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Dubuque County Death Records

Book "C" (1897-1908)

On some of the entries an additional notation was made at the time the record was entered in the registry book. Only those names with links have additional information. To view the information click on the name Notes page.


Name of Deceased







Where Born

Place of Death

Cause of Death

Place of Burial






Gauber, Frank M 44y Brewer 01 Jun 1900 M Bavaria Germany City Blood Poisoning Germ. Catholic Cemetery
George, Anna Catherine F 79y - 09 Oct 1900 W Germany Dubuque Old Age Germ. Catholic Cemetery
Grille, Jacob M 64y Blacksmith 26 Apr 1900 M Prussia Dubuque Suicide Linwood
Gregory, James Frances M 25y Clerk 19 Jul 1900 S Dubuque Dubuque La Grippe Key West
Gau, Carrie F 1m 21d 02 Sept 1900 - Dubuque Dubuque Summer Complaint Germ. Luth. Cemetery
Gibbons, Anna F 49y - 06 Dec 1900 M Co. Cavin Ireland Dubuque Complicated Fever Key West Iowa
Glab, John Nicholas M 38y 3m 29d - 26 Apr 1900 M Dubuque Dubuque Brights Disease St. Marys Cemetery
Germain, Josette F 64y - 06 Apr 1900 M Iowa Wash. Twp. Pneumonia St. Joseph
Gearhart, Ida M. F 3d - 26 Feb 1900 - Co Wicklow Ireland Cascade Twp. Infancy Rockville
Graham, George Sr. M 78y 2m Farmer 11 Aug 1900 M Germany Cascade Paralysis Cascade Cath. Cemetery
Glaw, Mrs. W. F 8y 2m 4d - 01 Jan 1900 W Cascade Twp. Cascade Old Age East Dubuque
Goerdt, Rosa F 21y 8m 14d - 04 Feb 1900 S Delaware Co. Iowa Dyersville Consumption Dyersville
Gausamer, Rosena F 1m -  20 Nov 1900 - Center Twp. Dub Co Center Lung Fever Rickardsville
Graham, Albert M 22y 6m Book Keeper 23 Jan 1901 S Dubuque Dubuque Pneumonia Key West
Gross, Peter M 56y Saloon Keeper 09 May 1901 M Germany Dubuque Blood Poison St. Marys
Gregory, Margaret F 58y Housewife 28 Mar 1901 M Ireland Dubuque Pneumonia Key West
Geigerich, Elizabeth M. F 3y 3m 8d - 23 Mar1901 - Dubuque Iowa Dubuque Iowa Bronchitis St. Marys Cemetery
Giesler, Agatha F 65y - 20 Apr 1901 M Hessen Darmstadt (Germany) City of Dubuque Tumor German Catholic
Guderian, Julius M 45y - 09 Jun 1901 M - Dubuque Drowning St. Johns
Guderian, Amelia F 42y - 09 Jun 1901 M - Dubuque Drowning St. Johns
Gmehle, Paulina F 72y - 25 Oct 1901 M Germany Dubuque Heart failure Linwood
Graham, Bert M 23y 23 Jan 1901 S Dubuque Dubuque Pneumonia Key West
Gartner, Rupert M 50y Wood turner 25 Jul 1901 S Germany Dubuque Drowning St. Marys Cemetery
Geiger, Henry M 63y Carpenter 22 Dec 1901 W Germany Dubuque Tuberculosis St. Marys Cemetery
Gantert, Bertha F 21y 2m 10d Housewife 10 Mar 1901 M Dubuque Dubuque Consumption St. Marys Cemetery
Graf, Baby M 10d - 14 Aug 1901 S - Dubuque Spasms St. Marys Cemetery
Gehan, Frank J. M 52y Laborer 24 May 1901 S Ireland Dubuque Liver Disease Hawarden, Iowa
Green, Florence F 18y Domestic 13 Feb 1901 S New York Dubuque Suicide Key West
Goldstein, Baby F still born - 17 Aug 1901 S Dubuque Dubuque Still Born Jewish Cemetery
Gordon, Jeremiah M 57y Ins. Agent 06 Oct 1901 M Ireland Dubuque Dysentary Amboy, Ill.
Gardner, D. E. M 62Y Piano Dealer 06 Oct 1901 M New York Dubuque Carcinoma of Panera Platteville
Glenn, Miles M 20y Clerk 06 Dec 1901 S Dubuque Dubuque Consuption Kew West
Goddard, Martha F 69y - 31 May1901 W - - Ulcerative Enterites Linwood
Groaf, Elma F 35y Domestic 05 Sept 1901 M Germany Dubuque - -
Gorman, William M 27y Actor 19 Oct 1901 S Dubuque Ia Dubuque Puerpera Fever St. Mary's
Germain, Mary Ann F 1y 8m - 06 Oct 1901 - Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Drowning St. Joseph
Ginter, Ada F 29y - 31 Nov 1901 S Cascade Town of Cascade Consumption Town of Cascade
Guidinger, Jacob M 69y 10m Retired Farmer 29 Aug 1901 M Grand Duchy Luxemburg Worthington Grip Worthington
Gaul, Mrs. Margaret F 85y Farmers wife 27 Aug 1901 M Ireland Prairie Creek Old Age Monastery Dub Co.
Graff, Henry M 72y Laborer 03 Jun 1901 S Luxemburg Dub. Twp. Heart Disease County Farm
Goos, John M 8y 8m 1d Farmer 26 Jul 1901 S Richland Twp. Cascade Twp. Whooping cough Cascade
Goetzinger, Margaret F 67y Farming 07 Jun 1901 M Luxemburg, Germay Center Twp. Dub Co Burnt to Death Centralia Cem. Centralia
Glew, Arthur H. M 57y Farmer 16 Dec 1901 M Iowa Dodge Heart Failure Farley

~LDS microfilm #1035381, item 1-3


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