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Vital Records


Dubuque County Death Records

Book "C" (1897-1908)

LDS microfilm #1035381, item 1


On some of the entries an additional notation was made at the time the record was entered in the registry book. Only those names with links have additional information. To view the information click on the name Notes page.


Name of Deceased







Death Date


Where Born

Place of Death

Cause of Death

Place of Burial






Vogenthaller F 3d Infant 30 Nov 1897 S Dubuque Dubuque Premature Birth St. Mary's Cem.
Vibber, Russel L. M 65y 09 Mar 1898 M Ohio Dubuque Heart failure Farley
Vibber, Syia L. F 67y Keeping house 21 Jan 1898 M New York Farley Consumption Farley
Volker, Leopold M 71y Retired 07 Nov 1899 W Germany Dubuque Old Age St. Mary's Cem.
Voss, Luella F 6m Child 06 Feb 1899 S Dubuque Dubuque Bronchitis Linwood
Vonah, Freddy M 11m -

02 Jul 1900

- Dubuque Dubuque Inflamation of Lungs Dubuque
Vogel, Emile, Valentine M 10d - 08 Nov 1900 S Dyersville, Iowa Dyersville, Iowa Spasms Dyersville
Vonderhaar, Dyanesius M 17y None 17 Mar 1900 S New Wine Twp. New Wine Twp. Weakness- Feeble New Wine
Van Enck, Maatje F 78y - 15 Mar 1901 W Holland Dubuque Old Age Galena, Ill.
Voelker, Emil M 29y Rail Road man 09 Sept 1901 M Minn.. Dubuque Accident Linwood
Vollinair, Frank M 5y - 24 Jan 1901 - Dubuque Dubuque Pneumonia St. Mary's
Van Eyck, Mrs. Maartje M 78y 10m 15d - 15 Mar 1901 W Holland Dubuque - Galena, Ill
Van Rekel, John J M 7d - 05 Feb 1901 - Dubuque Ia. Dubuque Prem Birth St. Mary's Cemetery
Vogenthaler, Peter M 78y - 01 Jan 1901 M Germany Dubuque Old Age St. Mary's Cemetery
Vogt, Elizabeth F 76y 6m - 20 Jun 1901 W Germany Dubuque Ia Old Age Linwood Cemetery
Vaska, Bernardina F 66y Housewife 09 Jul 1902 W Germany New Wine Twp Old Age New Vienna Ia.
Volkert, Oscar M



16 Oct 1902 S Dubuque ia Dubuque Twp. Insanity Linwood
Vollkert, Charles M


Taylor 15 Apr 1902 M Germany Dubuque Ia. Paralysis Linwood Cemetery
Volkert, Oscar M



15 Aug 1902 S Dubuque Ia Dubuque Twp. Insane Linwood Cemetery
Voigt, Walters M 2m -

09 Jul 1902

- Dubuque Ia Dubuque Twp. Cramps Germ. Lutheran Cem.
Vogel, Kate E. F 43y - 04 Nov 1902 Div Galena Ills. Dubuque Ia Tumor Germ. Lutheran Cem.
Vogel, Anna F 51y Housewife 11 Dec 1902 M Germany Dubuque Ia Uremia Mt. Calvary
Vogt, Theodore M - 23 May 1902 M Iowa Dubuque Ia Accident St. Johns
Vogel, Francis J. M 30y Merchant 05 Mar 1902 M Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Tuberculosis Mt. Calvary
Vannatter, Mrs. H. J. f 49y - 19 Apr 1903 - Penn. Cascade Ia Grip Cascade Ia.
Vorwald, Maggie F 29y 8m 13d - 31 Oct 1903 M Dubuque Co. Concord Twp Heart Disease Holy Cross
Vaska Anna F 24y 10m - 14 Jan 1903 M Delaware Co. New Wine Twp. Lung fever New Vienna
Voltz, Anna Maria F 79y 6m Houae Keeper 11 Jan 1903 M Germany Dubuque Ia Senile Exhaustion Mt. Calvary
Vandenberg, Leonard M 5y - 14 Aug 1903 - Germany Dubuque Ia Nephritis Linwood
Vollinger, Joseph M 1h - 24 Aug 1903 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Premature Birth Mt Calvary
Von Donnue, Fred M 67y Laborer 28 Nov 1903 S - Dubuque Ia Pneumonia Linwood

Varker, Emma

F 37y - 19 Aug 1908 - Hazel Green, Wis. Epworth Blood Poison Epworth

Von Lehander

F 68y Retired 11 Feb 1908 M Germany New Vienna Old Age New Vienna

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