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Medical and Surgical Directory of Iowa
Compiled by Charles H. Lothrop, M.D.
Printed Lyons, Iowa
Pages 185
Fayette County, Iowa
Population, 20,518
R = Denotes Regular in Practice
H = Denotes Homeopathic in Practice
E = Denotes Eclectic in Practice
C = Denotes Catholic in Practice
I = Denotes Irregular in Practice
D = Denotes Graduation Doubtful
+ = Denotes Not a Graduate
** = Denotes Graduation undocumented
Alexander, Dixon, Fayette; Castleton Medical College, Vt., 1849. R.
Aldrich, J.A., Fayette; Castleton Medical College, Vt., R. No date.
Armstrong, L., West Union; Albany Medical College, N, Y. 1843, R.
Becker, Fred, Clermont, * H.
Branch, S.T., Waucoma, I.
Brockhausen, B., Elgin, * R.
Cartwright, R., Fayette. * H.
Caldwell, J.F., Fayette; Bennett Medical College, Chicago, 1874. E.
Crepin, E.A., West Union; St. Louis Medical College, Missouri, 1867, R.
Darnall, G.D., West Union; Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, 1872, R.
Dodd, O.B., Waucoma; Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio, E. No date.
Hadsell, ----, Maynard, + R.
Hadgkmer, J.H., Oelwein, + R.
Ilinkley, B.H., Clermont; Cleveland Medical College, Ohio, 1856, R.
Kelley, C.C., Brush Creek; College Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk . Iowa, 1874, R.
Lewis, W.C., Clermont; R.
Castleton Medical College, Castleton, Vermont, 1845, Medical Department University, New York, 1852
Marsh, J.P., Elgin, *E.
Pattison, Israel, Oelwein; Medical Department University, Buffalo, New York, 1867, R.
Parker, Charles C., Fayette; Starling Medical College, Columbus, Ohio, 1850, R;
U.S. Examining Surgeon for Pensions.
Robinson, S.E., West Union; Rush Medical College, Chicago, 1867. B,
President Fayette County Medical Society, and member of Iowa State Medical Society.
Rust, J.D., Fayette, * H. -
Waldron, C.F., Brush Creek; Medical Department, Iowa State University, Iowa City, 1874, R.
Wiltzie, E., Fayette, I


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