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Directory Index

Creameries in Fayette County, 1907

Office Record No.

Creamery Name

Name of Proprietor, Secretary or Manager

P.O Address of Proprietor,

Secretary or Manager

Name of


Type of Creamery

252 Brush Creek Farmers' Creamery Co. Guy L. Rawson Arlington L.S. Edwards Stock
253 Clermont Valley Creamery Co. F.F. Ferguson Clermont A. Erickson Co-operative
254 Elgin Farmers Dairy Co. M. Luchsinger Elgin Ed Hanson Co-operative
255 Fayette Creamery Association Peter E. Jubb Fayette Wm. Dubbs Co-operative
256 Hawkeye Creamery Co. (Hawkeye) J.Q. Adams West Union Chris Russler Co-operative
257 Harlan Creamery Co. J.C. Lewis Maynard C.B. Bracey Co-operative
258 Oran Creamery Co. (Oran) F.T. Shelton Fairbank Chas. Marks Stock
259 Oelwein Farmers Creamery Co. J.R. Ross Oelwein C.M. Ross Co-operative
260 Jefferson Creamery (Oelwein) H.H. Meyer Maynard A.H. Ford Co-operative
261 Randalia Creamery Co. J.E. Holmes Randalia Robt. Wagner Co-operative
262 Center Valley Creamery A.E. Fridley Sumner Wm. Wenthe Stock
263 Farmers Co-op Creamery Co. John J. Mihm St. Lucas B.H. Kuennen Co-operative
264 Westgate Co-op Creamery Co. F.S. Coleman Westgate C.H. Capper Co-operative
265 Riverside Creamery F.J. Schroeder Wadena F.J. Schroeder Individual
266 West Union Creamery Co. N.H. Nelson Calmar Chas. Horton Individual
267 Waucoma Farmers Creamery Co. Elmer Farr Waucoma P.J. Kolbet Co-operative
268 Farmers Mutual Co-op Creamery Co. F.A. Sherman Stanley Frank Strong Co-operative
269 Alpha Farmers Creamery J.T. Gager Alpha C.N. Beach Co-operative
270 Richfield Creamery Co. (Sumner) H.C. Schroeder Hawkeye C.A. Day Co-operative
271 Maple Grove Creamery Co. (Oelwein) T.E. Sadler Hazleton T.E. Sadler Co-operative


Source: ~Twentieth Annual Report of State Dairy Commissioner to the Governor of the State of Iowa for the year 1906 by H.R. Wright, Food & Dairy Commissioner, printed 1907
~transcribed by S. Ferrall


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