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Iowa Medical Profession in the Great War

List of Iowa Physicians

who have been Recommended by the Surgeon General for Commissions in the Medical Officers Reserve Corps and Assigned to Duty.

Physician Rank Residence
Black, John Roland 1st Lieut Jefferson
Blocklinger, Albert Herman Capt. Dubuque
Brownson, Orestes Augustine 1st Lieut Dubuque
Cantonwine, Emtellis Augustus Capt. Dubuque
Collins, James Love 1st Lieut Sheffield
Fritz, Lafayette Helmuth 1st Lieut Dubuque
Gratiot, Harvey B. Capt. Dubuque
Hamilton, Benjamin Charles Jr. 1st Lieut Jefferson
Harris, Ray Rhinalds 1st Lieut Dubuque
Kearney, Charles Atwell Capt. Dubuque
Keogh, John Victor Capt, Dubuque
Leonard, Frederick Sylvester 1st Lieut Cascade
Lewis, Eugene R. Lieut-Col Dubuque
Linehan, Lewis Joseph 1st Lieut Dubuque
Loes, Anthony Michael 1st Lieut Dubuque
McGuire, Clarence Ambrose 1st Lieut Dubuque
Mehlhop, Clarence Warren Capt. Dubuque
Moes, Matthias Joseph Capt. Dubuque
Parker, H. C. Major Dubuque
Pond, Alanson Madison Capt. Dubuque
Schrup, Joseph Henry Capt. Dubuque
Walker, John Milton Capt. Dubuque
Wheeler, Edwin Ruel 1st Lieut. Swingle
White, Edward Harvey 1st Lieut. Dubuque



~source: History of Medicine in Iowa, by D.S. Fairchild, M.D., F.A.C.S., Clinton; Second Section: The Iowa Profession in the Great War; pg 1-95; Reprinted from The Journal of the Iowa State Medical Society, 1927
~ Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall


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