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Vital Records


Dubuque County Death Records

Book "C" (1897-1908)

LDS microfilm #1035381, item 1


On some of the entries an additional notation was made at the time the record was entered in the registry book. Only those names with links have additional information. To view the information click on the name Notes page.


Name of Deceased







Death Date


Where Born

Place of Death

Cause of Death

Place of Burial






Faha, Anna F 30y Housewife 15 Sept 1901 M Dubuque  Co Dubuque Sceptarima Sherrill Mound
Fahey, Julia (Sister Mary Maude) F 25y Sister 15 Jan 1901 S Dubuque  Co Dubuque Tuberculosis Mt Carmel
Frost, John M 83y Farmer 18 Mar 1901 W Germany Dubuque Dropsy Sherrill Iowa
Fetzman, Theod M 28y Clerk 13 Dec 1901 M Dubuque Iowa Dubuque Paralysis Linwood Cemetery
Fawcett, Mary J. F 64y 5m Housewife 19 May 1901 M Dubuque  Co Dubuque La Grippe Center Grove
Fraatz, Mary F 28d -

12 Feb 1901

S Dubuque Iowa Dubuque Infantile Convulsions Linwood
Fischer, Lydia F 96y - 04 Mar 1901 W Louisiana Dubuque Old Age Linwood
Fiszhol, Fred M 82y - 06 Feb 1901 W Germany Dubuque Dysentary St. Johns Cemetery
Fratz, Mary F 28d -

12 Feb 1901

- Dubuque Iowa Dubuque Ia Convulsions Linwood
Firtzloff, Sophia F 58t 7m 4d - 10 Aug 1901 W Germany Dubuque Brights Disease St. Johns
Ferguson, Daniel M 70y - 29 Nov 1901 W America Dubuque Apoplexy Kasanga Iowa
Fegen, Baby F 14hrs - 08 Jun 1901 S Dubuque Dubuque Premature Birth Linwood
Foell, Lawrence M 2m 19d - 20 Oct 1901 - Dubuque Dubuque Cerebal Inflamation Sherrill, Iowa
Fassler, Monica F 80y Housewife 21 Jul 1901 W Germany Dubuque Iowa Apoplexy St. Mary's Cem.
Finn, Mabel G. F 1y - 20 May 1901 - Dubuque Iowa Dubuque Iowa Maracimus Linwood Cem.
Frommilt, Josephine F 66y Housewife 27 Jun 1891 W Germany Dubuque Iowa Perfaration of Bowles St. Marys
French, Susan F 74y - 02 Apr 1901 W Ohio Dubuque Iowa Old Age Linwood
Finn, Albert Frances M 8m - 21 Jun 1901 - Cascade Cascade Enlargement of the Liver Cascade
Finn, Martha E. F 13m - 18 Sept 1901 S Cascade Cascade Brain Fever Cascade Cem.
Finn, James M 45y Liveryman 30 Apr 1901 M Jones Co. Cascade Heart failure Cascade
Frommelt, Tracy F 51y 10m 16d - 29 Oct 1901 M Germany Dyersville Iowa Inflammation of Bowels Dyersville, Iowa
Foell, George M 34y 6m Farmer 29 Jul 1901 W Dubuque Iowa Peru Twp. Stomach trouble Ger. Cong, Church, Sherrill Ia.
Frost, John M 83y Farmer 18 Mar 1901 W Dont Report Germany Peru Twp. Old Age Sherrill, Iowa
Fangmann, Theresa F 2m 20d - 20 Jun 1901 S Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp. Congestion of Lungs New Vienna, Ia
Ferguson, Daniel M 80y Not known 29 Nov 1901 M

Dont Report

Not Known

St. Joseph Hospital Paralysis Keosanqua, Iowa
Fawcett, Mary Jane F 65y 5m 1d - 19 May 1901 M Dub. Twp. Dub. Twp. Heart Disease & Dropsy Center Grove
Farni, Mathias M 90y Farmer 05 May 1901 W Wertenburg, Germany Center Twp. Old Age Cottage Hill Cem.
Funke, Barney M 49y 2m Farmer 13 Dec 1901 W Dubuque Co. Dodge Cancer Dyersville
Foell, Thomas M 19y 18d Railroader 30 Nov 1902 S Cerro Gordo Co, Ia Chicago, Ills Typhois Fever Sherril Iowa
Fitzgibbions, George M 18y Farmer 22 Sept 1902 S Washington Twp. Dubuque Ia Concussion of the Brain New Mellary
Farmer, Terrance M 73y Laborer 22 Oct 1902 S Ireland Dubuque Twp. Accident on R. R. St. Philomenia's
Fitzsimmons, James M 75y Laborer 20 Nov 1902 S Ireland Dubuque Twp. Old Age Eagle Grove Ia.
Fettgetter, Dorothy F 75y Housewife 13 Jul 1902 W Germany Dubuque Twp. Old Age Lutheran Cemetery
Fredena, Sister F 27y Teacher 27 Mar 1902 S Petersburg Iowa St. Frances Convent Consumption St. Francis Cemetery
Finn, James M 75y - 11 Aug 1902 W Ireland Dubuque Twp. Dysentery Mt. Olivet
Friedman, Francis A. M 9y 1m 15d - 04 Dec 1902 S Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp. Kidney Trouble Holy Cross Ia
Freymann, Frank M 26y 10m 3d Dentist 12 Jan 1902 M Dubuque Ia Dyersville Ia Consumption Dyersville Ia
Fromm, Lawrence M 72y 3m 10d Doctor 20 Oct 1902 W Germany Dyersville Ia Old Age Dyersville Ia
Flechsig, Bernhard M 28y Pressman 04 Apr 1902 M Ohio Dubuque Ia Consumption Linwood
Fuerst, Andrew M 3y 3m - 12 Nov 1902 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Pneumonia Mt. Calvary
Fuhrman, Jno. L. M 14y - 19 May 1902 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Drowned Mt. Calvary
Fagen, Matt M 75y Laborer 21 Dec 1902 W Ireland Dubuque Ia Aortic Stenosis Mt. Olivet
Feth, John M 81y Laborer 04 Nov 1902 M Germany Dubuque Ia Senile debility Mt. Calvary
Farmers, Mrs. Jos. F 33y Housewife 13 Nov 1902 M Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Bright disease Mt. Calvary
Fennessy, Edw. M 70y Farmer 11 Nov1902 M Ireland Dubuque Ia Old Age Emmett S. Dak.
FitzGerald, William M 20y R. R. Brakeman 21 Oct 1902 S Iowa Dubuque Ia Accident New Albin Ia
Frisinger, Mary F 37y Housewife 05 May 1902 M Germany Dubuque Ia Tuberculosis Mt Calvary
Fitzpatrick, Jno. M. M 40y Fireman 08 May 1902 M Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Accident Asbury
Flynn, Morris M 45y Laborer 20 May 1902 M Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Apoplexy Mt. Olivet
Frank, Martin M 79y 3m 1d Locksmith 21 May 1902 M Germany Dubuque Ia Apoplexy Linwood
Fuchs, Agatha M. F 7m 1d - 22 Aug 1902 S Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Convulsions Mt. Calvary
Frantzen, Jos. D. M 2y 3m - 10 Jul 1902 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Convulsions Menominee Wis
Fischer, Benjamin M 8y 6m 10d - 26 Jul 1902 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Appendicitis Linwood
Feiland, John M 1 week - 28 Jul 1902 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Small Pox Mt. Calvary
Fern, Annie E. F 70y Housewife 03 Apr 1902 W Virginia Dubuque Ia Blood Poision Asbury  Ia
Ferring, Magdaline   F 60y 18d Housewife 03 Mar 1902 W Germany Dubuque Ia Hepatitis Mt. Calvary
Flannery, Lena E. F 1y 6m - 04 Mar 1902 - Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Convulsions Linwood
Ferring, Anna F 57y Housewife 14 Feb 1902 W Germany Dubuque Ia Apoplexy Mt. Calvary
Ferris, Virginia F 79y 2m 20d - 22 Feb 1902 - Mass. Dubuque Ia Debility Linwood
FitzGerald, Elizabeth F 4y 2m 1d - 30 Jan 1902 S Illinois Dubuque Ia Scarlet Fever Mt. Olivet
Fletscher, Alice F 15y 7d - 07 Feb 1902 S Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Meningitis Linwood
Fannon, Alexander M 33y - 08 Jan 1902 S Mass. Dubuque Ia Bright's Disease Mt. Olivet
Flynn, John R. M 70y Printer 20 Jan 1902 S Vermont Dubuque Ia Gastritis Linwood

Fannon, Walter

M 11m - 21 Jan 1902 S Dubuque Ia Dubuque Ia Mastoid Disease Mt. Olivet

Farley, Mrs. J. P.

F 75y - 25 Apr 1902 W Ky Dubuque Ia Pneumonia Linwood
Field, Jno. M 58y Contractor 28 Apr 1902 M Ky Dubuque Ia Apoplexy Omaha
FitzGerald, John M 84y - 02 May 1902 S Ireland Dubuque Ia Old Age Mt. Olvet

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