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If you would like to request a look-up, please limit your request to one family name at a time. Please don't ask a volunteer to "send me all the information you have on XXXX surname". Be respectful of the time and efforts given on your behalf, by our very generous look-up volunteers.


If you have a Fayette County resource you are willing to do look-ups from to help others, please contact me with the name of the the resource and the contact information you want to use.


Look-up Volunteer

1878 History of Fayette County

Chuck Taylor

Lowell Lindstrom


Family Database: send full name, no guarantees

Chuck Taylor


Past & Present of Fayette County, 1910

Betty Cline


Orphan Train Riders to Fayette County
Obituaries from Fayette county newspapers
Great War discharges for soldiers of Fayette county
Civil War Pension cards soldiers from Fayette county
Fayette county History, 1878
Fayette County Biographical Album 1891



Cemetery Books

Barry Zbornik visit Barry's valuable website


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