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Fayette County, Iowa  

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Portrait & Biographical Album of Fayette County Iowa

Containing Full Page Portraits and Biographical Sketches of

Prominent and Representative Citizens of the County

Lake City Publishing Co., Chicago

March 1891


~Page 680~


Rev. F.M. Robertson


Rev. F. M. Robertson, A. M., of Fayette, was born at Parish Grove, Benton County, Ind., March 30, 1844, and in November, 1850, came with his parents, Samuel H. and Sabra Robertson to Fayette County, Iowa. The first winter was spent on historic ground about two miles south and a little west of the present town of Fayette upon the banks of Spring Creek, at what was then known as the Wilcox place. This is believed to have been the first house and here the first ground broken for cultivation by the hand of civilization in the county. During the winter the father built a small frame house on the banks of the Volga where the town of Fayette now stands, and early in the following spring the family, consisting of parents and two children, Amanda and F. M., removed thereto. The sister referred to is now the wife of Rev. J. A. Ward, pastor of St. Paul's Methodist Church of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and is a lady of admirable taste, culture and refinement and adds to the qualities of an accomplished pastor's wife, artistic taste and talent of superior order as the works of her skillful pencil will show.


Nothing could surpass the quiet loveliness of the beautiful Iowa valley where the Robertsons settled. The green prairie knoll now crowned by stately university buildings, the densely wooded hills, the limpid waters of the Volga, the sparkling rivulets, myriads of wild flowers and the herds of wild deer, together with the quail and prairie chickens are among the early and indelible memories which will never be effaced from the mind of our subject. On the 1st of January, 1857, the Upper Iowa University was opened for students and his name was enrolled among them. He remained in school until April, 1864, when he enlisted as a soldier and was assigned to the Forty-sixth Iowa Infantry commanded by Col. D. B. Henderson, to duty in Tennessee. On the 20th of September, he was honorably mustered out with his regiment and returned to his school duties. In June, 1866, he was graduated from the Upper Iowa University with the honors of valedictorian of his class and in September, 1867, joined the Upper Iowa Conference then in session at Iowa City, and was appointed to the pastoral charge of Nashua. Following this came appointments in succession to Eldora, Hampton, Manchester, Iowa Falls, Toledo, Waverly, Independence, Monticello and Decorah. Transferring to the North Pacific coast he was stationed at Vancouver and Olympia, the capital city of Washington. He was then transferred to the Dakota Conference and three years were spent in service as pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Sioux Falls. From there, varied family interests requiring a return, he was transferred to his original conference and at the date of this writing is in charge of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, of Oelwein, Iowa.


On the 30th of March, 1871, Rev. Mr. Robertson was married to Miss Sarah E. Yates, a popular and successful teacher in the graded schools of Dubuque, Iowa, where the lady had grown from girlhood to active life and work among a large and admiring circle of relatives and friends. Their children are three in number. Fred W. and Frank Fowler are now in the university at Fayette. The second son, Newman K. M. died at the age of five and a half years and is confidently accorded by parental affection to a place in the greater school beyond the skies.



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