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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 1070~


John Gladwin


An honored and highly respected citizen of Arlington, Fayette county, is John Gladwin, who, now that the evening of his years is upon him, can look back over a well spent life, one that has brought nothing but good to those whom it has touched, for he belongs to that class of citizens who believe in carrying the principle of the Golden Rule into their every-day affairs, “Live and let live” has been his motto, so that he now enjoys a wide friendship wherever he is known. Mr. Gladwin was born into Marrick, Yorkshire, England, July 19, 1839. He grew to maturity and was educated in his home country and when a young man came to America, finally, after a wearisome trip reaching Wisconsin on April 27, 1855, where he remained four years, working at various things to earn an honest dollar; then he came to Dubuque, Iowa, where he spent about eighteen years. He then turned his attention to farming, following the same in Dubuque county eleven years, then came to Fayette county in 1877 and for a period of twenty-one years devoted himself to tilling the soil in Putnam township. He is at present engaged as a rural mail carrier, having very faithfully performed this service for his adopted country for a period of eight years, giving the authorities entire satisfaction.

Politically, Mr. Gladwin is a Republican, and he has held several of the minor township offices and has been a frequent delegate to conventions of his party. He is very much in sympathy with the prohibition movement and lends his aid and influence in this cause whenever possible.

Mr. Gladwin was married in Dubuque county, Iowa, in March, 1861, to Mary Ann Reynoldson, who was born in England. Her death occurred on April 13, 1902. Nine children, all living, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Gladwin. Of this family, six daughters and three sons, one son became a teacher and taught very acceptably in Fayette county.

Mr. Gladwin is a member of the Woodman lodge and the Methodist Episcopal church. He and his family are highly respected throughout the county. Mr. Gladwin takes great interest in Sunday schools, having been a scholar and teacher for over sixty years. He is a great promoter of the prohibition movement.

~transcribed for the Fayette Co IAGenWeb Project by Ann Borden


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