored citizens of Fayette county stands Arthur M. Doughty, of Smithfield Township, for he has not only shown his ability to achieve material success, but has lived that character of a life which commands the admiration of his fellow citizens.


Arthur M. Doughty was born November 11, 1869, in Byron, Ogle county, Illinois, being the fourth child of seven children born to John and Harriet E. (Parker) Doughty. The father was born near Quebec, Canada, October 8, 1832, his mother in Buffalo, New York, January 28, 1834. While both were still young children their parents moved to Ogle county, Illinois, and here they both grew up on farms, and, on reaching maturity, were married, in 1861. There they began life on a farm and in 1871 removed to Fayette county, Iowa, locating in Smithfield township, where they purchased a fine tract of one hundred and sixty acres in section 32, to which they later added eighty acres in section 33. They made this large farm their home until the year 1900, when Mr. Doughty retired from active farm life and moved to Fayette, Fayette county, which he still makes his residence. Mr. Doughty is a stanch Republican and his loyalty to the principles of his party has brought to him the honor of several offices in his township. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, in which he has held, at different times, all of the offices of the church. He may fitly be designated by that phrase which can so rarely be used, a Christian gentleman. Mr. and Mrs. Doughty are the parents of seven children, William W., born November 5, 1862, who resides with his parents in Fayette; George E., born April 5, 1864, who lives in Smithfield township; Anna B., wife of Frank Chittenden, of Smithfield township, born January 15, 1866; Arthur M. (the subject of this sketch), born November 11, 1869; Jennie M., wife of J. F. Wilkinson, born May 9, 1873; Edith E., born April 18, 1876, wife of Will Dugan, of Smithfield township; Jessie L., born October 13, 1878, wife of Joseph Woods, residing in Smithfield township.


Arthur M. Doughty has always resided on the home farm, making his home with his parents until they moved to Fayette. On their retirement from active farm life and removal to the city, he rented the home place from them, and in 1903, by reason of the exercise of that thrift and strict attention to work which only bring success, was able to purchase the homestead of one hundred and sixty acres in section 32 where he now lives, farming this tract, which is always under a high state of cultivation.


In October, 1900, Mr. Doughty married Clara Prideaux, who was born in Grant County, Wisconsin, October 12, 1875, being the daughter of Thomas and Ellen (Hudson) Prideaux, both of whom were natives of Grant County, Wisconsin, the former born on May 23, 1842, and the latter on January 6, 1852. In 1893 they moved to Fayette county, Iowa, locating in Putnam township, where they lived until 1901, when they retired from farm life and took up their residence in Arlington, Iowa, where they still reside. Mrs. Doughty is the second of four children born to them. Mr. and Mrs. Doughty are the parents of four children, Harlie Merwin, born January 1, 1901; Donald Dean born April 24, 1904; Elizabeth Ellen, born September 23, 1906, and John Russell, born November 25, 1909.


Politically, Mr. Doughty is a Republican, and has taken considerable interest in local politics, having very ably held the offices of township trustee, constable, and is now township trustee. His religious sympathies are with the Methodist Episcopal church, of which he is a member and in which he holds the office of trustee. He is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, Camp No. 4621, Maynard, Iowa. Mr. Doughty is regarded as one of the leading men of the county and enjoys the confidence, respect and esteem of the public.


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