Aspen Grove Cemetery


Burial List

Thank you to Aspen Grove Cemetery for providing this list and to Paul French for his efforts in obtaining it. All information is as of August 2012


Aspen Grove Cemetery: 

2043 Sunnyside Avenue 
Burlington, IA 52601 
Ph: 319-752-3619


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Cemetery Maps 

by Paul French

The overall map was drawn from a satellite image. The detail maps were drawn from a 1988 map by the cemetery showing the layout of the blocks and lots. Maps updated June 5, 2014

 Locater Map   Map 1  Map 2 
 Map 3   Map 4   Map 5   Map 6 
Block Map with grid and index
Click the logo to get a map: 
A:  Abbey - Ayton          B:  Babb - Benzene   Beppler - Bozziert   Bracewell - Bystrum          C:  Cable - Colton   Comeau - Cutlip          D:  Daab - Donahue   Donald - Dyson
E:  Eades - Eyre          F:  Fabert - Fynquist          G:  Gaarde - Gosse   Gosvener - Gysin          H:  Haag - Hedge   Hedlund - Holland   Holmberg - Hyter          I:  Ibson - Iwanicki
J:  J. - Justus          K:  Kaas - Kreisser   Krekel - Kyger          L:  LaForce - Linquist   Linquist - Lytle         M:  Maasdam - McKee   McKee - Mitchell   Mitchell - Mylon
N:  Nabtz - Nystrand          O:  O'Brannon - Oxenham          P:  Pabe - Pleasant   Plesscher - Pyle          Q:  Quakenbush - Quinn          R:  Raaf - Robbins   Robbins - Rzhia
S:  Saar - Schultz   Schultz - Slipper   Slipper - Stewart   Stewart - Swygard          T:  Tabbert - Tynan          U-V:  Uchlemann - Vrean          W:  Waack - White   White - Wyville
X (none)          Y-Z:  Yackel - Zurmuehlen
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