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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 1133~


Henry Harrison Foot


The family of this name, with its connections by marriage, in Fayette county, constitute an element of influence in the agricultural world. They enjoyed the benefits of a strong and honorable ancestry, of which they have proved themselves worthy in every respect. The Foots were of Eastern origin, but we hear of them in the West before the days of the great Rebellion. Ira foot was born in Ashtabula, Ohio, but when he was a very young man his parents migrated to Preston, Minnesota, and he came with them. About 1856 he appeared in Fayette county, where, in connection with another young man, he started a photography gallery in West Union. He married Sarah, daughter of David and Fanny Thompson, of Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, who came to West Union while a girl in company with her parents. After marriage the Foots went to Dover township and lived there about one year, after which they removed to Minnesota, but did not remain long in that state. Returning to Dover township, Mr. Foot bought a farm of over one hundred acres which he cultivated until 1883 and then located in Hawkeye. He died there at the comparatively early age of fifty-four, his widow now being a resident of West Union and the wife of C.C. Bacon.


Henry Harrison Foot son of the foregoing, was born in Dover township, Fayette county, Iowa, September 26, 1858. He is of patriotic descent on both sides, his father having four brothers and his mother on brother in the Union army during the Civil war. He began to make his own living when eighteen years old and since then has been busy in various ways and places. He did farm work in Iowa, Minnesota and Dakota, and finally reached the point where he wished to settle down. The first thought to this end was a wife and he selected Clara M., daughter of A.W. and Helen Strain Henderson, the ceremony being performed September 16, 1885. The Hendersons came from New York state to Wisconsin after the Civil war, but after a brief residence there concluded to cast their fortunes with Iowa.. During the seventies they located in Fremont township, Fayette county, and were ever afterwards fixtures of that section. For five years after their marriage Mr. Foot lived south of Hawkeye. In 1890 he purchased a farm of two hundred and four acres in sections 1 and 2 in Bethel township, and part across in Eden township, and on this place he has ever since made his home. Mr. and Mrs. Foot have had nine children: Blanch Maude, Melva Belle, Fern, Harrison Henry, Lulu Ruth, Alfred James, Hazel Lucille and Clara Amy. Melvin, twin brother of Melva Belle, died when two months old. Mr. Foot is a member of the Odd Fellows and takes an interest in all matters of local progress. In a quiet way he aims to be a good farmer, a good neighbor and a reliable citizen. He stands well in the community and is regarded as a man of integrity. In his farming operations he belongs to the class of sturdy-going men who have done so much to place Iowa at the forefront of agricultural states. He followed diversified farming, which includes all the cereal crops of the section and as much livestock as he is justified by his facilities. He has met with success in his operations and this success is chiefly due to his own industry, economy and good management. He has risen from a common farm hand, without means or backing, to become one of the land owners of the county and has taught the rising generation the real way to overcome the difficulties of life. His farm is in good shape with suitable appliances and he does not allow slipshod methods around the place.

~transcribed for the Fayette Co IAGenWeb Project by Sharon Dorland


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