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Vital Records


Dubuque County Death Records

Book "C" (1897-1908)

LDS microfilm #1035381, item 1


On some of the entries an additional notation was made at the time the record was entered in the registry book. Only those names with links have additional information. To view the information click on the name Notes page.


Name of Deceased





Death Date


Where Born

Place of Death

Cause of Death

Place of Burial







Collins, Michael

M 82y


09 Aug 1903

M Ireland Cascade Kidney Disease Cascade, Ia.

Cleimens, Peter

M 73y 8m 14d


03 Nov 1903

M Germany Concord Twp. Dub. Co. Apoplexy Luxemburg, Ia.

Corbett, Frank

M 4y


28 Apr 1903

- Dubuque, Ia Dubuque Twp. Diphtheria Mt Calvary

Carolan, Nellie

F 20y


26 Aug 1903

- Iowa Dubuque Twp. Brain Fever Buffington, Ia

Corpstein, Mary A.

F 85y 15d


26 Jan 1903

W Germany Mosalem Twp. Old Age St Catherine's

Carter, Elsie M.

F 13y 8m


16 Sept 1903

- England New Wine Twp. Tuberculosis Rockville, Ia

Connolly, Jessie

M 25y


31 Jan 1903

- Iowa Washington Twp Weakness Holy Family Cem.

Cortright, Baby

F 2m


08 Jan 1903

- Dubuque, Ia Dubuque, Ia. Spina Bifida Benton, Wis.

Cooper, Ethel

F 2m


30 Jan 1903

- Dubuque, Ia. Dubuque, Ia. Bronchitis Linwood

Collinson, Geo. G.

M 40y


08 Feb 1903

M Dubuque, Ia Dubuque, Ia. Phitsis Pul. Center Grove

Cayne, Mrs. Mary

F 57y


21 Feb 1903

M Ireland Dubuque, Ia. Cancer Mt. Olvet

Cleary, Hazel

F 1y 1d


26 Feb 1903

- Dubuque, Ia. Dubuque, Ia. Bronchitis Linwood

Capron, Catherine B.

F 89y


06 Mar 1903

- U.S. Dubuque, Ia Senile Exhaustion Bellevue, Ia

Condley, Elsie

F 4d


10 Mar 1903

- Dubuque, Ia. Dubuque, Ia. Patient foramen orals Linwood

Connell, Taylor

M 53y


13 Mar 1903

S Dubuque, Ia Dubuque, Ia Suicide -

Colwin, Mathias

M 49y


18 Mar 1903

S Switzerland Dubuque, Ia. Tuberculosis Mt. Calvary

Clark, Baby

F 9m


23 Mar 1903

- Dubuque, Ia. Dubuque, Ia Chronic Int. Catinah Linwood

Cram, Dewitt C.

M 71y 1m 9d


18 Mar 1903

M Vermont Dubuque, Ia. Spinal Scoliosis Linwood

Corbett, Frank

M 5y


27 Mar 1903

- Dubuque, Ia. Dubuque, Ia Diphtheria Mt. Calvary

Cannon, Wm. LeGrand

M 30y


03 Jun 1903


Dubuque, Ia. San Diego, Cal Hemorrhage of Lungs Linwood

Casey, Stephen

M M 70y 6m


02 Jul 1903

M Ireland Dubuque, Ia Apoplexy St. Phomenia

Clark, Elizabeth

F 81y


07 Jul 1903

W - Chicago, Ills. Congestion of Lungs St. Philomenia

Crahan, Matt

M 83y


10 Jul 1903

W Ireland Dubuque, Ia Heart Disease Mt. Olivet

Cotter, Guy L.

M 27y


18 Jul 1903

S Dubuque,Ia Michigan Typhoid fever Linwood

Condon, Mary

F 19y


23 Aug 1903

S Dubuque, Ia. Dubuque, Ia. Tuberculosis Cedar Falls, Ia.

Claussen, Henry

M 5y


25 Aug 1903

- Germany Dubuque, Ia. Suicide Sherrill, Ia

Carolon, Nellie

F 21y


26 Aug 1903

- Iowa Dubuque, Ia. Inflamation of Brain Decorah, Ia

Cremer, Mary C.

F 65y


01 Sept 1903

W Germany Davenport, Ia. Pathsis Palm Linwood

Collinson, Margaret

F 79y


24 Sept 1903

W England Dubuque, Ia. Hemorridge Rockdale, Ia

Colbath, Calvin W.

M 50y


28 Sept 1903

W Michigan Peru Twp. Dub. Co. Laudenum Poisioning Linwood

Clark, E. L.

M 84y


06 Oct 1903

M Mass. Dubuque, Ia. Old Age Linwood

Crotty, David J.

M 43y


18 Oct 1903

M Dubuque, Ia Elgin Ills. Gen Paralysis Mt. Olivet

Carey, Michael

M 50y

R. R. Engineer

07 Oct 1903

M Iowa Waterloo, Ia. Accident Mt. Olivet

Clancy, Patrick

M 69y

Transfer line

11 Sept 1903

M Ireland Dubuque, Ia. Apoplexy Mt. Olivet

Cooper, Henry J.

M 78y


11 Sept 1903

W Pa. Dubuque, Ia. Old Age Mt. Olivet

Connolly, Mary

F 3m


13 Sept 1903

- Dubuque, Ia. Dubuque, Ia. Cholera Infantum Mt. Olivet

Carberry, Frank H.

M 68y 11m 13d

Gor. G

26 Nov 1903

M Auburn, N.Y. Dubuque, Ia. Hemorrhage of Stomach Linwood

Connolly, Thomas

M 66y

Carriage Mfg.

28 Dec 1903

M Ireland Dubuque, Ia. Apoplexy Mt. Olivet


Callaham, Henry

M 65y 7m


06 Nov 1903

S Pen Williams Town Center Abscess Liver Bankston

Christoph, John

M 13y 2m


24 Dec 1908

S New Wine New Wine Drowned Dyersville

Callahan, Jerrnyer

M 86y


05 Sept 1908

W Ireland Peosta Old Age Centralia

Cook, Elizabeth

F 77y 11m 15d

Ministers Wife

01 Jun 1908

M Pennsylvania Epworth Consumption Epworth

Clurk, Helen M.

F -


10 Apr 1908

W New York Epworth - New Hampton

Chapin, Lawersce J.

M 96Yy 2m 26d


18 Nov 1908

W Massachusetts Dubuque Ald Age Atlantic, Ill

Childs, H. S.

M 85y


10 Apr 1908

M England Dubuque Paralysis Linwood

Covey, Thos.

M 87y


05 Jun 1908

M Ireland Dubuque Cancer Monestary

Cavanaugh, James

M 75y


21 Feb 1908

W Ireland Dubuque Heart Failure Key West

Corines, Katie

F 38y

Working girl

27 Mar 1908

S Ireland Dubuque Parlaysis of Brain Rock Ford

Cogan, Joseph

M 6m


09 Aug 1903

- Dubuqua Dubuque Infantum Mt. Olivet

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