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Probate Index
Book 1
Jan 1869 - Apr 1877
Surname Given Name Record Type Page Probate Date
Albright Louis E. & Martha M. Gardianship of 28  
Arnold Charles B, Estate of 163  
Abbott Abraham J. Estate of 191  
Alspaugh Christian Estate of 213  
Armstrong Robert Estate of 255  
Andress William Estate of 256  
Allwood George Estate of 260  
Amunson Mary Guardianship of 266  
Boale John H. Estate of 56 31 Aug 1874
Boale James Minor Heirs of Guardianship 57  
Barnes Hunting, Sr. Estate of 66  
Bennett Dewit C. Estate of 71  
Barnes Mathew R. Guardianship of 75  
Beulline George & Callie Guardianship of 106  
Bratt David A. Estate of 117  
Burch Harlan H. Guardianship of 118  
Burch Henry M. Estate of 120  
Berry Samuel A. Minor Heirs of 123
Berry Samuel A. Estate of 124  
Barker Aaron Minor Heirs of 153  
Boyer Elizabeth A. Minor Heirs of 154  
Brooks Alfred C. Guardianship of 168  
Bainey Matilda J. Briney Guardianship of 172  
Barker James W. Guardianship of 176  
Baird Louisa M. Esatate of 188  
Baird John J. Guardianship of Minor Heirs of 198  
Beare Daniel Settlement of Estate of 222  
Baker George W. Estate of 228  
Burrell William Estate of 234  
Burrell William Minor Heirs of 235  
Brooks Charles H. Estate Minor Heirs of 241  
Beaton Alexander Estate of 242  
Bass Thomas R. Estate of 258  
Bowers John Estate of 277  
Bacon Horatio T. Estate of 285  
Bacon Eliza Estate of 287  
Beare Daniel Insane Guardianship of 288  
Clark Hiram Estate of 6  
Childs Henry Estate of 35  
Crowe Robert Estate of 59  
Carr Zepheniah T. Estate of 68  
Craft Ester A. Estate of 107  
Clawson Geo. H. Estate of 119  
Crowe Ed Estate of 137  
Clark Josephine Estate of 140  
Culver Litte Estate of 141  
Cummings Peter Estate of 142  
Crandall H. Estate of 156  
Caywood Mary M. Estate of 165  
Carandall Rhoda Estate of 167  
Campbell Samuel Estate of 173  
Clawson George H. Guardianship of 183  
Cooley Sarah J. Guardianship of 187  
Cottingham Phillis H. Guardianship of 190  
Curtes Isaac L. Estate of 199  
Cummings Michael Estate of 215  
Crooks George Estate of 224  
Conway Michael Estate of 229  
Camron John Heirs of 253  
Cahalan James Estate of 268  
Daniels Carrie L. Guardianship of 15  
Davis Caroline L. Guardianship of 12  
Doud Esther J. Estate of 19  
Doud Esther J. Guardianship of 26  
Darling John Estate of 36  
Dunn James Estate of 37  
Davison Charles J. (Insane) Guardianship of 81  
Dorland Rosa S. Guardianship of 95  
Dildine David Guardianship of 102  
Dykins E.S. Estate of 157  
Downs Daniel H. Minor Heirs of 175  
Dyer Martin Estate of 196  
Douglas Walter R. Etate of 197  
Dennis Aucheny Estate of 221  
Desart John Minor Heirs of 261, 295  
Davis Jennie Estate of 262  
Douglass Walter R. Heirs of 276  
Dys William Wallace Guardianship of 281  
Ehle Daniel Estate of 65  
Elwell Ed. Minoe Heirs of 194  
Elwell Edward Estate of 195  
Ecklandt Peter Estate of 217  
Frederick Nicholas Estate of 3  
Fox O.T. Estate of 60  
Follett Eliphalett D. Will of 69  
Finch Lewis P. Estate of 131  
Fowler Addison Estate of 135  
Finn Catherine Estate of 146  
Farr John??? Estate of 161  
Fussel Jefferson Estate of 201  
Finch Amos A. Estate, of Guardianship  f 239  
Gardner Samuel Estate of 4  
Grant Un-named Minor Estate of 9  
Gardner Martha Guardianship of 11  
Gould W.S.E. Guardianship of 16  
Gearing  George Estate of 43  
Gay Eben Guardianship of 91  
Grant Elzie Guardianship of 105  
Gilbert Edward Estate of 152  
Gearing George Minor Heirs of 170  
Gardner Absolsom T. Guardin 179  
Goodrich Rebecca Estate of 181  
Goodenirgh Albert Guardianship of 207  
Gill John Estate of 240  
Howard Asa Guardianship of Minor Heirs of 8  
Hotchkiss Mary Estate of 32  
Hotchkiss Mary Minor Heirs of 33  
Hawkins Horatio N. Estate of 38  
Hyde Ebenezer Estate of 58  
Hubbart James Estates of 79  
Hawkins Sallie H. Estate of 93  
Harris Lafayette Estate of 101  
Howe Elizabeth Guardinaship of 110  
Havens Rud Guardianship 114  
Hazlett Cyrus S. Estate of 126  
Hazlett Cyrus S. Minor Heir of 143  
Hagerman Lewis Albert Guardianship of 162  
Hassler Jacob Estate of 210  
Halt Lars C. Minor Heirs of 212  
Harvey William Estate of 236  
Holmes Laura F. Guardianship of 246  
Hamlin Lyman, Ellen & Charles Guardianship of 251  
Hill Abigail Estate  & Guardianship of 264  
Herriman D.B. Estate of 265  
Harvey William Guardianship of            270  
Hall Maria Estate of 271
Howell Regina Estate of 286  
Hazard Bradley & Asile Guardianship of 294  
Hawkins Porter L. Estate of 296  
Iliff Benjamin Estate of 53  
Iliff Benjamin Minor Heirs of 64  
Jenkins J.W. Estate of 39  
Jenkins O.W. Guardianship of 54  
Jones Wm. A. Estate of 61  
Jackson Joseph A. Estate of 168  
Johnson L. Estate of 2(0)15  
Jubb Peter E. Guardianship of 357  
Kittelson Stein Estate of 17  
Kincade Elizabeth Jane Guardianship of 18  
Keasey John Estate of 24  
Knowlton D.T. Minor Heirs of 47  
Knowlton Daniel T. Estate of 49  
Kittilson Stein Minor Heirs of Guardianship of 62  
King Chas. L. Minor Heirs of Guardianship of 82  
Kreamer Michael Estate of 85  
Knight Jonathan Estate of 87  
Linn Nathaniel Estate of 13  
Lacey Milo Estate of 20  
Linn Warren B & Wallace S. Guardianship of 22  
LeGrose Emma Guardianship of 40  
Lintuer Wolfgang Estate of 80  
Lacy Anna H. Guardianship of 94  
Linnell S.G. Estate of 97  
Ljslie Daniel Estate of 127  
Lee John S. Estate of 133  
Lowery Thomas F. Guardianship of 174  
Lafunge William Estate of 216  
Liglet Jacob Estate of 283  
Myers William Estate of 27  
McFarland Daniel Estate of 42  
Martin Andrew Eatate of 83  
McCleery W.B. Estate of 88  
Miller Daniel P.B Minor Heirs of 89  
McCleery W.B. Minor Heirs of 98  
Meyers John Estate of 108  
Morley S.R. Estate of 109  
Meyers Casper Estate of 139  
McAlavay Elizabeth Estate of 159  
Morse May Et al Guardianship of 177  
Moore Wm. Estate of 178  
Morley Omar Guardianship of 225  
Morley Charles S. et al minors 226  
McMuller Polly Minor 237  
Mead Willie Minor 243  
Martin C Estate of 248  
Mitchell Joseph Estate of 269  
Madigan Dennis Rstate of 273  
McCrea Marlene Estate of 275  
Mitchell Joseph Guardianship of 279  
McGlathesy Milo Estate of 284  
Nuttting Oscar Estate of 145  
Nuttall James H. Estate of 147  
Nelson Jacob Estate of 249  
Odell Pontis Pilate Guardianship of 7  
Oleson John & Martha S. Guardianship of 41  
Ostrander Wm. W. Guardianship of 129  
O'Brien Bridget Estate of 218  
Pond Miriam Estate of 74  
Phippin Charles G. Estate of 96  
Perry Josiah L. Estate of 104  
Perry W.  T. Minor Heir of Guardianship of 113  
Perry Harrison W. Estate of 121  
Perry Harrison W. Minor Heirs of 122  
Parker Jonas Minor Heirs of 130  
Parson D. G. Estate of 132  
Preble A.J. Estate of 148  
Peck Alice M. Guardianship of 155   
Perkins Leander Guardianship of 160  
Pointer Thomas Estate of 164  
Pierce L.M. Estate of 180  
Probasco Samuel Estate of 184  
Probasco Samuel Minor Heirs of 185  
Perkins Warren Guardianship of 192  
Pitts Savilla J. Et al Guardianship of 193  
Prall Steven Lusarn Guardianship of 223  
Perry Alden Estate of 232  
Paoute Milton Estate of 244  
Platt Ezekiah Estate of 253  
Perry Charles R. Guardianship of 263  
Peterson John Estate of 289  
Quivery A.M. Estate of 51  
Queren Henry, John & Frederick Guardinship of 111  
Richie Philip Insane Guardianship 34  
Ruef Frank Estate of 70  
Richards Benjamin Estate of 86  
Reynolds Charles Guardianship 99  
Reynolds Rebecca J. Guardianship 100  
Reed William Estate of 138  
Redfield William Estate of 151  
Rusner John C. Estate of 189  
Rawson Joseph P. Estate of 202  
Raesley L.H. Estate of 203  
Rosier Lawrence Estate of 214  
Raisly Avon Guardianship of 272  
Robinson Edmond Estate of 291  
Roice Jane & Francis Guardianship of 154  
Sherman A.J. Estate of 2  
Spatcher Emma L. & Charles H. Guardianship of 14  
Sutherland Fred E. Guardianship of 24  
Shambaugh Mary Estate of 31  
Skeeves Edward Guardianship of 44  
Stafford Adel A. Guardianship of 72  
Stevens John Estate of 84  
Sayles Phiny Estate of 92  
Smith Geo. Wm. & Caroline E. Guardianship of 116  
Spileman P. Minor Heirs of 144  
Smith Geo. Estate of 150  
Sperry David C. Estate of 166  
Scott Charles Minor Heirs of 182  
Schlatter Simon Estate of 186  
Sperry D.C. Guardianship of 200  
Schlegel Adam Estate of 204  
Schlatter Simon Guardianship of 208  
Solonion William H. Estate of 220  
Scott Marie Estate of 245  
Schmidt Gustave Estate of 247  
Schmidt Otto & Limma Guardianship of 250  
Shambaugh Thomas E. Minor Heirs of 259  
Sheckelton John J. Estate of 274  
Sulwell A.F. Guardianship of 275  
Smith Lsesvis Estate of    
Probate Record  Page 330      
Thompson Russell Estate of 67  
Tupper Carlton A. Guardianship of 73  
Thompson Rufus Estate of 103  
Thorison Ole C. Estate of 149  
Thorson Ole C. Minor Heirs of 171  
Thompson Clarence R. et al 238  
Underqood Herbert P. et all Guardianship of    
Van Horn Emanuel Estate of 206  
Webster John W. Guardianship of 5  
Wickham Lydia Guardianship of 10  
Wells Rebecca Estate of 45  
Wells Rebecca Minor Heirs of Guardianship of 46  
Wright Elizabeth Estate of 48  
Wheeler John P. Estate of 50  
Webb Wm. L. Estate of 52  
Whiting Jasper J. Estate of 55  
Woolfrom James Estate of 63  
Walker D.J.M. Minor Heirs of 76  
Walker D.J.M. Estate of 77  
Wetherbee A.S. Estate of 78  
Wilber Rachel & ---ucile Guardianship of 91  
Weatherway Henry A. Guardianship 112  
Witchie Jacob Guardianship of 115  
Wilkinson Jim Estate of 125  
Wilson Edwin L. & Emma F. Guardianship of 136  
Williams Levi Estate of 169  
Woodworth William P. Estate of 209  
Waterworth James O. Minor Heir 211  
Woodson A. Estate of 219
Woodworth H. Minor Heirs 227  
White Elizabeth Insane 230  
Waterbury Lyle C. et al Minors 231  
Wells David Estate of 267  
Wells David Guardianship of 282  
Wilcom Jerome Estate of 292  
Wilcox Jerome Guardianship of 293  
York Francis Estate of 128  
Zeigler E.R. Estate of 134  
Z Bornick Mathia Estate of 254  

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