What's New for Des Moines County

July 2017

Info and Photo of Oak Grove Methodist Church

June 2017

Searchable Naturalization lists for last names beginning with letters "N", "O", "T", & "V"

May 2017

Biographies: Photos and Information about the Cockayne Family submitted by Jane Cockayne Weaver and Transcription of the Naturalization List for Names beginning with "W" and "Y"

March 2017

SSDI (US Social Security Death Index) for Sperry, Middletown, Danville, Yarmouth and a start for West Burlington have been added to the Vital Records page.

February 2015                                                                                                                                                              Twenty new Biographies have been added to the Bios page. Thanks to Pam Wagler for transcribing them. More will be added in the coming days.

January 2015                                                                                                                            

 Map added to Aspen Grove Cemetery, it will be more helpful. It shows the cemetery's grid and index's. Also updated maps for Maps 1, 5 and 6. Thanks to Paul French and Aspen Grove Staff

November 2014 - current                                                                                        New burial and cremation listings have been added to the cemetery pages, these are usually added on a weekly basis.

October 2014                                                                                                            Land Records link added and transcription of Naturalization List for the last name beginning with the letter (L)

September 2014                                                                                                         Cemetery Map and burials listings by name and lcation for St. Mary's Cemetery in Dodgeville.  Latty Cemetery listing has been alphabetized.  19th-New bios for Charles StarkerCarl A. Leopold and Rand "Aldo" Leopold

August 2014                                                                                                                Burial listings for Greenwood Cemetery in West Burlington

May 2014
2nd-23rd—Maps and burial lists added to Sacred Heart Cemetery, Aspen Grove Cemetery,  Jackson Cemetery and St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in West Burlington. Thanks to all the cemetery boards and to Paul French for his contributions:)

April 2014
24th-Map added to Kingston Cemetery Thanks to Paul French for another contribution. Also a listing for Des Moines County Cremations (non cemetery burials) has been created. Those that get cremated and not interred in a cemetery are kinda passed over, but now there is a way for researchers to locate their loved ones that are not in a cemetery. This was created by Des Moines County Coordinator Stacy M. Bliesener

January 2014
24—More maps and burial lists contributed by Paul French... added to Greenwood Cemetery.

December 2013
20—Added tewnty-three more biograpies to that section... all transcriptions by Pamela Wagler. Thank you, Pam!
08—More maps and burial lists from Paul French... added to Old Stone, Sharon Reformed Presbyterian, and Jaggar Cemeteries. Also updated information on the Greenwood Cemetery page regarding Burk Chapel.

October 2013
30—Even more maps and burial lists contributed by Paul French... added to Prairie Grove, South Walker, Augusta, and Spring Grove Cemeteries. The map on Shinar Cumberland Cemetery has also been replaced with a corrected one.

September 2013
30—Paul French and his crew have created more great maps and burial lists which I have added to Long Creek Methodist Cemetery, and Prarie Grove Cemetery. More information has also been added to the existing, on the North Sixth Street Catholic Cemetery and Old County Home Cemetery pages.

August 2013
05—Paul French and his crew have created more great maps and burial lists which I have added to Shinar Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery and Pleasant Grove Cemetery.
14—Paul French has created more great maps and burial lists which I have added to Jaggar Cemetery.
14—The Fogg Family page has been added to the Families section.

July 2013
22—Additional Biographies of some of Burlington's early prominent citizens from Biographical Review of Des Moines County, Iowa, 1905, have been added.

June 2013
06—Paul French has created a great map showing the location of all Des Moines County cemeteries. Herb Price provided accurate GPS coordinates for a number of cemeteries that weren't quite right in other lists, and Wendell Biggs provided invaluable proof reading service.
The GPS coordinates can be entered into Google maps or Bing maps for a more detailed look at where a cemetery is located. The map is readable when printed on letter size paper or makes a very nice enlargement, either by having an oversized print made at Staples or other printing service, or by printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader using the Poster feature which will print portions of the map across multiple sheets of paper which can be taped together to make a large copy.
You can reach the map from the Cemeteries Main Page or by clicking HERE.

May 2013
02—Additional Biographies of some of Burlington's early prominent citizens from Biographical Review of Des Moines County, Iowa, 1905, have been added. We now have two transcribers—Teresa Kesterke & Pamela Hagler—working on this project. Some of the bios include portraits. If you have photos of any of the others, please send them in so we can post them.
20—Additional records from Prugh Funeral Home have been added.
26—Additional Biographies of some of Burlington's early prominent citizens from Biographical Review of Des Moines County, Iowa, 1905, have been added.

April 2013
21—Maps of Franklin Mills, Swedish Lutheran, and the Resurrection section of Burlington Memorial Park have been added.
21—A reading of Shinar Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery has been added to the Cemeteries Section.

March 2013
04—Biographies of some of Burlington's early prominent citizens from Biographical Review of Des Moines County, Iowa, 1905, transcribed by Teresa Kesterke, have been added. Visit our new Biographies Page.
08—Old Stone Cemetery has been updated with corrections and new information. Additions and corrections from visitors are always appreciated.
16—Rock Spring Cemetery has been updated by Paul French with corrections, new information and maps.
21—Additional Biographies of some of Burlington's early prominent citizens from Biographical Review of Des Moines County, Iowa, 1905, transcribed by Teresa Kesterke, have been added.

February 2013
16—A transcription of Shiloh Cemetery has been posted.
17—Photos of Dravis Cemetery Markers have been added.
27—The Kossuth Cemetery Association has provided their burial records and they have been added to the Kossuth pages.

January 2013
01— All sections of Kossuth Cemetery have been updated.
02— A transcription of Spring Creek Cemetery has been posted.
10— A transcription of Northfield Cemetery has been posted.
16— A transcription of South Walker Cemetery has been posted.

December 2012
27—An index for the 1860 Tax Roll has been posted.

November 2012
02—Aspen Grove Cemetery maps and links have been updated. Kossuth Cemetery, Section 7 has been updated.

October 2012
08—A new burial list for Aspen Grove Cemetery containing over 39,800 names has been added.
21—A updated burial list for Porter Cemetery and additional names for Marriages Book 6 have been added.
23—A new burial list for St. Johns Cemetery has been added.
27—Book 1 (1889-1894) of the Prugh Funeral Home Records has been posted.

September 2012
01—A set of cemetery maps has been added to the Kossuth Cemetery listing.
02—Photos of the Bauer & Bremer families have been added to the Families pages.
07—Naturalization Records have been added to the site.
07—Reading of Section 5 of Kossuth Cemetery has been added.
10—An article titled Churches & Cemeteries of Huron Township" and several more photos have been posted on the churches section.
20—An better burial list has been uploaded for Spring Grove Cemetery and new articles on the Family pages.
26—An article on the History of Franklin Township Churches has been added to the Church page.

August 2012
12—Partial transcription of Marriage Book 6 has been posted.
23—An updated reading of North 6th Street Cemetery has been added, including a cemetery map with lot numbers. The listing still has quite a few question marks (especially at the bottom). Perhaps you are the person who could provide information to replace one or more of them.
26—A number of interesting photos have been added to the Churches page.

July 2012
A number of improvements have recently been made to the Cemetery pages, including:
—The pages have been updated to coordinate with the recent Des Moines County Iowa Pioneer Cemeteries report
produced by the Pioneer Cemetery Commission.
—A new burial list and maps of the cemetery provided by Paul French have been added.
—Reading of Gallaher Cemetery has been added.
—Reading of Pleasant Grove Cemetery has been added.
—Photos have been added for each stone at Hukill Cemetery.

April 2012
04—Expanded biographies of Des Moines county's Medal of Honor recipients have been added.
21—Several hundred photos of Aspen Grove gravestones have been added to the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project site.

January 2012
06—A map and search engine have been added for Sacred Heart cemetery.

November 2011
Check the Families page, Churches page and Cemeteries page for new information.

May 2011

Received this message from Herb Price 27 May 2011:

I got a letter today from the United States Board on Geographic Names saying that the Jewish Cemetery they had located in Des Moines County off of Irish Ridge Road was an error and they are removing the listing from their web site. They did not explain the cause of the error.

They also changed the latitude and longitude of the Jewish Cemetery on Budde street and they are "dead on" according to my inputting the numbers in Map Quest.

Herb Price

16—Thanks to Herb Price, chairman of the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission, many photos have been added to the cemetery pages, with more to come. The Commission is currently working to find or take photographs of all Civil War veteran's gravestones. If you have any photos of veterans or their stones, especially stones that are no longer readable or have been destroyed, please email to Ralph Leonard.

April 2011
3—A page for photos, histories, documents and miscellaneous items of or about Des Moines county Families has been added.
10—Photos and a letter about the Oberlinger family have been added to the Families page.

March 2011
5—A better search engine has been added.
14—Many pages have been added to the 1879 History of Des Moines County, history of churches and townships.
15—An improved reading of Porter Cemetery with photos by Herb Price has been posted.

July 2010
9—We have begun to add a transcription of the 1879 History of Des Moines County. Material on the early Native Americans and early history of Burlington has been posted.

December 2009
7—Herb Price has sent a DVD of cemetery photos. They've been added to Johnson, Mormon and Spring Creek cemeteries. Watch for more!
13—Photos of Gallaher, South Walker and Walker Farm have been added.
14—Photos of Shiloh and Swedish and additional photos of Mormon, Johnson, and Gallaher, have been added.
16—Photos of Mohnike, Rock Spring, Northfield, Old Stone, Spring Grove, and South Walker have been added.

September 2009
13—A major update to the Cemetery pages including new and reformatted information.

June 2009
2—Readings and photos have been added for about half the cemeteries in Des Moines County.
2—Be sure to check out the excellent historic photos of Freitag cemetery.
7—A partial reading of Memorial Park cemetery has been added.
14—A reading of North Walker cemetery has been added.

April 2009
28—1894 Geological map

March 2009
02—Various material added to the Military Pages

January 2009
16—What's New page started
16—Des Moines County Blog started
20—Medal of Honor Recipients
26—Burlington Jewish Cemetery
26—Loper Cemetery


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