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Vital Records


Dubuque County Death Records

Book "C" (1897-1908)

LDS microfilm #1035381, item 1


On some of the entries an additional notation was made at the time the record was entered in the registry book. Only those names with links have additional information. To view the information click on the name Notes page.


Name of Deceased







Death Date


Where Born

Place of Death

Cause of Death

Place of Burial

Follhoper, Christian M 64y Farmer 02 Nov 1896 M Germany Linehan Park, Dub. Co. Cancer of Stomach Linwood Cemetery






Fogarty, Johannah F 40y 11m - 31 Dec 1897 M New York State Julien Twp Pneumonia Dubuque
Fisher, Clarence M 3d - 29 Sept 1897 S Dubuque Dubuque Not known Potters field
Fairburn, Archer W. M 24d - 12 Oct 1897 S Cascade Cascade Indigestion Cascade
Fitz, ? F 26y 7m Farming 25 Jul 1897 M Luxemburg Liberty Fits Luxemburg
Fogarty, Mrs. Johannah F 41y House Wife 31 Dec 1897 M America Dubuque Pneumonia Kew West Cem.
Fangman, Mary F 5y 5m 10d - 10 Apr 1898 S New Vienna Liberty Twp. Diphtheria New Vienna
Friedmann, Dina F 14y - 12 Jul 1898 S Luxemburg Liberty Rheumatism Luxemburg
Flinn, Edward M 79y Carpenter 16 Dec 1898 W Illinois Cascade Old Age Cascade
Fenton, Mary B. F 62y 9m 1d Farmer 09 May 1898 W England Center Twp. Tumor Johnson Cemetery
Fawkes, Jos. Nelson M 21d Child 28 Sept 1898 - Dubuque Dubuque Croup Durango, Iowa
Fleming, Garret M 82y 2d Retired Capitalist 09 Dec 1898 W Ireland Dubuque Paralysis Key West
Fitschle, Alberdina F 69y - 17 May 1898 M Germany Dubuque Paralysis Ger. Cath. Cem.
Feilan, Anna F 62y 10m 5d House-work 27 Sept 1898 M Holland Dubuque Inflam of gallbladder St. Mary's Cath. Cem
Friedrich, Magdalena F 30y House-wife

30 Jan 1898

M Wisconsin Dubuque Puerperal Fever Key West Cem.
Fawkes, Jos. Nelson M 21d Child 28 Sept 1898 - Dubuque Dubuque Membranous Croup Durango Cem.
Franke, Wm H. M 73y Gardener 27 Mar 1898 W Prussia Asbury, Julien Twp. Degeneration of brain Asbury Cem.
Fagan, Mrs. Mary F 77y Farming 25 Jan 1899 W Ireland Prairie Creek Twp La Grippe Monastery Cem
Fittgether, John Jacob M 40y 1m 5d Farmer 07 Apr 1899 M Center Twp. Center Twp. Cancer Center Twp.
Finn, Mary I. F 1y 11m Child 03 Sept 1899 S Cascade Cascade Croup Cascade
Fortman, Leonette F 3y 9m Child 19 Sept 1899 S Dodge Dodge Diptheria Worthington
Fortman, Alfrette M 11m Child 20 Sept 1899 S Dodge Dodge Coupe Worthington
Farley, Mary F 10m Child 16 May 1899 S Dodge Farley Pneumonia Farley Cath. Cem
Frecking, George M 3y 5m Child 15 Dec 1899 S New Wine New Wine Disentry New Vienna
Fitzpatrick, Katharine F 73y - 17 Oct 1899 W Ireland Farley Old Age Farley
Fagan, Mrs. Henry F 77y Farmer 25 Jan 1899 M - Prairie Creek Natural Cause Vernon Twp.
Farley, Charles W. M 67y Hotel Keeper 15 May 1899 M Galena, Ill. Taylor Kidney Trouble Farley
Flannigan, Maggie F 29y - 04 Jul 1899 S Dubuque Dubuque Lung Trouble Key West Cem.
Flannigan, Felix M 16y - 14 Mar 1899 W Ireland Dubuque Old Age Key West Cem.
Fitzgerald, Ellen F 62y House-work 01 Jan 1899 M Ireland Dubuque Paralysis Key West Cem.
Freiburger, Mary F 8y 3m Child 14 Feb 1899 S Dubuque Dubuque Pneumonia Key West Cem.
Fosselman, Charles M 39y 8m Groceryman 08 Oct 1899 M Dubuque Dubuque Liver Complaint Ger. Cath. Cem.
Faber, John P. M 38y Machinist 05 Sept 1899 M Germany Dubuque Typhoid Fever Ger. Cath. Cem
Fluetsch, John Jacob M 24d Child 19 Mar 1900 S Dubuque Twp Dubuque Twp. Congestion of Lungs Dubuque Twp.
Fengler, Geo. M 59y - 18 Apr 1900 M Germany Dubuque Cancer Linwood Cem.
Finke, F. H. M 80y Painter 29 Oct 1900 M Germany Dubuque Old Age Linwood Cem.
Freihofer, Annstaius M 75y - 23 Nov 1900 M Germany Dubuque Dropsy St. Johns Lutheran
Fern, Benjamin M 73y - 29 Oct 1900 M Ireland Dubuque Heart Disease Asbury
Fluetsch, Andrew M 51y 10m Bricklayer 28 Dec 1900 M Switzerland Dubuque Heart Disease Linwood
Firzlaff, Herm M 69y 13 Nov 1900 M Prussia, Germany Dubuque Consumption Germ. Luth Cemetery
Fritschel, Conrad Sigmund M 66y 5m Prof of Wartburg Seminary 26 Apr 1900 M Germany Dubuque Brights Disease Mendota, Ill
Finnerty, Liske F 44y Farmer 25 May 1900 S Sensenawa, Wis. Dubuque Inflammatory Rheumatism Sensenawa, Wis.
Finnerty, Ann F 82y 03 Jun 1900 W Ireland Dubuque Old Age Sensenawa Mound
Farrel, Patrick M 65y Union Soldier 27 Apr 1900 S Ireland Bernard Natural causes Garry Owen
Friedmann, Anthony, Jr. M 55y 8m 20 Jul 1900 M Waynsburg, Ohio Liberty Brights Disease Luxemburg, Iowa
Fluetsch, John J. M 25d 18 Mar 1900 - Dubuque Twp Dubuque Cramps Dubuque Linwood
Fries, Nicholas M   81y Farmer 21 Feb 1900 M Germany Sherrill Heart Disease Sherrill
Fries, Sophia F 80y 05 Oct 1900 M Germany Sherrill Old Age Sherrill
Faber, Kenneth Lloyd M 6m 13d 30 Sept 1900 - Cascade Twp Cascade Twp. Brain Fever Cascade
Flynn, William M 40y Laborer 19 Dec 1900 M Cascade Cascade Heart Disease Cascade
Fay, Mrs. Winifred F 68y 02 Sept 1900 M Ireland Cascade Cold & Old Age -
Fischback, Clara C. F 20y 2m 27d Domestic 21 Sept 1900 S Dyersville, Iowa Dyersville, Iowa Consumption Dyersville, Iowa
Fields, Daisy E. F 20y 9m 17d 05 Dec 1900 S Dubuque Milwaukee, Wis Suicide Linwood Cem. Dub.

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