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History of Fayette County, Iowa,

A history of the County, its Cities, Towns Etc.

Page 462


The Fayette County Historical & Pioneer Association

"The first meeting of the pioneer settlers of Fayette County was held, pursuant to a call, at the hotel of H. S. Brunson, in the village of Fayette, January 1, 1868. The meeting was called to order by Col. Aaron Brown; on whose motion M. C. Sperry was elected temporary Chairman. Jacob W. Rogers was appointed temporary Secretary. Mr. Rogers being called upon, stated the objects of the meeting to be 'to renew and perpetuate the associations and friendships of earlier times among the living pioneer settlers; to preserve a record and cherish the memory of the dead; and to collect and preserve historical data and interesting incidents and transactions in general connected with the settlement of our county.'


A Committee on Permanent Organization was appointed, consisting of Thomas Kincaid, Aaron Brown, Thomas R. Talbott, Mrs. L. Dutton, Mrs. A. Brown and Mrs. James E. Robertson. This committee reported a constitution which was adopted. The first section of the constitution declared, 'The object of this Association to be, first, to perpetuate the memories and friendships of the past; second, to collect and preserve a record of incidents connected with the early settlement of the county;' and the historian regrets that the second object was not more thoroughly accomplished.


A committee consisting of A. Brown, John Webb, P. F. Newton, S. Holton and H. Waner, was appointed to report the names of permanent officers for the ensuing year, which reported as follows: For President, M. C. Sperry; Vice President, Aaron Brown; Recording Secretary, Jacob Wentworth Rogers; Corresponding Secretary, Curtis R. Bent; Chaplain, Rev. John Webb; Treasurer, Harvey S. Brunson; Executive Committee, Thomas Kincaid, P. F. Newton, Horation Warner. The report was accepted and the officers declared elected.


On motion of Col. Brown, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

Resolved: that Jacob LyBrand, Henry C. Lacy, and other pioneers who have removed to other parts, be enrolled as members, and that the Corresponding Secretary be directed to notify them of the fact, and solicit such incidents connected with the early history of the county as they can furnish, to be spread upon the records of the Association.

Resolved: That we will perpetuate the memory of our pioneer brethren and sisters who have preceded us in that emigration allotted to all, by inscribing their names first on the roll of members, and (that) the friends of each be requested to furnish the Association a summary of their pioneer lives.


At this meeting, the following names were registered:

Alexander, Mrs. Elizabeth

Indiana, age 71

Westfield Twp, Sept 13, 1849, nee Christ, widow of Robert Alexander

Bent, C. R.

born Windham Co., Vt. 23 Aug 1820

Auburn, Feb 1852, removed to West Union, farmer

Brooks, Chauncy

born in New York, age 50

settled in Smithfield Twp May 13, 1847, farmer

Brown, Aaron

Mississippi, age 42

Dover Twp, September 1851, removed to Center, clergyman

Brunson, Harvey S.

Ohio, age 53

Dover Twp, May 1850; removed to Westfield, occupation: various

Bunn, Mrs. Aaron

age 45

Settled 'here' Oct 1852; nee Elizabeth Lingrel

Butler, Absalom

Ohio, age 42

Dover Twp Apr 1849, removed to West Union, farmer

Butler, Harrison

Ohio, age 52

settled in Westfield Twp May 1850, farmer

Chamberlain, Mrs. E. B.

Indiana, age 38

Westfield Twp, Sept 13, 1849, removed to Center Twp; nee Hannah Alexander

Clark, Lookings

born Mar 5, 1825,
Northumberland Co., PA

Dover Twp, Nov 1849, married Mary Kinney Jan 1, 1852

Dutton, L.

New York, age 41

settled in West Union Twp Sept 11, 1848

Dutton, Mrs. Lorenzo

Age 38

West Union Twp, May 1850, died Oct 1, 1868

 maiden name: M. A. Hawley

Finney, Daniel J.

born in Ohio in 1819

settled in Fairfield Twp July 5, 1845, farmer

Glidden, Charles

Maine, age 56

Fairfield Twp, March 1846, farmer

Hanna, John T.

Pennsylvania, age 38

Westfield Twp, June 6, 1850,butcher

Hartsough, Elisha

Michigan, age 54

Dover Twp, May 1850
now resides Center Twp, farmer

Hartsough, Mrs. E.

Ohio, age 48

settled May 1850;nee Martha Brunson

Holton, Mrs. S.

Ohio, age38

settled May 18, 1850; nee Mary S. Strong

Holton, Samuel

New York, 42

settled in Illryia Twp May 1850, now resides West Union, hardware merchant

Iliff, Benjamin

born PA - October 1820

Dover Twp, Sep 12, 1849, died Sep 14, 1870

Iliff, James

born Dover Twp Apr 13, 1850

- - -

Kincaid, Mrs. Thomas

Ohio, age 41

settled May 1851; nee Catherine Dannee

Kincaid, Thomas

born Indiana, age 46

settled in Dover Twp May 1851, farmer

Kinsey, Thomas J.

England, age 60

Illyria Twp, Oct 1852, farmer

Lacy, Henry C.

Ohio, age 45

West Union Twp, May 31, 1851, farmer and surveyor, removed to Minnesota

Lybrand, Jacob

born Philadelphia, Penn.

settled West Union Twp, Sept 1849, from Wisconsin, removed to LyBrand, Allamakee Co 1850, thence to St. Nicholas, Freeborn Co, MN, thence to Redwood Falls, MN, thence in 1864 to West Union, thence to Alexandria, Douglas Co MN, died _____ 1875

Morris, Mrs. William

England, age 35

settled in July 1852; nee Elizabeth ?

Morris, William

England, age 39

Illyria Twp, September 1850, farmer

Newton, Mrs. P. F.

Pennsylvania, age 43

settled Nov 12, 1847; nee Harriet Seely

Newton, Palmer F.

New York, age 47

Fairfield Twp, Nov 12, 1847,farmer

Robertson, James E.

Kentucky, age 46

settled in Westfield Twp Sept 1849

Robertson, Mrs. S. H.

Indiana, age 49

settled November 1850; nee Sabra Alexander

Robertson, Samuel H.

Kentucky, age 56

Westfield Twp, November 1850, farmer

Rogers, Mrs. J. W.

born N.Y. Apr 14, 1830

settled West Union Twp, Sep 7, 1849; nee Sara Jane Simons

Rogers, Jacob Wentworth

born Moultenboro, N.H. 15 Aug 1820

settled in West Union Township Sept. 7, 1849, present business, farming, residence in West Union

Sperry, M. C.

born in New York State in 1827

settled in Fairfield Twp March 20, 1847, resides in Illyria, merchant

Talbot, Charles R.

Ireland, age 50

Westfield Twp, July 1849, farmer

Warner, Horatio


settled in Pleasant Valley Twp April 1851, farmer

Way, William H.

New York, age 58

settled Oran Twp May 1853, farmer

Webb, Mrs. John

age 45

settled September 1851; nee Frances Jones


Voted: That all persons entitled to membership be requested to forward (their) names and data for record to the Recording Secretary.


Thomas R. Talbot presented a journal of events by Capt. R. R. Richardson, deceased, which, by a vote of the Association, was placed among the archives of the Association. This was a journal of events in Mexico in 1842-43.


The first annual meeting of the Association was held Jan. 1, 1869, at the United States House, West Union, kept by J. D. Straw. At this meeting, the following additional names were reported and placed on the roll:

CONNER, Samuel

Ohio, age 50

Pleasant Valley, July 1848, farmer


Penn, age 42

came here in June 1851

DIMOND, Benjamin

Penn, age 51

Pleasant Valley, May 1849, Millwright


Indiana, age 42

came in 1849


England, age 52

Dover Twp, March 1851, farmer

GEORGE, Sarah M.

Ohio, age 48

came here in Nov 1850; nee Albright

HOUSE, Jeremiah

New York, age 44

West Union, August 1851, farmer

HOUSE, Nancy A. (COBB)

Canada, age 35

West Union, August 1851


Kentucky, age 80

Dover Township, June 1849

LACY, Cornelius

New York, age 67

West Union, July 1851, farmer

LIPPINCOTT, Remembrance

West Virginia, age 63

West Union Twp, June 27, 1850, farmer


born 1805, W.V.

Came with her husband; nee Davis


New York, age 47

West Union, June 1851, lawyer


Ohio, March 2, 1827

came here in June 1851

NICOLL, Joseph

Ireland, age 47

West Union, May 3, 1851, shoemaker


Ireland, age 47

came here May 3, 1851


New York, age 42

Clermont, April 1850, Merchant


Ohio, age 42

came here in April 1850


New York, age 62

West Union Twp, April 1851, farmer


New York, age 53

came in November 1851


New York, age 44

West Union, May 1849, hardware merchant


Ohio, age 38

West Union Twp, 1849


Ohio, age 50

West Union Twp, June 1852, farmer; removed to Mills Co Iowa in 1869

STURGES, Phineas T.

born Pennsylvania, age 38

West Union, June 1851,merchant



West Union, Sept 1852

TIBBETTS, Humphrey

Ohio, age 43

West Union Twp, 25 Oct 1849, blacksmith, removed Illyria Twp


New York, age 35

came here single in 1849

UNDERWOOD, Sylvester

New York, age 47

Pleasant Valley Twp, Sept 1, 1850, farmer


New York, 1825

came September 1850, died ________

WELLS, William

Ohio, age 57

West Union Twp, Apr 23, 1849, farmer


Ohio, age 55

West Union, 1849

WINSTON, Alexander

New York, age 40

Fayette, June 1851, wheelwright


Vermont, age 40

Fayette, June 1851

The following officers were elected for the year1869: Horatio Warner, President; William Wells, Vice President; Wm. McClintock, Treasurer; John Webb, Chaplain; William Redfield, Aaron Brown, P. F. Newton, Executive Committee.


The Second Annual Meeting was held in Calom's Hall, Clermont, January 1, 1870, when the following were added to the roll:


Norway, age 40

Clermont, July 1852, farmer


New York, age 66

Clermont Twp, May 1852, farmer

EDGAR, William

Penn, age 69

Dover Twp, May 1851, farmer, removed to West Union

EDGAR, Rebecca (GRAY)


Dover, May 1851

MARTIN, Andrew

New York, age 58

Clermont, June 1850, farmer and mechanic, died Feb 22, 1871


Vermont, age 48

came in June 1850

Harriet (TINCOM)

New York, age 55

settled May 1852


Ohio, age 44

Clermont Twp, October 1850, merchant


Ohio, age 42

came October 1850, died Feb 15, 1872 at Pottsville


Scotland, age 66

Pleasant Valley Township, June 1, 1849, farmer

WELLS, David

Ohio, age 41

West Union Twp, April 11, 1850, farmer, died Jan 2, 1876

WELLS, Elvira (Chilton)

Greene Co. Wis, age 37

- - -

The following officers were elected for the year 1870: President, Horatio Warner; Vice President, William Wells; Treasurer, Wm. McClintock; Chaplain, John Webb; Recording Secretary, J. W. Rogers; Corresponding Secretary, C. R. Bent; Executive Committee: Wm. Redfield, Aaron Brown, P. F. Newton.


The next meeting was at the United States House, West Union, December 31, 1870, when officers for 1871 were elected as follows: President, P. L. Hinkley; Vice President, Mrs. Athalia M. McClintock; Treasurer, Thomas Kincaid; Chaplain, John Webb; Secretary, J. W. Rogers; Executive Committee: M. C. Sperry, F. S. Palmer, and Benjamin Dimond. The time of meeting was changed to the first Saturday in September, and the following names were enrolled:

Chambers, Susanna


who came here with her husband

CLARK, Isaac F.

born Otsego Co., N.Y., April 24, 1829

West Union, Apr 1, 1853, mechanic, married Feb 4, 1849
Ada L. CUMMINGS, born Dec 1, 1828, who came here with her husband

Cook, Daniel

born New York 1818

settled in Fayette Co. Sept 1, 1850, died Oct 10, 1854

Cook, Elizabeth

Ohio, age 49

came with her husband in 1850

Davis, Ambrose Dudley

Indiana, age 30

West Union, Sept 1849

HINKLEY, Porter L.

born March 9, 1820, Geauga Co., Ohio

West Union, June 12, 1851, farmer, married Nov 9, 1851
Miss Lucretia McCOOL, born Aug 9, 1824, Lewisburg, Union Co., Penn.

Phillips, John

born 4 Jun 1807, Greene Co., N.Y.

West Union, Sept 1850, farmer and carpenter, married: Jan 15, 1832

Pittinger, Mrs. Margaret

married second time 1842

nee Lane

Reeve, Mary

born Muskingum Co, OH

who came here with her husband

ROSIER, Jacob K.

born June 18, 1823, Harrison Co., Va.

West Union, Sept 1850, farmer, married: Oct 1, 1849,


Fairfield Co. Conn., age 76

West Union, April 1852, married March 1814, Mr. Sherman taught school for many
years of his life until 1859

SMITH, Edwin

born Jan 13, 1812, Cayuga Co., N.Y.

West Union, May 12, 1851, farmer


born Nov 14, 1819, Franklin Co., Ind.

came with husband

Smith, George

Virginia, age 58

removed to Fayette Co, Iowa, Apr 22, 1849

Smith, Louisa


came with her husband, died July 15, 1853; nee Drake

Smith, Rovena

Ohio, age 40

married November 1854, nee Butler


Fairfield Co. Conn., age 76

West Union, April 1852, married March 1814
Mrs. Margaret (LANE) PITTINGER, married second time 1842, Mrs. Lucy (AUSTIN) ZEAK, Mr. Sherman taught school for many, years of his life until 1859

Peck, Myron

Allegany Co. N.Y., age 40

West Union, Oct 15, 1853, wagon maker

Peck, Melissa

born 1 Apr 1838, Auburn, Geauga Co., Ohio

settled here June 6, 1851; nee Stafford




The last meeting held by the Association was at the fair grounds in West Union, September 2, 1871, when the following officers were elected: President, Thomas Kincaid; Vice President, P. L. Hinckley; Secretary, J. W. Rogers; Chaplain, John Webb; Executive Committee: M. C. Sperry, F. S. Palmer and B. Dimond. The following additional names were enrolled:

Abbott, Eli

born in Onondaga Co. N.Y., March 1, 1815; West Union, May 1851

Abbott, Eveline C.

Lorain Co. Ohio, age 53, came with her husband

Boswell, Jerome

born Knox Co, KY, July 1815; Fayette County 1851

Brewer, Charlotte A.

age 47, wife of John S. Brewer; nee Simmons

Brewer, John S.

Seneca Co. N.Y., age 52; West Union, June 1852, farmer

Brunson, Lucretia

dau of H. S. Brunson, born Sept 29, 1850, Fayette Co.

Calvin, Martha S.

born May 31, 1840; came to Elkader in 1847, to Fayette Co. in Oct 1849, dau of C. D. Carleton, wife of J. P. Calvin; died <sic>

Carmichael, Henry H.

Greene Co. Penn, age 48, Illyria, April 17, 1852, farmer

Carmichael, Morgan M.

son of H. H. Carmichael, Indiana, age 19

Carmichael, Nancy M.

dau of H. H. Carmichael, Indiana, age 19

Clark, Anna M.

dau of I. F. Clark, born in Fayette Co Dec 5, 1851

Clark, Ella C.

dau of Isaac F. and Ada L. Clark, age 21, born; came to Fayette Co. Apr 1, 1853 Cooperstown, N.Y.

Hensley, Andrew

Kentucky, age 68; moved to southern Illinois in 1822, to Grant Co., Wis., in Sept 1839, to Fayette Co. and made his claim in 1842, on which he settled in the spring of 1844, farmer; married Susan Lewis in 1823, she died in 1837, married Sarah Lovell in 1839

Hensley, Andrew J.

age 38, son of A. Hensley; Fayette County 1844, married 1858 Loretta Smith, age 30, born Winnebago Co., Ill, she moved to this county in the Spring of 1846

Hinkley, Louisa

dau of P. L. Hinkley, born in Fayette Co. Jan 29, 1853

Jones, Adaline

wife (or widow) of Henry Jones, Utica, N. Y. , 42; Fayette County, 1851

Kinsey, Hettie

dau of J. S. and C. A. Brewer, wife of Mr. Kinsey age 24; nee Brewer

McDowell, John C.

Ohio, age 19; Fayette Co, 1852

McMillan, John

born Huron Co. OH, December 1822, Illyria, June 11, 1851, farmer

Mead, Hiram C.

McHenry Co., Ill., age 21, son of A. A. Mead; Clermont, 1851

Robertson, Amanda

dau of Samuel H. Robertson, born in Indiana 27 May 1848

Rogers, Ada Augusta

dau of J. W. & Sarah J. Rogers, born Monroe, Greene Co, Wis., February 25, 1849, came to West Union with her parents, September 7, 1849

Rogers, Anna A.

dau of J. W. and S. J. Rogers, born in West Union, January 2, 1852

Rogers, Oscar W.

son of G. W. (?) & S. J. Rogers, born in West Union, Fayette Co., October 2, 1850, in the first house built in the town of West Union, on Lot ___, Block 17, married May 30, 1874, Mary F. Putnam

Shipton, Joseph

Lincolnshire, England - age 44; Fayette County Nov 1851, married 1855 - Sarah Cumming

Soward, Catherine

Sage Co., Ohio, age 45, nee Hill

Soward, David F.

Madison Co. Oh., age 48; Fayette Co., June 24, 1851

Soward, Frances A.

dau of D. F. & Catherine Soward, born Logan Co. OH, Mar 31, 1848

Soward, Mary B.

dau of D. F. and C. Soward, born Fayette Co., age 19

Sutherland, Albert R.

Union Co., Vt., age 28; Fayette Co., Oct. 1853

Sutherland, Mary A.

age 21; Fayette Co. June 1853; nee House

Webb, Joshua G.

born Cattaraugus Co. N.Y., September 7, 1819; West Union, September 1851

Webb, Lucinda

born July 4, 1822; came with her husband; nee Ketchum



"This is the last record of the Fayette County Historical Society, but it is to be hoped that it will be revived and will spread open its records, incidents and events, both of pioneer and recent times, and that it will be a Historical Society indeed."


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