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Dubuque County
June 1863

 ~ Contributed by Julia Krapfl ~


"The Dubuque Herald sustains the government, the Dubuque Daily Times does not. The administration subverts the government, and the Dubuque Daily Times approves of the subversion. The Dubuque Herald makes a wide distinction between the administration and the government--as wide as the difference between Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution of the United States. The Dubuque Herald supports the Constitution against the despotism and tyranny of Abraham Lincoln. The Dubuque Daily  supports Abraham Lincoln against the Constitution. The Dubuque Herald opposes all treason to the Constitution and all traitors, Abraham Lincoln included, as well as Jefferson Davis. The Times advocates and sustains the treason of Abraham Lincoln and condemns only that of Jefferson Davis."

--(Dubuque Herald, June 2, 1863)




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