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Vital Records


Dubuque County Death Records

Book "C" (1897-1908)

On some of the entries an additional notation was made at the time the record was entered in the registry book. Only those names with links have additional information. To view the information click on the name Notes page.


Name of Deceased





Date of Death


Where Born

Place of Death

Cause of Death

Place of Burial








Joyce, Pearl F


- 06 Jul 1897 S Dubuque Dubuque Cholera Infantum Key West Cem. Dubuque
Jordon, Hannah   F


House Keeper 11 Dec 1897 W England Dubuque Fracture of hip Linwood Cem.




Joester, Herman M  

22y 6m

Timer 18 Nov 1898 S Germany Dyersville Consumption Dyersville, Ia.
Jones, John M  

66y 8m 21d

Farmer 22 Sept 1898 M Bristol, England Cascade Rheumatism Cascade
Jecklin, John M  

18y 26d

- 04 Apr 1898 S Dubuque, Iowa Dubuque Twp. Pneumonia St. Johns Dub. Ia.




Johnson, Helen   F

3y 6m

Child 25 Nov 1899 S Dubuque Dubuque Diptheria Key West Cem.
Joseph, Frank M  


Canvasser 10 Aug 1899 M Iowa Dubuque Heart Failure Linwood Cem.




Jansen, John M  


Painter 13 Jun 1900 M Germany Dubuque Lead Poisoning St. Mary's Cemetery
Jackson, John Jay M  


Carpenter 08 May 1900 M Summerset, Ohio Dubuque Diabetes Key West
Johnson, Wm. M  


- 28 Oct 1900 - Le Clair, Wis. Dubuque Dysentery Key West
Johnson,Geo. W. M  


- 06 Aug 1900 - Dubuque Dubuque Cholers Infantum German Cemetery
Jaeger, Elmer M  

5m 14d

- 16 Aug 1900 S Dubuque Dubuque Meningites German Cath. Cem.
Jacquinot, Martin M  


Miner 23 Feb 1900 M Prussia, Germany Dubuque Cancer German Cath. Cem.
Jungt, Christ. M  


Retired Merchant 16 Apr 1900 M Prussia, Germany Dubuque Old Age German Cath. Cem.
Jarding, Peter M  

29y 3m 27d

Farmer 13 Dec 1900 S Iowa Twp. Iowa Twp Brights Disease St. Clements Cem.
Jaeger, Eva   F


- 15 Dec 1900 M Holy Cross Waupetan Childbirth Balltown
Jordan, Mrs. Margareth   F


House Keeper 24 Dec 1900 W Not Known Farley Old Age Farley




Jungwirth, Jos. M   10m 15d - 05 Oct 1901 - Dubuque Dubuque Lung Fever St. Mary's
Joyer, Isabella   F


- 15 Mar 1901 W Pennsylvania Dubuque, Iowa Heart Disease Linwood Cemetery
Johnson, Maria Louise   F

62y 8m 15d

- 24 Oct 1901 S Dubuque Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Epilepsei Linwood Cemetery
Johnson, Sophia E.   F


- 10 Nov 1901 M Dubuque Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Tuberculosis Linwood Cemetery
Juregrens, Baby   F


- 16 Dec 1901 - Dubuque Iowa Dubuque, Iowa - St. Mary's
Jecklin, Ann   F 64y - 03 Mar 1901 W Switzerland Dubuque, Iowa Heart Failure St. John''s
Jacobs, Eliza   F 58y Housewife 08 May 1901 M Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Apoplexy St. John's
Johnson, Mary H.   F 86y 9m 10d Housekeeper 01 Mar 1901 W Kentucky Dubuque, Iowa Old Age Linwood
Jackson, Ralph M   29y 5m Traveling Salesman 04 Aug 1901 S Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Sarcanis Center Grove, Ia.
Jeoffrey, Joseph M   89y Harnessmaker 16 Aug 1901 M Francer Dubuque, Iowa Old age St. Mary's Cemetery
Juergens, Raymond A. M   9m 23d - 16 Nov 1901 - Dubuque Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Bronchites St. Mary's Cemetery
Jestel, Benjamin M   76y - 07 Aug 1901 M Germany Dubuque, Iowa Apoplexy St. Mary's Cemetery
Jacbson, Carl M   23y Lineman 25 Jul 1901 S Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Accident Waterloo, Iowa
Junker, Maria   F 65y 4m 15d Retired 27 Oct 1901 S Germany Liberty Unknown Luxemburg
Jecklin, Anna   F 63y 0m 4d - 03 Mar 1901 W Switzerland Dub. Twp. Heart Trouble St. John's Cemetery
Jarrett, Reuben M   92y Miner 19 Aug 1901 M France Dub. Twp Old Age Asbury
Junkers, Eugenia   F 72y Farmer  16 Jan 1901 W Germany Mosalem Twp. Paralytic Stroke St. Catherine's
Johnson, Viola   F 5m -  16 Sept 1901 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Twp. Cramps -
Just, Oliver J. M   2m 24d - 29 Jul 1902 S Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp. Spasms Luxemburg
Joseph, Mary M.   M 52y 1m 22d House Keeper 10 Feb 1902 M New Jersey Farley Ia. Cancer Farley Ia.
Jungwirth, Emma C.   M 4m - 18 Jul 1902 - Dubuque Ia. Dubuque Ia. Hooping Cough St. Mary's
Jergens, Wm M   78y - 29 Oct 1902 M Germany Dubuque Ia. Old Age St. Mary's
Joyce, Baby   F 2d - 21 Mar 1902 - Germany Dubuque Ia. Complete Annuria Mt. Olivet
Juen, Ralph M   58y - 19 Apr 1902 - Austria Dubuque Ia. Pneumonia Mt. Calvary

~LDS microfilm #1035381, item 1-3


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